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Does 7-Eleven Take Apple Pay?

7-Eleven is one of the most beloved American convenience stores, and many customers ask: Does 7-Eleven take Apple Pay? A myriad of similar stores across the US have enhanced their payment options allowing customers to make purchases without physical contact. 

The good news is that 7-Eleven takes Apple Pay. In fact, in late 2018, 7-Eleven began rolling out contactless payment options to most of its almost 10 000 stores in the United States. This payment option makes purchasing instantly from your iPhone or Apple Watch at 7-Eleven simple. But it isn’t available at all 7-Eleven stores yet.

Compared to contact payments, paying with Apple Pay gives you more options. Not only that, but Apple Pay comes with a slew of benefits that other payment systems lack. If you’re on the fence about using Apple Pay at 7-Eleven, arm yourself with information before your next shopping trip.

Does 7-Eleven Take Apple Pay In-Store?

When shopping at your local 7-Eleven, a pivotal question to ask is whether they accept Apple Pay. 7-Eleven has locations all around the United States, and most of them take Apple Pay. 

But 7-Eleven can only take Apple Pay at stores that have the infrastructure to support this payment method. While most 7-Eleven stores have the required NFC scanners installed, some do not. 

Therefore, if you’d like to pay for your purchase using your iPhone or Apple Watch, it’s best to phone before you go. This way, you’ll be sure that your 7-Eleven can accept your payment via Apple Pay before it’s too late.

Does 7-Eleven Accept Apple Pay when You Place an Order Online?

Yes. 7-Eleven takes Apple Pay when you order from their store online. However, you can only pay with Apple Pay through the 7-Eleven app. To purchase online with Apple Pay, simply add items to your cart and select Apple Pay as your payment method.

How do You Pay with Apple Pay at 7-Eleven?

You’ll need to have the Apple Pay Wallet installed on your device to make a purchase. This is usually automatically preloaded on any iPhone or Apple Watch. But if the app doesn’t appear on your device, it can easily downloaded via the device’s App Store.

When using your app, you’ll be asked to set up your profile and link a payment method. You can use your debit or credit card and link it to the app.

Paying with Apple Pay In-store

After you’ve shopped for your chosen items at your 7-Eleven store, you’ll approach the checkout section. And, when it’s your turn to pay, you should let your cashier know that you’d like to pay using Apple Pay.

Next, you must open your Apple Pay app and use Face ID or Touch ID to confirm your identity. After that, you’ll hold your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the NFC scanner.

When the scanner goes green, it means your payment was successful. You’ll also receive a notification on your Apple device for additional confirmation.

Paying with Apple Pay via the 7-Eleven App

Alternatively, you can use the 7-Eleven wallet via their app to make a payment. The 7-Eleven wallet is a digital wallet that stores your preferred form of payment, including Apple Pay.

Once you’ve downloaded the 7-Eleven app to your mobile device, you’ll use it to load money into your 7-Eleven wallet using Apple Pay. Then, when you’re in-store, you can utilize your 7-Eleven wallet as a contactless means of payment. 

Simply scan your purchases at a checkout register, open the 7-Eleven app, and scan the barcode at the register with your phone. It will then save your receipt to the 7-Eleven app, eliminating the need for you to pick up a physical receipt.

The 7-Eleven wallet is nothing more than a digital wallet that stores your Apple Pay information. Therefore, they will not charge you any additional fees. If you shop at 7-Eleven stores often, and you want to make use of Apple Pay, then using the 7-Eleven wallet is a no-brainer.

Let’s say you don’t have Apple Pay, but you still want to shop at 7-Eleven. We’ve put together a list of the different payment methods that 7-Eleven accepts.

What Other Contactless Payment Does 7-Eleven Take?

  1. Google Pay doesn’t come with as many benefits as Apple Pay. However, it can be an excellent alternative if you can’t pay with Apple Pay.
  2. The 7-Eleven gift card requires no upfront fees or recurring fees. But there’s a minimum deposit amount of $10 required to activate the account. The gift card functions similarly to a prepaid debit card in that you must first load money onto it before using it. It also comes with many perks and rewards.
  3. A debit or credit card is a great option. While you won’t receive as many perks as the gift card, it offers more reliability.

Unfortunately, you cannot use different payment methods in a single transaction. The store recommends you use only one form of payment at a time because of security concerns.

Contact payments don’t come with as many advantages as Apple Pay. But they are a good alternative if you don’t have Apple Pay. Just make sure you compare the fees and benefits to determine which one is best for you.


In the end, using Apple Pay to shop at 7-Eleven can make your shopping experience seamless and convenient. And by linking Apple Pay to the 7-Eleven app wallet, you’ll earn rewards for your purchases.

Perhaps you’re considering using a contactless payment method. In that case, Apple Pay is a great option, especially if you have an Apple iPhone. If you want to avoid inflated fees, make sure you don’t use a credit card as a payment source.