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Does Dollar Tree Take Apple Pay?

When it comes to paying at Dollar Tree, many people will ask: Does Dollar Tree take Apple Pay? So, if you’re wondering if Dollar Tree takes Apple Pay, you’ve come to the right place. 

Sadly, your local Dollar does not take Apple Pay as a form of payment. Dollar Tree stores have a well-deserved reputation for selling the most affordable items for everyday use. If you are a thrifty shopper, you already know that Dollar Tree has the best bargains. So, it’s surprising to many that this popular chain doesn’t accept payment via Apple Pay.

Millions of individuals use Apple Pay as their preferred payment option for various reasons. For one, Apple Pay is a safer alternative to carrying an actual credit or debit card with you. Why is it, then, that Dollar Tree doesn’t take Apple Pay?

Why Doesn’t Dollar Tree Take Apple Pay In-store?

When it comes to buying in any store, convenience is vital. Customers don’t want to jump through unnecessary hoops to make a purchase. Several big brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants accept Apple Pay, but unfortunately, Dollar Tree is not one of them.

There used to be NFC terminals available at Dollar Tree. And these once allowed customers to pay using contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay. However, Dollar Tree has since moved away from NFC technology.

While some of their stores still have their NFC systems installed, they are not functional. This also means that contactless mobile payment systems like Google Pay are no longer available.

That said, Dollar Tree makes it easy to purchase items using various other payment methods. And, instead of Apple Pay, Dollar Tree offers an alternative means of contactless payment.

Today, Apple Pay is accepted by numerous stores, both online and physical locations. Unfortunately, Dollar Tree also does not take Apple Pay as a payment method for online purchases.

Dollar Tree hasn’t made an official announcement regarding why Apple Pay isn’t integrated at their stores. However, it’s widely speculated that it’s due to security concerns and the costs of offering this payment option. And those costs can be substantial to Dollar Tree while remaining unnoticeable to the customer.

On the plus side, you can make online purchases at Dollar Tree using various other payment methods.

Other Payment Methods Accepted at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree offers many other payment options ranging from contactless to contact payment methods. These apply to both online and in-store purchases. 

There are other contactless payment options, such as ‘Tap to Pay’ using your credit card. In fact, this payment method could be helpful at various stores if you don’t have an Apple device. 

Additionally, you can use a Dollar Tree gift card for in-store and online purchases. These can’t be used anywhere else, though. If someone gives you a Dollar Tree gift card, they’ve already facilitated the transaction by loading money to the card.

If you have an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), you can use that to make purchases at any Dollar Tree Store.

Dollar Tree also offers credit or debit card support when shopping in-store or online. However, the card payment option usually carries higher fees than most other payment options.

Dollar Tree also accepts checks, but only for online purchases. Cash, on the other hand, is always an option. But, when deciding on the best payment options, consider the total charges and perks involved. 


Although Dollar Tree does not support Apple Pay, it accepts a range of alternative forms of payment. In the end, a sound payment system enables you to have a better shopping experience. 

And, while Dollar Tree doesn’t accept Apple Pay, its affordable products and user-friendly website make for an enjoyable shopping experience.