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Knife Aid’s Net Worth

Customers of Knife Aid might marvel at Knife Aid’s net worth. For a company that deals with sharpening knives, are they worth anything significant?

Knife Aid has a net worth of roughly $2 million from sharpening customers’ knives.

The company became widely known after Marc and Mikael appeared on Shark Tank to seek funds.

Though Shark Tank was successful, many believe the transaction and funding never occurred.

Nevertheless, the company has kicked off pretty well and is widely known today around the US.

Knife Aid has proven to be an exciting business. Continue reading to find out more.

What Is Knife Aid? 

For those who like the convenience of having their knives sharpened without leaving the house, Knife Aid is there for you.

A knife-proof envelope is provided by Knife Aid, and customers send their blades in to be sharpened by a crew of professionals.

The company’s co-founders are Marc Lickfett and Mikael Soderlindh.

Both individuals have roots in Sweden and have established successful businesses.

In 1999, Marc established Carambole AB, a web hosting business. Fieldwork Stockholm was founded by Mikael.

A commercial collaboration between Marc Lickfett and Mikael Soderlindh formed soon after.

They planned to create a profitable business that relies solely on resources currently in circulation.

They were almost next-door neighbors, so they already had a mutual acquaintance.

And they catered to the need for an up-to-date method of sharpening kitchen knives after seeing its popularity in the American market.

Marc and Mikael have supposedly appeared on Shark Tank and closed a deal.

However, there are beliefs that their appearance wasn’t as successful as it seemed.

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Some also believe that the funding for Knife Aid came from another source.

What Is Knife Aid’s Net Worth?

The knowledge of the net worth of a company like Knife Aid will go a long way for aspiring business people.

The founders of Knife Aid have come a long way in developing the business into a million-dollar firm.

Many will draw inspiration from their success and may even use this data o decide whether it’s worth investing in.

One must do some calculations to get Knife Aid’s business net worth straight.

This involves deducting the expenses from the company’s assets to determine the overall worth of the business.

That said, Knife Aid has a net worth of roughly $2 million. And they reportedly earn about $2 million a year in revenue as of 2022.

Marc and Mikael’s knife-sharpening business became prominent after appearing on Shark Tank.

A huge transaction was supposed to be finalized at the end of the episode, but sources say it never happened.

As a result, they started looking for alternate sources of funding. The funding they needed to keep operating was provided by TQ Ventures.

They grew their business by offering services like knife and scissors repair. 


Despite disappointments in Shark Tank, it’s clear that Marc and Mikael knew what they wanted.

Judging from their company’s net worth, the business has an exciting future ahead.