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How To Transfer Apple Cash To Your Bank

Perhaps you have some Apple Cash, and you’re wondering how to transfer Apple Cash to your bank. The good news is it’s very easy to make this transaction, and you can do so with a few simple clicks. So how do you carry out this transaction successfully without having issues or hold-ups?

To transfer Apple Cash to your bank account, begin by accessing your Apple Cash card information on your iPhone or iPad. You can launch the Wallet App or select the “Wallet and Apple Pay” option, depending on your device.

Afterward, select “Transfer to Bank” and input your bank account information if you haven’t already done so. Once confirmed, the transfer is complete.

At the end of this post, you should be able to run your transfers smoothly and without hassles.

What You Should Know About Apple Cash

Apple Cash may be discovered in the Wallet app on your iOS device. Funds may be easily sent and received from either the Messages or Wallet sections. 

This virtual card may be used with Apple Pay to make purchases in stores, on the web, and in apps. Go to the Wallet app to view how much money is left on your Apple Cash card. You can alternatively go to Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay.

The Messages app is used by Apple Cash to simplify making and receiving payments between iOS devices. It may be loaded with money from another debit card and used much like once saved in the Wallet app.

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As with the Messenger app, you may use the Wallet app to move funds from an Apple Cash card. You can move it to a connected bank account or another qualifying debit card.

How To Transfer Apple Cash To Your Bank

Follow the processes below dutifully to move Apple Cash to your bank account:

1. Access Your Card Information

You have two ways, depending on your device. It could be either using an iPhone or an iPad. Assuming you’re using an iPhone, launch the Wallet app, press the Apple Cash card, and tap the ‘More’ button.

For an iPad, launch the Settings app and then select “Wallet & Apple Pay.” Afterward, you may view your Apple Pay card by tapping it.

2. Select “Transfer To Bank”

Click “Transfer to Bank” and “Next” from the Apple Cash card menu.

3. Connect Your Bank Account

Select the time frame of “1-3 business days” from the drop-down menu. If you haven’t connected your bank account for transfers, the app will provide instructions to do so now.

4. Confirm Your Transfer With Your Passcode

Enter your passcode, use Touch ID, or use Face ID to verify the transfer. Afterward, wait for the required number of business days.


Apple Cash is a very effective means of making payments. And it’s used by Apple device users globally. After reading this guide, you have a handy way to transfer money quickly.