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Best Open-source Employee Monitoring Software

As the twenty-first century progresses, the modern workspace defies all conventional definitions.

The old physical workspace cannot keep up with the modern office culture, which integrates remote workspaces, non-cubicle departments, and massive collaboration and communication – something like a digital web.

Employee autonomy should be allowed to maintain their output and the general security of a company’s confidential data, even with greater freedom from employers.

A balance between privacy and security is required. This is where the role of employee monitoring is relevant.

The open software market offers a wide range of options, including both local and remote employee monitoring software.

On the other hand, open-source employee monitoring software stands out because of its easy accessibility for budget-conscious businesses and its customizable feature set.

In the following section, let’s examine some of the top open-source employee monitoring programs.

9 Best Open-source Employee Monitoring Software

  • Kickidler
  • Berqun
  • Vericlock
  • Aeroadmin
  • Staffcop enterprise
  • Hubstaff
  • Veriato
  • Interguard
  • Work examiner

1. Kickidler

An online monitoring tool called kickidler is used for productivity analysis and time tracking.

Screen video recording, productivity tracking, and online screen monitoring are all included in the workforce manager software. It also assists in preventing data loss and supports remote access.

According to Kickidler, employee monitoring software can increase productivity by over 20% and if worked with its productivity audit specialists productivity of employees at the workplace can increase by 40%.

The computer surveillance mechanism of Kickidler employee monitoring software, which automatically generates alerts for pre-defined employee violations, is one of its unique features.

Click here for more information about Kickidler and to get the free trial of this open-source employee monitoring software.

Features Of Kickidler

  • Quadrotor that appears as multiple cells
  • Various levels of access
  • Online transmission of staff activities
  • Work schedule tracking
  • Timesheet submission

2. Berqun

Berqun is among the most effective employee monitoring applications, primarily utilized to track the location and activities of employees.

Beyond assigning scores to the duration of work in minutes or hours, it furnishes performance metrics applicable to the entire workforce.

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By utilizing this function, users are able to identify employees who exhibit subpar performance and implement the required measures to enhance productivity.

Features of Berqun

  • Network usage metrics
  • Deployment
  • Energy saver
  • After-sales report
  • Department view

3. Vericlock

The Vericlock employee screen monitoring software gives real-time information about the timings of employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs.

Comparing similar projects also aids in the real-time monitoring of labor costs and helps determine the amount of data needed to run practical projects.

Features of Vericlock

  • Multiple export formats
  • Group clock-in capabilities
  • Configurable email alerts
  • In-app signature capture
  • Customizable service and job codes

4. Aeroadmin

Aeroadmin is an open-source software for employee monitoring that gives you complete control over your employees’ systems.

This platform transfers files to another computer system or copies files from a remote computer via an encrypted channel.

Additionally, contacts can be grouped and stored here for instantaneous remote access.

Features of Aeroadmin

  • Auto scaling
  • Clipboard synchronization
  • Multilingual interface
  • Remote computer control
  • File transfer
  • Supports unlimited remote computers

5. Staffcop

An organization’s staff is monitored, and threats are identified using staffcop employee management software.

Behavior analytics and incident investigation tools are utilized by employee monitoring and performance software to identify potential security breaches in the system.

It makes use of features like productivity measurement, activity tracking, and absence tracking to keep an eye on the workers.

Features of Staffcop

  • Events correlation
  • Graph for anomaly detection
  • Daily pdf reports
  • Mic recording
  • Network activity
  • Applications usage


Hubstaff productivity management software offers sophisticated reporting capabilities and is used to track time and streamline work monitor procedures.

A well-planned budget for determining the actual cost of a project, actionable time reports, and hourly payment options are just a few of the sophisticated reporting features of this employee monitoring software.

Features of Hubstaff

  • Gps tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Team scheduling
  • Project budgeting and invoicing
  • Web time tracking
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Check-in on the go
  • Desktop monitoring for team members
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7. Veriato

The veriato employee monitoring software records and plays back all of the activities that employees engage in on the internet.

In addition to activity monitoring, behavior analysis, and threat protection, this employee computer monitoring software is utilized.

Veriato allows you to keep an eye on employee activity on pc, mac, and android platforms.

Features of Veriato

  • Network and application activity
  • Keystroke logging
  • Email activity
  • Document and file tracking
  • Employee investigations
  • Advanced response to data breach

8. Interguard

Interguard is a monitoring tool that records all of an employee’s activities in order to measure productivity.

To calculate the amount of time spent on tasks and idle time, use the alert and reporting features of this employee monitoring software.

To gain insight into an employee’s computer usage, you can also watch video playback and take screenshots of their desktop.

Features of Interguard

  • Web filtering
  • Data loss prevention
  • Incident response
  • Exfiltration management
  • Sensitive data recovery
  • Remote file deletion

9. Work Examiner

The filtering and monitoring features of work examiner give information about the non-work-related websites that employees visit and the amount of time they spend on them.

The platform provides a comprehensive analysis of how much time employees spend online.

Users can also benefit from multiple display support during both recorded and live sessions.

Additionally, you can block unwanted websites and add important ones to your whitelist using the website filtering tool.

It’s interesting to note that you can utilize the settings option to set aside a specific period for employees to browse through websites, even ones that are blocked, in order to give them a break and rejuvenate.

Features of work examiner

  • Export reports
  • Online searches
  • File downloads
  • Website tracking
  • Surveillance


Utilize employee monitoring tools’ comprehensive solutions to manage business, projects, and tasks.

Make sure that team members are communicating, set up reminders, and connect with other file-sharing systems.

Easily arrange all of your work-related duties and responsibilities in one location by using employee monitoring software.