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How To Get Your Sponsorship License In The U.K 

Most medium and small-sized businesses often benefit from bringing foreign talent into their workforce. In fact, foreign employees have a massive contribution to other countries’ employment windows across the globe, effectively filling in skill gaps, among many others.

It’s evident that needing to hire overseas workers isn’t a fairly direct approach; however, the process is worth the effort given its many advantages. Hiring foreign talent helps diversify your organization in terms of knowledge, skill sets, and resources.

In the same way, this translates into a more productive and flexible workforce because you have a diverse group of individuals who are capable of solving problems and adapting to varying demands.

It’s also beneficial in terms of brand visibility since you also get your business an opportunity to venture globally into wider markets. 

If your organization plans to hire overseas employees, the best way to do so is by obtaining a sponsorship license. A sponsorship license is basically the ticket you need to sponsor foreign workers, allowing your company to be more functional while expanding to a more international audience.

These sponsorship licenses often encompass a wide variety of temporary or permanent jobs. The process of getting a sponsorship license can be quite hassling, which is why we recommend hiring Immigration lawyers Birmingham to guide you through every step of the way.

Professional immigration lawyers assist by handling all the necessary paperwork for your application so that your sponsorship license ultimately gets approved in no time. 

For more context, here is a short but comprehensive guide about how you can get your sponsorship licence in the UK. 

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Sponsorship License 

Organisations and businesses in need of new, foreign talent are required to acquire a sponsor licence. If you feel like you can’t find the right job candidate for the position you’re looking for within your home country, you might as well look outwards.

A sponsorship license makes this possible and also helps you seek more skilled workers outside your home country. Sponsorship licenses are categorically under the temporary worker license and worker license.

This basically means that the kind of sponsor license that you need to apply for will mainly depend on the nature of the job in the first place. These jobs can also be either permanent work or temporary work as well. 

Of course, the organizations that are planning to hire a foreign worker must comply with the requirements and qualifications necessary to get their applications approved.

The application process takes place during and before employment. As the employer, you will need to choose representatives for your company, most preferably executive members for your case. 

Moreover, you’ll also need to prove that you are running a legitimate business or company and that hiring foreign talent is justified. 

Process Of Obtaining A Sponsorship License 

Before applying for a sponsor license, keep in mind that you must pass the eligibility requirements first.

These requirements state that your company should have no track record of being negligent with sponsorship duties and must not bear any unspent convictions for crimes or immigration offences. 

The application process is quite complex and hard to understand on the first try, most especially if you’re doing it alone. This is why hiring immigration attorneys are essential if you want to experience a smoother process with your application.

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Regardless, it’s worth noting that providing detailed information and complying with the necessary paperwork regarding your organization is imperative to the whole application process. 

It’s also best to keep in mind that sponsors aren’t any more required to perform a labor market test under the new immigration system, though it’s still best to avoid complacency since the home market may still demand more extensive pieces of evidence to prove your need for foreign employment. 

As an employer, you can accomplish a sponsorship licence application for both permanent and temporary workers. It’s also under your discretion to decide what kind of sponsor licence you will need to apply for based on the job description. 

Sponsorship licences are typically submitted online through the official website. You can also expect to pay roughly £536 for small charities and sponsors and around £1,000 or more for bigger sponsors.

After payment, you’ll have to fill out a three-page submission sheet with the important details and then email it to Home Office alongside all the other supporting paperwork. 

The processing time for this application usually ranges from approximately seven to nine weeks. However, it may still go on for longer if the office needs more time to evaluate your documents.