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How Can You Help An Elderly Person Who Has Been Abused?

Elder abuse is any action that causes them harm. Often, people who are abused are particularly vulnerable and weakened. They suffer from cognitive decline or other health problems. They may have no one around to look after their well-being.

In order to help someone who has suffered abuse, you must first of all be knowledgeable and be able to recognize different types of abuse. Not everyone knows that «elder abuse» is an umbrella term.

Seven types of elder abuse can be distinguished.

1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse occurs when a caregiver physically harms an older person. For example, hitting or kicking. As a result of physical abuse, the victim may suffer fractures, bruises, or other injuries.

In some cases, the abuse may result in death. Typical signs of physical violence include fractures, bruises, and burns.

2. Sexualized Violence

Sexualized violence is the coercion of sexual intercourse without consent. In some cases, the abuse is forcible; in others, the older person is unable to give consent due to cognitive impairment.

Sexualized violence can have physical consequences. Sudden onset of a sexually transmitted disease, for example, should be cause for concern.

3. Psychological Abuse

Psychological or emotional abuse is a complex phenomenon that takes many different forms.

As the name implies, it is damaging to a person’s mental health. Often, the abuse is intended to provoke fear and anxiety. Victims of emotional abuse are often withdrawn or depressed.

Some telltale signs of emotional abuse include depression; lack of eye contact; and isolation from family and friends.

4. Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is the misuse of an older person’s money or property. Sometimes financial abuse is committed by outsiders: older people and other vulnerable groups are often the victims of fraud.

Other times, however, the perpetrators are family members. They use the elderly person’s funds for their own needs.

If you think your elderly relative’s finances are being abused, contact Barr & Young attorneys, the bank, or other financial institutions. Bank statements may clarify the situation.

Typical signs of financial abuse: bank statements sent to the wrong address; the elderly person mentions unusual financial transactions; valuables suddenly disappear from the home.

5. Lack Of Attention And Care

It is a sad case when someone who has cared for an older person is abandoning them. In some cases, the elderly person is left in a nursing home or hospital. In other situations, the care shifts responsibility to another family member who has not accepted the role.

If you encounter a frightened and confused older person in the emergency department, they may have been left there by relatives.

6. Neglect Of needs Or Personality

If the person who is supposed to take care of the elderly person acts irresponsibly and does not protect them, it is neglect. Neglect can manifest itself in different ways and often ends up in physical harm.

Neglect means that the caregiver does not provide food, water, or personal hygiene products to the older person adequately.

Some typical signs of neglect are: the older person is unwashed and unkempt; they are wearing dirty clothes; they are hungry or dehydrated.

7. Neglect Of Self

Neglect of self is a complex phenomenon. It occurs when an older person is unable to meet their nutritional and hygiene needs. Neglect of self occurs for a variety of reasons.

In some situations, an older person becomes depressed or anxious. Mental health problems can lead to neglect. In other cases, neglect is the result of deteriorating physical health and cognitive impairment.

In situations of violence, the best solution is prevention. Before the situation becomes a crisis, you should contact California Elder Abuse Attorneys and they will help you to solve the problem with the Department of Labor and Social Services and to get on the register.

The Department of Social Services is required to provide a social worker who will come and check on the living and health conditions. If violence has happened or you suspect that it has happened, there are a few things you need to do.

The first step is to gather all the information and talk to the victim. Older people may have problems remembering or understanding what is happening, they may be frightened or attached to their abusers (for example, if they have been abused by their children).

Try to give them a sense of security and let them know you are here to help. Once you have the information you need, ask for help. It is difficult to sort this out on your own.

Barr & Young attorneys represent people who have been victims of abuse and mistreatment, fraud, and other controversial issues. In many parts of the world, violence against older people is rarely recognized or acted upon.

This serious social problem is still hidden from public view. If you notice an older person being abused, seek help immediately.