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Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay?

Apple users who frequently shop at AutoZone might have wondered whether AutoZone takes Apple Pay. Customers can shop in-store and online at AutoZone’s website, but does the company accept Apple Pay?

With Apple Pay, you can pay at AutoZone. There are, however, only some AutoZone stores that accept Apple Pay, and does not accept it for online purchases. Still, other payment methods are available that you can use for online purchases, such as credit cards, debit cards, etc. So, you can use Apple Pay for offline shopping at AutoZone.

Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay?

Currently, some AutoZone stores will accept Apple Pay. The company website does not offer this payment option for online purchases. You can also use PayPal when shopping online on AutoZone.

Cash is another option if you are shopping in person. As well as being an American retailer, AutoZone also distributes auto parts across the globe. It also provides accessory products and dominates its industry. 

Aside from that, they were founded in 1979 and operate more than 6,400 stores globally. Although it has gained traction in the industry and is more widely accepted, there is still much to be done.

How Can You Determine Whether an AutoZone Store Accepts Apple Pay or Not?

The AutoZone stores accept Apple Pay, but not every store does. Suppose you don’t see the Apple Pay sign at checkout. In that case, you can ask a customer service representative whether it is accepted there or not. 

Further, if you’re not sure whether the AutoZone store in your area accepts Apple Pay, you can inquire using Apple Maps. Using this app will let you check whether an AutoZone shop supports this form of payment if it has its logo. 

However, suppose this service isn’t available. In that case, other alternatives include credit cards, debit cards, and cash that you can also use to make payments.

What Are the Steps for Using Apple Pay at AutoZone?

The following steps will explain how to use Apple Pay at AutoZone.

  • After ensuring that the AutoZone store accepts Apple Pay, hold your phone near the contactless reader to process the transaction.
  • For a smoother checkout experience, set up your phone before you arrive at the store since the process can take some time.
  • Remember that setting up Apple Pay requires entering your payment and shipping information.

You can also ask AutoZone representatives how to pay using Apple Pay when you are present in the store.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at AutoZone

Among the benefits of accepting Apple Pay at AutoZone are:

  1. Exceptionally Security

Due to Apple Pay’s security, customers of AutoZone can enjoy secure payments. The convenience of not carrying cash or several credit cards when shopping for automotive parts is another benefit.

It’s easy and quick to pay with Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, you don’t have to manually enter your credit card information. It stores your credit card information securely.

  1. Rapid Transactions

As customers can use their smartphones with contactless card readers to pay with Apple Pay, AutoZone will shorten checkout times. By doing so, customers will use their cash and credit cards less often.

Further, you can use Apple Pay as a payment method for AutoZone products with any deals you may have on your credit card. AutoZone stores can serve more customers and process transactions more efficiently with this method.

  1. User-Friendly

The customer prefers using an easy-to-use method when shopping. Fortunately, Apple Pay permits AutoZone customers to sign up for the service quickly and easily, making it a user-friendly option.

Further, Apple Pay allows AutoZone to reconcile its accounts faster than traditional payment methods like checks and cash. It is imperative in stores like AutoZone, where there are many daily customers.

Recent trends indicate that customers have become more interested in making mobile payments, so they are more likely to patronize businesses that accept mobile payments. With AutoZone’s service, customers who don’t use cash or credit cards can easily purchase in-store using Apple Pay.

Does Apple Pay Offer Cashback When I Use AutoZone?

Using the Apple Pay Card at stores that accept it will qualify you for Apple’s cashback program. The cashback is not subject to transaction limits, and you will be able to receive it as often as you wish.

Cashback amounts up to 3% are available for every transaction. Every Apple Pay Card user’s purchase using the card will usually result in a cashback. On the authorized Apple website, you can check your eligibility. 

It’s suggested that regular shoppers make purchases using the Apple Pay service to earn cashback. Regular shopping will result in substantial savings with this.


While not all AutoZone stores currently accept Apple Pay, many do. And the company will likely roll out Apple Pay options to all their stores in the near future. 

To ensure whether your local AutoZone takes Apple Pay before heading to the store, check on Apple Maps. Alternatively, give the store a call to double-check.

And if your local AutoZone does not take Apple Pay, rest assured that they have all the usual payment options available in-store.