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Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay?

Dairy Queen accepts various payment methods, but does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay? What if you realize you left your card at home while on your way to Dairy Queen? 

As is the case with many fast-food restaurants in the US, Dairy Queen has integrated contactless payments into their system. This means you can order food online using your iPhone or other Apple device. It’s a useful way to pay for your Dairy Queen orders. Furthermore, Apple Pay makes it simple to earn cashback and loyalty points at select Dairy Queen locations.

Apple Pay is not your average app. It is one of the most widely used contactless payment methods in various industries, including fast-food restaurants. It is simple to set up and provides customers with a secure method of making payments when shopping or placing orders. 

This article will go over the Dairy Queen Apple Pay system in detail. We’ll cover how to use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen, as well as other payment methods accepted at Dairy Queen.

Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay or Not? 

Dairy Queen is one of the most recognized fast-food restaurants in the US. It serves a variety of fast food and is renowned for its tasty ice cream. Every US state has a Dairy Queen store. Dairy Queen updated its systems to keep up with customer demand and the growing popularity of contactless payment methods.

Dairy Queen installed POS iTouch and ParBrink POS systems, which support contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen as long as your preferred card is linked to your Apple wallet.

However, not all Dairy Queen locations accept Apple Pay. Some restaurants’ payment systems may not include POS iTouch or ParBrink POS systems. As a result, Apple Pay is not accepted at these specific Dairy Queen locations. Sadly, you will have to pay for your orders with a debit or credit card.

If you want to place an order at your local Dairy Queen, you must first ask whether they accept Apple Pay. It’s hard to know whether your Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay. 

You could ask the cashier or call ahead of time. You can also conduct an online search. Fortunately, Apple Pay makes it simple to determine whether your local Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay.

To see if a Dairy Queen location accepts Apple Pay, launch the Apple Maps app on your Apple device. Next, locate the store location you require and scroll down to the helpful information section underneath the store webpage. If you see an Apple Pay logo displayed, you know Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay.

How to Pay at Dairy Queen with Apple Pay

When you’re ready, proceed to the checkout counter. You will be prompted to use your Apple Wallet to process the payment. Here, you can use your Apple Pay card or your preferred credit or debit card account linked to your Apple Pay wallet to pay here. 

You must place your iPhone on top of the NFC scanner to complete the transaction. A transaction is typically completed and confirmed in a matter of seconds.

You must hold your iPhone over the scanner while keeping your Apple device unlocked during this time. Your Apple device will display a green tick when the payment is complete.

Please remember that some Dairy Queen locations will require you to enter your pin for added security. Due to a lack of NFC terminals, some Dairy Queen locations have not integrated Apple Pay into their payment systems. So, we recommend you call ahead to confirm.

Does Dairy Queen offer Cashback When Using Apple Pay?

Yes, Dairy Queen offers cashback on all purchases made using Apple Pay. You could earn up to 3% cashback on all transactions. Purchases made with an Apple Pay card are also eligible for cashback.

The Apple Pay card was introduced in August 2019. To be eligible for an Apple Pay card, you must be an American citizen and 18 or older. To use the card at Dairy Queen, you must have an iPhone running iOS 12.4 or later.

You can sign up for an Apple Card and add it to your Apple Pay account via the Apple Pay website.

Other Payment Options Dairy Queen Accepts

Dairy Queen accepts various payment methods, including contactless and popular credit cards. Furthermore, it accepts these forms of payment in-store and at the drive-thru. 

When you place an order at Dairy Queen, you can use a credit card, such as a Discover, Mastercard, or any other credit card that Dairy Queen accepts. You can either swipe or insert your card at the checkout counter.

Other mobile payment solutions, such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay, are accepted at Dairy Queen. However, you must confirm whether the Dairy Queen accepts Google Pay or Samsung Pay in advance. You can place your order online, pay with Google Pay or Samsung Pay, and the food will be delivered to your home.

Apart from the solutions discussed above, you can also pay with cash. Some Dairy Queen locations also accept checks. You will need to confirm before placing an order if they accept checks.

The Bottom Line

It should be noted that not all Dairy Queen locations accept Apple Pay. As a result, it is critical to check beforehand to ensure that your nearest Dairy Queen takes Apple Pay. If you pay with Apple Pay, you will receive 3% cashback on all of your transactions anytime.