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Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

When customers enjoy their meal at a famous fast-food restaurant like Chipotle, they surely wonder: Does Chipotle take Apple Pay?

In May 2020, Chipotle announced that it would start accepting Apple Pay soon. And by September 2020, the restaurant had begun to receive payments through this contactless payment method. You can even use your Apple Card to buy a meal from Chipotle via their app. And if you do, you’ll enjoy 2% cashback for every single purchase.

Chipotle is a popular restaurant with locations across the US and in a few other countries. It has more than 2,600 branches within 4 nations serving people their favorite Mexican food. Their foods are natural, with no artificial colors, hormones, or flavors. 

Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle, established the first restaurant, the Chipotle Mexican Grill, in 1993 in Colorado. Later, it became part of the company that owns McDonald’s. However, it grew into a household name and eventually operated independently.

Chipotle was the first US restaurant dedicated to using meat from animals that are  raised ethically. The company also doesn’t use heavy-duty freezers to preserve ingredients, making it a source of fresh and natural foods.

Why Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

As the world evolves with new technological trends, most merchants are catching up with contactless payment options. Customers are embracing payment methods such as Apple Pay and moving away from the traditional ones. Some of the reasons Chipotle takes Apple Pay include:

  1. To attract more customers to their restaurants who don’t want to offer more than just traditional payment via debit and credit cards.
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown people that it is possible to transact hygienically without cards. And Chipotle is at the forefront, making this a reality for its customers via Apple Pay.   
  3. Also, technology is making things simpler and more accessible. Therefore, Chipotle is not left behind in embracing the new trends to help its customers by incorporating Apple Pay.
  4. Finally, Apple Pay is a cardless and contactless payment method. Hence, Chipotle offers a safe and more secure payment option.

How do You Pay at Chipotle with Apple Pay?

Do you want to use Apple Pay at Chipotle? It takes a few simple-to-follow steps. You can either pay through Chipotle’s App or directly at any Chipotle Restaurant.

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The following is a thorough guide stipulating how to go about any of these two methods:

Purchasing with Apple Pay at a Chipotle Restaurant

You can either use your iPhone or Apple Watch at any Chipotle restaurant to make payment via Apple Pay. First, you’ll need to set up this digital wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Setting Up Apple Pay on Your Device

If you plan to use Apple Pay on your iPhone, follow these steps to it set up:

  1. Open the Settings application on your device
  2. Click on Wallet & Apple Pay
  3. Select Add Card
  4. Tap on Continue and select your preferred payment method
  5. Fill in your credit card details manually or hold your iPhone over the card until it successfully reads the details
  6. Then, agree to the terms and conditions as stipulated by Apple
  7. Finalize any credit card verification required to make your card ready for use

When using your Apple Watch, follow these steps to set up Apple Pay on your device:

  1. Have a paired iPhone first
  2. Then, open your Apple Watch app using your paired iPhone
  3. Click on Wallet & Apple Pay
  4. Tap on Add Card
  5. Add your credit card details to your Apple Watch’s Apple Pay for a successful transaction.

Paying with Apple Pay

Once the card is ready, use your iPhone or Apple Watch to make payments at Chipotle.

Here are the steps to follow when using Apple Pay with your iPhone at Chipotle:

  1. Double click the button situated on the right-hand side of your device
  2. If you are using Face ID, look at your phone’s screen, and for Touch ID, place your finger on the central button for scanning
  3. Then, hold your iPhone over the contactless payment reader machine. Hold it until you hear a ping and see a green checkmark on the device. Also, the word ‘Done’ will appear on your phone’s screen.

If you have an Apple Watch, the following steps will help you make payment via Apple Pay:

  1. Begin by double-tapping the right of your dial’s side button
  2. Provide the passcode if required
  3. Then, hold your Apple Watch over the payment reader. Keep holding it until you are notified that the payment is complete.
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Purchasing with Apple Pay Via the Chipotle App

If you want to use the Chipotle app to pay for your food, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Go to the Chipotle App and login into your account if you have one
  2. Choose Pickup or Delivery at the top of your screen. TIP: if you sign up for a Chipotle account, you are likely to earn and redeem offers when you make purchases
  3. Select you preferred Mexican meal and add it to your cart
  4. Proceed to your shopping cart to review your order and then tap on Continue to Payment
  5. Select your delivery or pickup time and provide your details. Finally, choose ‘Buy with Apple Pay’ as your payment option. Apple Pay and Android Pay will appear for you to select Apple Pay.
  6. Once the transaction is complete, you can pick up your food or wait for delivery.

Get 2% Cashback when Using Your Apple Card at Chipotle

Whether you pay at a Chipotle restaurant or through the app, you can get a 2% cashback using your Apple Card. You only need to link your Apple Pay Card with your digital wallet, just as you would have done in the case of a debit or credit card. 

Getting an Apple Pay Card is not that complicated, and you can apply for one online through the Apple website. Once you apply for the card and qualify, it will reflect on your Apple Pay Wallet.


Chipotle takes Apple Pay when you order your favorite Mexican dish through its app or visit a nearby restaurant. The company has made transactions easier and convenient with this contactless payment method. It is fast and simple to pay for your food at Chipotle through Apple Pay. And you could even earn yourself some cashback rewards.