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Trusy Social Review: Growth Service or No-Service?

Trusy Social Review: Growth Service or No-Service?

When a service I’ve never heard of before promises “massive organic growth”, I always get mixed feelings. On one hand, I feel enthusiastic, because all social media content creators know we need as much help we can get. On the other, I’ve been burned too many times by fakes, scammers, and unfulfilled promises. So I’ve tested Trusy: in which category do you think it falls?

Establishing a substantial following on any major social media in 2021 can be considered as quite an achievement. When a gazillion content creators who already gathered a flock of followers fill e.g. Instagram to the brim, new players can’t really do anything about it. Their content is doomed to remain invisible.

Why is that? That’s because social platforms don’t really invest their efforts to promote fresh content, opting instead to stick with the existing, already-big brands.

Which, if you’re one of us, really isn’t fair.

This is where social media growth services come into action. As a way to balance things out, their services enable beginners on Instagram (TikTok, Twitter, etc.) to quickly and efficiently garner a base community. This way, their content fares much better both in the eyes of other people and in the promotional algorithm scans.

Fast-forward a bit and here we have Trusy, one of those agencies that claim to do exactly that. But I’m weary of inefficient and false services, so I decided to verify their quality in this review. How did they perform? Read on to find out.

What Exactly Is Trusy Social?

Trusy Social declares itself to be an organic social media growth service. In other words, instead of relying on bought engagement and followers, Trusy Social employs a team of social media wizards who use their expertise to channel engagement towards your content, all the while optimizing and tweaking your account’s performance.

In their clean & sleek website presentation, they look bold, professional, and seasoned. After all, not even the biggest organic growth services dare promise “massive growth” and guarantee that you’ll get from zero to influencer to celebrity in no time. A bit too bold, perhaps?

I mean, they display their partnership with Cardi B! That must be real?

Real as the followers that you’ll supposedly get mere minutes after you sign up for their… pricey(?) packages. Trusy promises authentic followers that represent real, active users who will surely engage with your content, right? After all, only top quality should justify price tags such as nearly $350 per month?

This is what their marketing says. How about their practice?

The truth is far less glossy and sparkly. 

Reviews around the web warned me, and my worries were confirmed once I went deeper into the matter of Trusy Social. There’s nothing organic about Trusy Social, except maybe people from the customer support who invent excuses for the inadequate service. Your “dedicated account manager” is a nasty euphemism for a piece of software, otherwise known as bot, that relies on brute-forcing basic commands like follow and unfollow, like and unlike, auto-comment, and the similar.

But let me withhold the conclusion of this review for a bit and elaborate on what you see in the store, as opposed to what you get when you sign up for Trusy Social. Get ready for a bumpy ride!

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Trusy Social Features

Trusy Social Features

“Dedicated Account Managers”

Dedicated Account Managers

Whew, does this service get more rotten the more details you discover about it. It really didn’t take much for me to see that expert management, optimization, and campaigning turns out to be scripted bot activity in its most basic form.

What happened when I signed up for Trusy? Well, I did experience growth, not gonna lie. A specific kind of social media presence expansion. Nothing happened for a while, then all of a sudden my Instagram profile gets flooded with obviously fake accounts. “Real engaged subscribers” turned out to be bot-farmed or otherwise mass-created profiles. My Instagram really didn’t benefit from that sort of expansion since even my existing following, humble as it was, got suspicious.

So much for experts leading my account via shortcuts to celebrity status! If it only were that easy…

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So, dedicated account managers? Scratch that out as a big, bold, brass lie. And if their main feature is a lie, what could I expect from the rest of those buffed-up features?

“Boosted Reputation”

Trusy Social

Trusy Social promises publicity that we deserve, almost instantly. I’m very disappointed if they really think that this is the sort of publicity I deserve. Because I didn’t deserve fake accounts, massive levels of spam, and senseless engagement that looks weird at best.

After the fakes started coming in I noticed how the amount of engagement from my real followers plummeted. The results are just as you can expect when you get a bunch of shady people taking control of your content. Real people start ignoring you at best, and outright leave at worst. After all, that’s probably what I’d do if my favored content creators suddenly went rogue.

Well, at least it was quick, I’ll give Trusy Social that. The funny thing is, although much of what they have said turned out not to be true, I really got publicity almost instantly. Notoriety simply came gratis.

If you want to boost your reputation with actual people, it might be a good idea to give Trusy Social a wide berth. 


Trusy Social Features

When it comes to targeting, the guiding idea of Trusy Social is that you can’t miss if you aim at everybody.

Jokes aside, even though the Trusy Social team claims to have detailed targeting that is specific to manual, organic growth, the reality is much different. Not only will you not get followers from your selected niche, but you won’t even get followers from your desired continent. When the good outcome is to get a generic, nondescript follower, you know the targeting is bad.

I came to Trusy Social expecting to grow my following in the domain that is relevant to my content. Saying that I didn’t get that would be an understatement.

After all, bots really aren’t that good at targeting, and we can start forming the final picture of the nature of Trusy Social.

“Growing on Autopilot”, or Automatic Engagement

Trusy Social organic

When Trusy Social said that you’ll be able to grow on autopilot, they really meant that.

Except it wasn’t me who could stop worrying about my Instagram, it’s everyone – a scripted pilot had taken control.

So, how did that engagement increase work out in the end? By having bot accounts put random engagements on my content. I had zero control over what posts get promoted, let alone the smart tweaking that should maximize my exposure to new followers.

What did all that auto-liking, commenting, saving, viewing, etc. achieve? My profile became a magnet for bot accounts from all across Instagram. A couple of real users had stumbled upon me as well, but those were in an extreme minority. 

These fakes came, engaged for a bit, and left. Nothing lasting, nothing substantial in the long run. Except damage to my account’s reputation. That was pretty much permanent.


Trusy Social Pricing

Now here’s something interesting. How much do you think this ordeal had cost me?

Let’s be frank here, bots are dangerous, but they seem attractive for their cheap prices and quick results. This is what usually coerces people to opt for them instead of a professional, verified, and trusted growth service.

Trusy social is anything but cheap. The cheapest package they offer comes with a staggering price tag of $97 per month! The mid-priced option is a whopping $197 per month, and the business plan costs mind-boggling $347 per month.

These prices outweigh even the priciest contenders for a quality growth service, let alone something that’s basically a bot with extra steps to it. 

If you ask me, paying these outrageous prices for something that you can get fifty times (5000%) cheaper equals throwing your money down the drain. And I couldn’t with a safe conscience recommend Trusy Social even if it were fifty times cheaper. This speaks volume about the pricing, don’t you agree?

Customer Service

I had to deal with customer support way more than I’d wanted to, so I have plenty of experience about it to share. I verified that customer service is run by real people, at least. This wasn’t much of a condolence to me, though.

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Instead of solutions, Trusy Social customer service offered a mix of excuses and explanations. The more I had to deal with them, the more outrageous their explanations became. In order to get to real followers, I had to suffer those fakes? They can’t do anything to drive away the spam accounts? Oh, please, spare me! Didn’t you offer dedicated account managers who’re supposed to drive traffic towards my profile with smart methods and organic optimization? 

One good came out of this though. I got my refund, as they have a functioning refund policy. But boy did I have to struggle until I got over with them! 0/10, would not recommend.

Take my advice and skip the struggle by not paying for that in the first place.

My Verdict: A Glorified Bot Service

Now it’s justified for me to start drawing my conclusions about Trusy Social. First thing first: Trusy Social is not even near organic growth and dedicated account management. Trusy Social is a thinly-veiled bot service that relies on hard code and fake accounts instead of human intuition and smart campaigning. And it sounded so promising to begin with!

Let’s be clear with one thing: bots are dangerous. I’ve mentioned how their services can ruin your reputation with real people. Do you love spam? Me neither. Why should anyone then rely on auto-features that constitute a textbook example of spam? Spam services are a one-way ticket to souring your name on any social media out there.

That’s not all. Meddle with fake accounts for too long and you’ll get to see your account blocked. Every social platform out there has counter-measures against fake engagements and false users. It beats the purpose of “social” in social media, after all, so you can’t blame them. 

This danger logically leads to the question: why would I use bots if they are guaranteed to shut my account down eventually? It’s not like you’re destroying what you had paid for, you’re also losing whatever you had before the bots came.

Too many danger signs there, if you ask me. Do not go down that path. It brings nothing but bad outcomes. If there’s one thing you should pick up from this review it is that you should avoid bots altogether. 

Review Conclusion

It comes to this: yes, you’ll grow with Trusy Social. A fair amount of followers will start engaging with your content. And yes, they’ll come quickly. But that’s about all that you can expect.

To recap, there’s nothing manual, authentic, or organic in Trusy Social. Too bad for Cardi B and all the effort that has been put into this well-made presentation of theirs! Forget about superb targeting, dominating your niche, and receiving a tremendous boost in online reputation.

You’ll get a bot service that does what bots do, but also comes with all the hazards that come with using bots. Instead of going on auto-pilot, you’ll have a constant fear of logging in one day only to find a mean-looking message written in bold letters that tells you that you’ve been suspended.

The fake followers will drastically reduce the overall quality of your engagement. If you opt for Trusy Social, you’ll get a flood of them that you’ll have to either manually block or find other ways of dealing with. Oh, and you better get your existing community prepared for the shock that they’ll be sure to receive: if your niche isn’t tolerant to outsiders, it might crumble altogether.

All this for ludicrous prices that charge an easy double of top-tier service fees that have been tried and approved by many? It just isn’t worth it.

Either strike for pricey, but expert Instagram growth agencies, or, if you really have no other choice, gamble with cheap bot services. This combination of the worst of both worlds cannot be honestly recommended to anyone.