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Does IHOP Take Apple Pay?

Whether IHOP accepts Apple Pay has always been a mystery to most people. With the rise of cashless payment methods, consumers have come to expect and appreciate the ease and convenience that these services provide. As a result, customers may feel secure whether purchasing things in person or online.

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at IHOP in-store eateries. Apple Pay may be used to make payments at some IHOP locations worldwide. It can also be used to place orders for pick-up or delivery with all the primary food delivery services. Several delivery businesses accept payments with Apple Pay for IHOP’s orders that are picked up or delivered.

Learn more about everything you need to know about IHOP’s Apple Pay payment.

What is IHOP?

IHOP, which stands for “International House of Pancakes,” is a restaurant franchise in the United States. It specializes in serving traditional breakfast foods to its customers. Dine Brands Global is the restaurant chain owner; however, independent franchisees control 99% of the locations in the chain.

IHOP is known chiefly for its breakfast offerings, although it also serves lunch and supper. The corporation has 1,841 sites in the Middle East, Americas, and Indian Subcontinent, comprising 161 area licenses and 1,680 franchises. The restaurant chain operates from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., while many of its outlets are open around the clock, seven days a week.

In the 1980s, the breakfast menu was expanded to include more traditional dishes, like those available at chains like Sambo’s and Denny’s. The name “International Industries” was changed to “IHOP” in 1976, concurrently with the company’s restructuring. IHOP opened a network of Flip’d quick casual breakfast eateries in December 2019.

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Since its debut in 2011, IHOP Express restaurants have been available in airports, colleges, military food courts, travel centers, and other public spaces. The concept was made public for the first time in a place that stood alone.

In 2019, IHOP aimed to introduce Flip’d, a fast-casual restaurant. The menu at Flip’d have burgers, pancake bowls, and fried chicken, among other things.

Does IHOP Take Apple Pay?

Most IHOP accepts Apple Pay as a method of payment. When placing an order for delivery or pick-up, you’ll also be able to pay using Apple Pay.

IHOP’s partner services, such as GrubHub, allow consumers to pay with a digital wallet while ordering meals. In addition to credit cards, IHOP accepts several additional forms of payment.

Customers can pay with any major credit card, debit card, or cash at this location. Additionally, like many of its competitors, IHOP allows customers to pay for their purchases using gift cards issued by the chain or elsewhere.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at IHOP

Within the past few years, IHOP has recently begun accepting Apple Pay as a viable means of payment in their restaurants. This development occurred not long after the firm initially introduced Apple Pay as a feature for phone and watch users.

You can pay for meals at IHOP using your iPhone if your Apple Wallet is linked to a legitimate billing method. By doing so, you’ll be able to check out your purchases in an actual IHOP location or through one of the many mobile apps for ordering meals.

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Purchasing Instore with Apple Pay at IHOP

Before using Apple Pay at an IHOP, you must first link your card to your wallet. You may do this by going to the Wallet app on your phone and clicking the + button in the upper right.

To complete Apple Pay functionality, scan your chosen card and follow the on-screen directions! Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use your iPhone to make online and offline purchases.

You may use your iPhone to pay at IHOP restaurants by simply telling the cashier that you’ll be using Apple Pay to pay. Wait until you’re done shopping, and then press the power button on your iPhone or Apple Watch twice. 

Then, when your Digital Wallet appears, place your smartphone in front of the payment machine. After a brief period of loading, a checkmark should show.


Most IHOP takes Apple Pay, whether on an iPhone or Apple Watch. With this method, customers may get through the checkout process quickly and easily every time they visit IHOP.