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Does Fry’s Take Apple Pay?

Fry’s Food and Drug Store customers may wonder: “Does Fry’s take Apple Pay?”. It’s no new thing that there is increasing use of Apple Pay among other digital wallets. As many stores adopt this means of payment, we’re left to wonder if Fry’s is on the list.

Fry’s doesn’t take Apple Pay, but you can use it through Kroger Pay, another payment medium. Therefore, if you have some balance in your Apple wallet, it’s best to use it to fund your Kroger. Afterward, you can proceed to complete your checkout. You’ll be eligible for Fry’s cashback rewards by using Kroger Pay to make your payments.

There are mixups on the question, ‘does Fry’s take Apple Pay?’ Keep reading to clarify this question for a better shopping experience the next time you visit Fry’s.

What Is Fry’s?

Among the numerous grocery stores in the United States, Fry’s is one of the most significant. The company began in 1954 when Donald Fry and his brother – Charles Fry – set it up in Northern California. From its beginning, the supermarket made massive progress and expanded rapidly in six years.

However, in 1972, Donald sold the company to Dillons, based in Kansas. After the sale, Charles’ sons used the money to launch the company we now know as Fry’s Electronics. Fry’s Electronics is not linked to the Food and Drug store, but it’s been making progress.

With Dillons in charge, he merged the company with Kroger in 1983. Since then, Fry’s Food and Drug Store has been under Kroger.

It presently has over 22,000 employees with hundreds of locations around the country. Fry’s remains one of the top choices to select from when shopping.

Does Fry’s Take Apple Pay?

So, does Fry’s Take Apple Pay? Fry’s doesn’t take Apple Pay for quite an obvious reason. Its parent company has launched Kroger Pay, allowing customers to make payments via the mobile app. A customer only needs to link his cards with the app and have his phone while shopping.

The app will generate a one-time quick response code with the complete payment information during checkout. A cashier can scan this information and confirm your payment quickly. However, this payment method is only open to certain retailers under the Kroger Family of Companies.

Fry’s is automatically under the umbrella of these recognized companies, and they function with its payment method. They’ll prefer customers making payments through their digital platform. This way, they are also promoting the use of their mobile app.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at Fry’s

Even though Fry’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay and many other digital payments services, there’s still a way to use it. If you want to make a payment through your Apple wallet, you should begin setting it up. Firstly, get the Apple wallet on your phone and register on it.

Afterward, add the details of either your debit card, credit card, or both cards. Once you’ve linked your card, you don’t need to carry it around anymore when shopping. Everything will be in your Apple Wallet, but don’t worry – it’s encrypted safely.

No one can access your Apple wallet information without bypassing a lock that only you can undo. As you know, the easiest way to use Apple Pay at Fry’s is through Kroger. Hence, if you don’t have a Kroger Pay account, download the app on iStore and set it up.

Purchasing Instore with Apple Pay at a Fry’s

With your Apple Pay, fund your Kroger wallet by making a simple transfer. Access the Kroger Pay checkout option and enter your four-digit pin when on the checkout lane. It’s also easy to scan your biometrics if you don’t fancy using your pin. 

You’ll get a QR code to scan the item scanner for payment. If you’re unclear about how it works, you can hand it over to the cashier.

Fry’s Cashback and Rewards

You earn cashback when you use the Kroger Pay app after funding with your Apple wallet. The app stacks up Fry’s bonuses to redeem when you wish.


You should have enough information to answer your question, ‘does Fry’s take Apple Pay?’ While you may not use Apple Pay directly, Kroger also proves to be a highly user-friendly app.