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Does PetSmart Take Apple Pay?

Does PetSmart take Apple Pay? Digital financial transactions make shopping online and in-store convenient and secure. Mobile wallet apps such as Apple Pay are accepted in almost all stores in the US. It’s no wonder that many pet owners would like to know whether PetSmart accepts Apple Pay.

PetSmart accepts Apple Pay for online and in-store transactions. You can use it to pay for pet products and services from the store, such as grooming and doggy daycare. When paying at PetSmart, customers only need an iPhone device or Apple Watch with a card linked to Apple Pay. Payment transactions are fast and secure, making shopping at PetSmart a comfortable experience.

What is PetSmart?

PetSmart is a one-stop shop for all your pet needs. It is the largest pet store in North America, with branches across Puerto Rico and Canada.

You can buy pet foods, medication, and other requirements for your dog or cat in PetSmart. The pet shop also offers pet grooming services. It’s the best place to take your pet for nail clipping, shampooing, and hair trimming, among other services.

PetSmart also offers boarding and daycare services for people who need a safe place to keep their pets. It also has a reliable and fast delivery service.

Does PetSmart Take Apple Pay?

You can pay for PetSmart goods and their fantastic pet services using Apple Pay online or in-store. It is a secure and easy payment option. 

Customers don’t have to worry about PetSmart accessing their personal details when making a transaction. It’s the most convenient way to pay for PetSmart goods and services.

You can complete payments on Apple Pay in seconds. It saves you from digging into your bag for cards or cash. There is also no need to swipe cards, input pins into the checkout card pin pad, or sign for purchases.

Apple encrypts all your data and gives every transaction you make a unique identification number. You never have to worry about identity theft when shopping with Apple Pay in PetSmart.

Here’s how to use Apple Pay when making purchases at checkout in a PetSmart store.

Purchasing Instore with Apple Pay at PetSmart

1. Once the shop attendant has scanned all your purchases, inform them you are paying with Apple Pay.

2. Press the buttons on the right side of your apple device to activate your Apple Pay app.

3. Your default card information will come up. If you wish to use another card, click “next” until you find your preferred card.

4. Hold your iPhone device next to the NFC reader at the till to make your transaction.

5. Use your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID to authorize the payment when prompted.

6. Your iPhone device will display a “Done” message once your transaction is complete.

You may also use your Apple Watch to pay for goods at the PetSmart checkout counter. Here’s how.

1. Press the button on the right side of your Apple Watch face to activate Apple Pay.

2. Select your linked debit or credit card from the display.

3. Wave your Apple Watch close to the checkout card reader.

4. Your payment transaction is complete once your phone buzzes or displays a “Done” message.

Purchasing Online with Apple Pay at PetSmart

Purchasing pet food and products from PetSmart online is convenient and easy. Here’s how.

1. Register an account on It will make shopping easier because you don’t have to input your details whenever you purchase items from the website.

2. Once you are ready to place an order, log into using your account details. Select the items you want to purchase. Each item you choose will appear in your virtual cart.

3. When you are through shopping, select your delivery address from the stored locations and click on Pay Now.

4. Pick Apple Pay as your preferred payment option, and your default debit or credit card will appear on display.

5. Double click the side button on your Apple device and use your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID to confirm payment.

6. You’ve completed your purchase and will receive a confirmation message from PetSmart.

You may also use your Apple Watch to pay for goods from PetSmart online. Here’s how.

1. Double tap on the button to the right of your Apple Watch face when prompted for payment.

2. Your watch will buzz and display a “Done” message once the payment is complete.

PetSmart Cash Back and Rewards

Regular customers can get cash backs for transactions they make in PetSmart using Apple Pay. It is a customer incentive to encourage Apple device owners to make purchases using ApplePay.

There are no transactional limits in PetSmart for cash backs using Apple Pay. You can get up to 3 % cash back on each transaction. These cash backs add up to substantial savings over time.


You no longer have to ask, “Does PetSmart take Apple Pay?”. PetSmart accepts Apple Pay in its physical PetSmart stores and online platforms.

Try it the next time you make purchases from PetSmart and leave your debit or credit card at home. Ensure your Apple Pay wallet is completely set up on your iPhone device before using the service. You should also add the debit or credit card you prefer to use to your Apple Pay app.