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Does Kohl’s Take Apple Pay?

Does Kohl’s take Apple Pay? You may ask this question if you spend a lot of time at the department store. This famous store is always looking for ways to make shopping fun, easy, and secure for customers. Offering customers a chance to make payments using digital wallets is one way of doing this.

You can pay for shopping from Kohl’s stores using Apple Pay at checkout. It is a secure way to make in-store purchases or pay for items through Kohl’s mobile app. Using Apple Pay secures your card information and makes shopping at Kohl’s a one-tap checkout experience. Customers who use the service enjoy great rewards and discounts from Apple Pay and Kohl’s.

If you’ve only heard of Kohl’s, here is some information about it.

What is Kohl’s?

Kohl’s is a department store with over 1000 outlets across the US. The store sells clothing from popular brands and designers such as Marc Antony, Dana Buchman, Lauren Conrad, and Vera Wang. And it’s known for high-quality clothing, furniture, electronics, jewelry, and kids’ toys.

Shoppers can enjoy the best products at affordable prices when shopping at Kohl’s. The store also enables ease of payment through its retail stores and Kohl’s mobile app. It is well-known for rewarding its customers through unmatched offers and discounts. Some of its rewards programs are Kohl’s Rewards, Kohl’s Cash, and Kohl’s Charge Card.

Does Kohl’s Take Apple Pay?

Kohl’s has had Apple Pay since 2015. Customers use the service to pay for goods by linking their iPhones to valid credit or debit cards. Once you link a card to Apple Pay, you can shop at any of Kohl’s department stores with a single tap. One-tap checkout through Apple Pay is available in over 250 Kohl’s stores in America.

The popular department store also accepts payments from store-branded cards through Apple Pay. It is a secure and easy payment system to use when purchasing goods at Kohl’s. You can also use it when paying for goods through Kohl’s mobile app.

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Apple Pay protects customer card information and uses a one-time code to tie transactions to a device ID. That secures customers’ credit or debit card numbers, preventing identity theft or fraud issues.

However, you need to set up Apple Pay on your phone before you can use it to buy items at Kohl’s. Here’s how.

Setting Up Apple Pay on Your Apple Device

  • Select  “Settings” from your iPhone device and click on ” Wallet & Apple Pay.”
  • Add your preferred credit or debit card to your Apple Pay wallet by holding your iPhone over it.
  • Your Apple Pay app will capture your card details, enabling you to use your phone to make payments.
  • Agree to Apple’s terms and conditions and complete the card verification process. You may now shop with Apple Pay in Kohl’s stores using your iPhone device.

You can also set up Apple Pay on your watch using an iPhone linked to Apple Pay. Here’s how.

  • Select your Apple Watch App from the iPhone device linked to Apple Pay.
  • Go to “Wallet & Apple Pay” and select “add card.”
  • Input your preferred credit or debit card and complete the verification steps required.

You can now use your Apple Watch to pay for goods at Kohl’s and other stores via Apple Pay.

Purchasing In-Store with Apple Pay at Kohl’s

1. Double press the buttons on the right side of your iPhone device to activate Apple Pay.

2. Verify your identity using Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode.

3. Hold your iPhone over the checkout contactless POS reader and wait for the payment to be completed.

4. You will receive a “Done” message or hear a ping once your transaction is done.

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5. Once you are assured the transaction is complete, take the receipt and leave the store.

Here is how to use your Apple Watch to pay for goods at Kohl’s using Apple Pay.

1. Double press the buttons on the right side of your Apple Watch dial.

2. Input your passcode when prompted and hold your watch over the contactless POS card reader.

3. You will receive a “Done” message on your watch to signify completion of payment.

Unfortunately, Kohl’s has ceased Apple Pay support on its online applications. Therefore, you cannot purchase items from Kohl’s using Apple Pay on its website. 

You can only access Apple Pay through Kohl’s iOS app or use it in its retail stores.

Kohl’s Cash Back and Rewards

Shoppers who use Apple Pay to make payments at Kohl’s stores are eligible for cash backs from Apple. There are no limits to the transactions you can make to get cash backs. The phone company gives customers up to 3 % cashback on each transaction.

Kohl’s also offers customers special discounts, coupons, and savings through its website. Customers can access these discounts and rewards from Kohl’s stores and its mobile app.

The company has also integrated its store charge card with Apple Pay. That means customers earn valuable rewards when they make purchases using their store charge card through Apple Pay.


Yes, Kohl’s accept Apple Pay. Using Apple Pay speeds up your time at checkout. It also saves you the hassle of carrying your credit or debit cards around.

You can also get many rewards by shopping with Apple Pay in Kohl’s online or in-store. Try it the next time you go shopping in Kohl’s for a fast and secure shopping experience.