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Comcast’s Net Worth – How Much Are They Worth In 2024?

Comcast is a big name in the United States market, and hence knowing Comcast’s net worth is essential. It is the second-largest company for broadcasting and cable television services globally. Besides, it is the largest home internet service provider and cable TV company in the US. 

As of September 30, 2021, its net worth is $97.3 billion. However, as Comcast is a publicly-traded company, its net worth is tied to its shareholder equity. Therefore, the company’s net worth is not constant. It varies over time due to internal and external factors. As such, it is vital to understand how to calculate a business’s net worth at any given time.

You can tell a company’s financial health when you know its net worth. As a result, if you are an investor, you can decide whether it is in your best interests to invest in it.

The Growth of Comcast 

Comcast is an icon in the global telecommunications industry. It serves US residents and businesses in 40 states, and also provides services in the District of Columbia.

The company began in 1963 as the American Cable Systems. And was founded by Ralph J. Roberts, Julian A. Brodsky, and Daniel Aaron. In 1969, it changed to Comcast Corporation, with headquarters in Pennsylvania.

The company has enjoyed 59 successful years of expansion. Still, the most significant achievement happened in the ’90s and early 2000s after Ralph left his son, Brian L. Roberts, to take over. It entered into agreements with multinational companies such as Microsoft and Disney.

Calculating Comcast’s Net Worth

Finding out its net worth t is easy with the correct data. And when you know how to do it, you can apply the formula in calculating any company’s net worth.

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Normally, one would calculate net worth using the assets and liabilities of the company. You would usually take the assets value and deduct the liabilities value to get the net worth figure.

However, since Comcast is a publicly-traded company, its net worth is represented by its shareholder equity

Many mistakenly use the market capitalization value of a publicly-traded company to denote its net worth. But this value does not take the company’s liabilities into account. 

In essence, what you require is the total value that the shareholders would receive if the company had to liquidate today. In other words, if all the company’s debt were paid and whatever was left divided among the shareholders.

Therefore, to determine its net worth, you need to determine its shareholder equity. And, at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2021, the company’s net worth stood at $97.3 billion. 


Comcast is a significant company in the world’s telecommunication sector. And with its net worth at $97.3 billion, you can guess it is financially stable. Besides, its future seems promising as it keeps conquering the global market.