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When Does Lululemon Restock?

Have you ever encountered the out-of-stock problem on your favorite Lululemon product and wondered: When does Lululemon restock? If so, do not worry because you will learn about everything about Lululemon restocking in this article.

Most of Lululemon’s new items are made available on their online store every Tuesday afternoon. Restocking of their offline stores happens three times a week. The days may vary from store to store, but generally, it occurs on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Most Lululemon customers are excited about their products because of their high-quality and reasonable prices.

About Lululemon

It all started in Vancouver, Canada, in 1998 when an athleisure company laid its foundation. Founded by Canadians and Americans, this apparel company makes athletic clothing. 

Lululemon opened a store in Covent Garden, London, in 2014. It is its first store in Europe. Wilson resigned in February 2015, and Michael Casey, the board’s former lead director, succeeded him. 

The company’s CEO and chairman, Laurent Potdevin, resigned due to misconduct in 2018. This Multinational clothing company offers apparel for exercise enthusiasts, gym enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to do simple exercises at home such as dancing, yoga, etc. 

There is a high demand for Lululemon’s apparel, and customers want to know when it will restock. It proves the company has set a higher standard of quality.

When Does Lululemon Restock?

Lululemon’s online store gets restocked constantly, but they add most new items every Tuesday afternoon. While restocking occurs three times a week at the company’s offline stores. 

It generally takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, although these days may vary from store to store. Athletic apparel manufacturer Lululemon Athletica is known worldwide for its high-quality products. 

Founded in 1998, this American-Canadian brand quickly provides high-quality athletic clothing to multiple countries. As with any well-known brand, Lululemon constantly updates its inventory to keep up with the current market trends. 

You can gain a tremendous advantage by understanding when the stores restock, enabling you to get the best price and the most recent styles of quality athletic clothing. Because of the high quality and reasonable costs of Lululemon products, it is easy for customers to get excited about their products.

Does Lululemon Restock on Certain Days of the Week?

Of Lululemon’s overall sales, online sales account for a significant portion. Due to this, their marketing and restocking efforts tend to focus on online services. So, Lululemon brick-and-mortar locations don’t have a set day for restocking. 

Depending on the site, Lululemon Athletica has different policies regarding restocking. The majority of stores restock once a week. The majority of Lululemon shops restock their stock about three times a week.

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are typically the days when restocks occur. Unlike Walmart and Target, Lululemon stores do not restock every day. 

Additionally, you should be aware that Lululemon items are categorized according to season. Because of this, the stores will get new stock following the latest designs. 

Consequently, new inventory will not always be available when the store restocks. Several limited-edition items are also available on Lululemon that maintain the brand’s exclusivity. 

Generally, the Lululemon restock rate varies substantially depending on the items and locations that customers need. 

If you live in an area with a lot of population and products sell out quickly, your Lululemon store is more likely to be stocked frequently than a location in the remote countryside.

What Is the Lululemon Website Restocking Schedule?

On Tuesday afternoons or evenings, Lululemon posts new items to its website. A typical time for this to occur is around 6:15 PM EST.

During the Eastern time zone, restock happens at 6:15 PM, while during Central time, it happens at 5:15 PM. Thus, it is 3:15 PM Pacific time zone, 4:15 PM Mountain time, and 12:15 PM Hawaii time.

There is an entire section on Lululemon’s website highlighting its newest products. You can always find out about new products at the Lululemon online store by visiting their ‘What’s New’ page on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Marketing materials for the brand refer to the release of new products on its website as an ‘upload’. When you’re a first-time buyer, you may find this a bit confusing if you’re unfamiliar with their jargon. Remember that when you see “upload,” you’re seeing their online catalog updated.

The ‘upload’ schedule for discounted items differs from regular items. Lululemon has a separate page for its discounted items, like their new additions. 

They refer to the pages with the discounted items as “We Made Too Much.” There are generally updates on this page every Thursday morning.

If you’re interested in finding out what’s on sale this week, check the discounts page every Thursday for a listing of items on sale. You will find stock items that weren’t so successful and disposed of in preparation for receiving new stock.

Is It Possible to Get a Lululemon Restock Notification?

Yes, it is possible to get a restocking notification at Lululemon. When restocks arrive, you can get notifications by signing up for Lululemon’s restock notifications. 

In the beginning, you must sign up for an account at Lululemon and choose a payment plan. Afterward, you need to submit the product links you wish to purchase. 

You must wait for notification after you submit your product link. You will be notified when your item is available again.

What is the Lululemon Skirt Restock Date?

Even though Lululemon is mainly known for its athletic wear, they also offer a variety of fashion products to appeal to aesthetically-inclined shoppers. 

When it comes to Lululemon shoppers looking to buy something trendy, such as a skirt, it is essential to know when the company stocks the skirts.

However, many brands make it difficult to determine how often they restock certain items. It is particularly true for brands whose online shop generates most of their sales instead of brick-and-mortar stores. 

In any case, digging a little deeper can provide clues as to when Lululemon restock skirts. In a Reddit thread, a report claimed skirts were restocked nearly every day, depending on their size, color, and location. 

Nevertheless, it is based on anecdotally gathered information from a person who frequently shops from Lululemon, often enough to notice their inventory restocking.

There are a few third-party resale sites, such as Tradesy, where you can find excellent prices on Lululemon skirts and skorts. New inventory is frequently available for resale on this website, often with a discounted price.


Due to Lululemon’s popularity and primarily online demand, shopping in-store can be tricky unless you are aware of the day and time of the restock. 

Each Lululemon Athletica location has a different restock day and no set schedule. If customers are curious when specific locations will come into stock with new inventory, they can inquire at the store. 

If you intend to spend money at the store, most sales associates are happy to answer any questions you may have. Lululemon’s website updates with new inventory every Tuesday morning for those interested in buying online. 

To see all of the items available at a reduced price, be sure to check their discount section every Thursday called ‘We Made Too Much.’ You are welcome to leave your questions or concerns in the comments section if you have any.