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Does Target Take Apple Pay?

As one of the most significant retailers in America, the question every Apple user asks is whether Target takes Apple Pay. And with almost 2000 stores scattered across the US, it’s a question we feel needs answering.

We can confirm that Target takes Apple Pay. In fact, in January 2019, Target issued a press release confirming that they would be accepting mobile payments via major digital wallets. This applies to purchases made in-store, online, and through their mobile app. However, you cannot link your Target gift card or Target REDcard to your Apple Pay Wallet.

The Target brand is known for providing great value at affordable prices. Their Target discount stores and SuperTarget hypermarkets are a familiar sight within the American suburban landscape. And, since its inception in 1962, the company has expanded to operate 1926 stores with a total of over 400,000 employees.

The retail giant initially rolled out the installation of NFC technology at their stores in 2017. And they put this system in place for mobile payments through the Target app’s digital wallet feature. However, two years later, Target opened its doors to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more for the sake of convenience.

How Do You Pay with Apple Pay at Target?

Paying for your items at Target with Apple Pay is a straightforward process. Before shopping, ensure that you have the Apple Pay Wallet app on your device. But you’ll usually find that the app is pre-installed on your device.

If not, you’ll find it available to download from the Apple App Store at no cost. And make sure that you have updated to the most recent version of the iOS for your Apple device.

The next step is to create your Apple Pay Wallet profile and link to your preferred payment method. Here you must select either a debit or credit card to link to Apple Pay. When you’re done setting up your wallet, you can start shopping either in-store, online, or through the Target app.

Paying at a Target Store with Apple Pay

The process of using Apple Pay to pay for your shopping at Target only begins at the checkout. So, you can go to Target and shop as usual. And when you have all the items you need in your cart, you can join the queue at the checkout.

These are the steps you’ll take when you reach the cashier at Target:

  1. Allow the Target cashier to scan the products in your cart as usual.
  2. When the cashier has rung all your items up, let them know that you want to pay using Apple Pay.
  3. Next, you should open the Apple Pay Wallet app on your phone and select your preferred card for payment. Alternatively, you can just double-click on the right-hand side button on your iPhone or Apple Watch to initiate payment using your default card.
  4. After that, you’ll need to confirm that it’s really you that’s making the payment. So, you’ll authorize the payment using a fingerprint scan (Touch ID) or a facial scan (Face ID).
  5. Then hold your Apple device closer to the NFC reader, which the cashier would likely have pointed out to you.
  6. You’ll receive confirmation of the payment by means of a checkmark on your device’s screen. Should you be paying by means of an Apple Watch, you may feel a gentle buzz on your wrist.

Buying from the Target Website & App with Apple Pay

Shopping on the Target website or app is just as easy with Apple Pay. In fact, paying for your purchases online is not all that different from the payment process used in-store. 

Note that you’ll need your preferred Apple device when using a laptop or PC to shop on the website. The device will be used to confirm the transaction and finalize the payment. However, you must be signed in on both the device and laptop or PC with the same Apple ID.

When you’re ready to shop, use this step-by-step procedure as a guide to paying with Apple Pay:

  1. Scroll through and select the products you want to buy on the website or app.
  2. When have added everything you need to your cart, you can proceed to the checkout portion of the process.
  3. You may be asked to input details such as your delivery address at this point. So, you’ll need to input this information here.
  4. You’ll be given an option to choose your preferred payment method at checkout, and Apple Pay should be visible. Select Apple Pay as your payment option.
  5. The Apple Pay Wallet app should now open on your device requesting confirmation of the transaction.
  6. Before proceeding, double-check that you have the right credit or debit card selected in the wallet.
  7. Next, you should authorize the payment using the device’s Face ID facial scan or Touch ID fingerprint scan.
  8. Then all you’ll have to do is wait for confirmation that the transaction was successful. Once complete, you’ll receive confirmation in the form of a checkmark on your device or a light vibration of your Apple Watch.


It doesn’t matter if you prefer to shop at the physical Target or SuperTarget store or online via the website or app. No matter how you shop, you have the option of paying with a contactless, cardless mobile payment option. 

Target takes Apple Pay, which adds further convenience and accessibility to the Target shopping experience. Apple Pay is the most widely used digital wallet in the US. Therefore, Target has ensured that all Americans can enjoy a secure, hygienic, and hassle-free experience at checkout.