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Does Circle K Take Apple Pay?

Trying to find the answer to the question, “Does Circle K Take Apple Pay?” has become a common sight. It will not be wrong to say that Apple Pay is widely used in different corners of the world.

Thus, it is time businesses started recognizing it as one of the default payment options. Opting to pay your bills using one of the reliable and secure contactless payment options is always better.

There is good news for Apple Pay users. Circle K allows its customers to use Apple Pay at their stores. It is one of its many available payment options.

People who do not like to carry their credit or debit cards around will find it very convenient to shop at a Circle K location. Acceptance of Apple Pay means you can use any Apple device to pay.

What Is Circle K?

Circle K Stores Inc. is a famous chain of convenience stores in America. It is owned and managed by Couche-Tard and has its headquarters in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Circle K started its business in 1951, with its first location in El Paso, Texas. Unfortunately, in 1990 Circle K filed for bankruptcy protection. It underwent multiple ownership changes before Couche-Tard acquired it.

Circle K stores across several continents and cities, including Mexico, Hong Kong, Russia, United Kingdom, UAE, Jamaica, and New Zealand, to name a few. According to recent data, Circle K has around 15,000 stores across different continents.

Does Circle K Take Apple Pay?

We’re happy to report that this revolutionary contactless payment option is accepted at Circle K stores.

This means Apple device users need not carry credit or debit cards while shopping at a Circle K store. Instead, they can use the application to pay for the items they purchase at the store.

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How To Use Apple Pay at Circle K

Using Apple Pay at one of the Circle K stores is very simple. It does not involve too many technicalities, and anybody can use it conveniently.

  • Find the Apple Pay logo or the tap icon on the store door.
  • After shopping to your heart’s content, go to the payments counter.
  • Launch your Apple Pay app and select your preferred credit or debit card.
  • Bring your device as close to the payment scanner as possible. You will be asked to verify the amount before approving the transaction.


Circle K is one of the famous convenience store brands spread across many countries. The chain of stores is owned by Couche-Tard, a multinational Canadian company.

Like most other popular convenience stores, Circle K also accepts Apple Pay as one of its payment methods. This means Apple device users can pay without having to keep their credit or debit cards with them.