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Setting Up Express Transit Apple Pay

Would you like to know the process for setting up Express Transit Apple Pay? For the most part, the process is straightforward, and you’ll be done in no time. So, how do you set up Express Transit with Apple Pay quickly and easily?

To set up Express Transit on Apple Pay, begin by opening the Settings App and selecting “Wallet and Apple Pay.” Select Express Transit Card” or “Express Travel Card”, depending on which appears.

Afterward, pick the card you wish to set as your payment method and authenticate with your Face or Touch ID. A blue tick will appear beside your chosen card.

In this article, I’ll show you the steps for setting it up for a smoother payment experience. To enjoy the benefit of the set-up process, ensure you read to the end.

What As Apple Pay Express Transit?

In some locations, Apple Pay includes a function called Express Transit, also known as Express Travel. It is used to facilitate faster contactless payments while boarding public transportation.

This feature eliminates the need to enter a PIN or passcode to make a purchase on an iPhone or Apple Watch. It allows for instant payment approval while you’re on the go. 

The Express Transit is an excellent tool for people who use their iPhones on their daily commute. You’ll need a transport card, or a payment card already stored in Apple Wallet, depending on the service you use.

Setting Up Express Transit Apple Pay

Once you’re using one of the correct transit networks, you should be able to set up your Apple Pay Express Transit easily. Follow the steps below to set it rightly and begin using it:

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1. Open The Settings App

Launch the Settings App on your device.

2. Select “Wallet And Apple Pay”

Scroll down to where you’ll find the “Wallet and Apple Pay” option.

3. Select “Express Transit Card”

From the options on the following page, select “Express Transit Card.” Depending on your region, you may find an “Express Travel Card” instead. Select it; it applies in the same way.

4. Pick A Card You Wish To Set As Your Payment Method

The next page should display your available cards. Pick the one you wish to use as your preferred payment method for the Express Transit service.

Anytime you decide to pay while on the go using Express Transit, this is the card that will be charged. Therefore, you need to ensure it is funded.

5. Authenticate The Process

You must confirm that you’ve made these changes before saving them. The app will prompt you to use your Face ID or Touch ID, as the case may be.

Simply authenticate, and that’s it! You should see a blue tick beside the card you choose. This is Apple’s way of telling you that the marked one is your preferred card.


You have your card selected and can now make payment for transportation in the blink of an eye. As you can see, setting up your Apple Pay Express Transit is no big deal at all.