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Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

As many fast-food chains transition to mobile payment options, some wonder whether Burger King takes Apple Pay and other digital wallets. Most are, however, interested in using Apple Pay as it’s the most widely used digital wallet in the US. 

While this iconic hamburger fast-food chain has the infrastructure for it, Burger King does not take Apple Pay. You cannot use your Apple Pay Wallet to pay in the restaurant or at their drive-thru. Nor can you link your Apple Pay Wallet in the checkout section of the Burger King app or their website. Burger King does, however, accept PayPal and Venmo.

Cardless, contactless payments are becoming standard at restaurants and retail stores across the globe. And, as Apple Pay is one of the most prominent mobile payment solutions, it’s surprising that Burger King doesn’t accept it. But it seems that the king of hamburgers has its reasons.

Why Doesn’t Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Convenience is one of the primary things that customers are after. The smoother and more seamless the process, the better. And this applies to the shopping, queueing, and checkout experience, both in-store and online.

Burger King has the required NFC technology installed to facilitate various mobile payments. And it used to offer Apple Pay as a payment option until 2019. However, Burger King does not take Apple Pay due to payment processing fees.

When any retail store or restaurant accepts payment in a form that is not cash, transaction fees are involved. And these fees can add up, especially if customers are making multiple purchases at low amounts. 

As a result, Burger King has cleverly struck a deal with PayPal. They’ve offered PayPal exclusivity as the preferred mobile payment method at all restaurants. And, in turn, Burger King has negotiated a more favorable transaction fee to reduce their expenses.

Therefore, while Burger King doesn’t take Apple Pay, other cardless, contactless payment options are available.

Other Payment Methods Accepted at Burger King

It’s understandable that, as an Apple device user, you’d want to have the option to pay via your Apple Pay Wallet. Unfortunately, when you’re ordering your next Double Whopper from Burger King, you’ll need to use an alternative payment method.

This legendary hamburger chain offers both traditional and contactless, cardless payment options. And these payment methods can be used at the restaurant, online, or via the Burger King app.

As is the case with most vendors, Burger King accepts the usual debit and credit cards to pay for your food. And you can pay with these cards at the restaurant or online via their website or app.

Those worried about card PIN security can always use the “Tap to Pay” feature in-store or at the drive-thru. This payment method also offers a hygienic contactless payment alternative. 

Due to their partnership with PayPal, Burger King offers cardless mobile payments in two ways. One is through the PayPal app itself. And the other is through PayPal’s subsidiary for the younger demographic called Venmo.

Customers can use PayPal and Venmo to pay for food ordered on the app or website and at the restaurant or drive-thru. Therefore, while Burger King doesn’t take Apple Pay, you can pay with the PayPal or Venmo app on your Apple Device.

Burger King also has a gift card, which can be used in the same way as a debit card to pay for your burger meal. Of course, Burger King also accepts cash as a payment option when purchasing at their restaurant or drive-thru.

The Benefits of Using the Burger King App

As mentioned, Burger King has its own app to order food for delivery or collection. The BK app doesn’t facilitate mobile payments. However, you can link your PayPal or Venmo wallets as your preferred payment method. 

However, using the BK app comes with some rewards and perks. The most notable is the ability to earn “crowns” with every order placed through the app. You can collect crowns to obtain discounts and freebies with your meal. 

The Burger King app is available to download for free in the Google Play and Apple App stores.


Unfortunately, Burger King does not take Apple Pay. However, you can still use your Apple Device to pay via the mobile payment options offered by PayPal and Venmo. And you can link your Apple Card to PayPal if you’d like to make a payment that way.

Therefore, there’s still an element of convenience regarding payment options at Burger King, despite the restrictions. And, if nothing else, the discounts and free food rewards you get when using the BK app make up for the inconvenience.