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Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

Around 50% of Americans use payment wallets like Apple Pay to make in-store payments, but does Walmart take Apple Pay? Mobile wallets are becoming popular day by day, with Apple Pay and Google Wallet leading the group.

Unfortunately, as of 2021, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay at their stores or through their website. Instead, they have their own Walmart Pay app that you can use to make contactless payments. Walmart Pay can be used to pay at an in-store register, their self-checkout center, or their online store.

The world has shifted to an entirely digital culture over the last three decades. More than 298 million Americans use smartphones to pay for their daily needs. This accounts for more than 90% of the American population. The economy is now shifting to a more cardless and contactless payment method. 

Does Walmart Self-Checkout Kiosk Accept Apple Pay?

You cannot use Apple Pay to settle your bills at the Walmart self-checkout kiosk. This is because all the stores have refused to use third-party mobile wallets. And it applies to their general cash register, self-checkout counter, or website. 

However, you can use the Walmart Pay app or Venmo to pay your bill at the self-checkout kiosk. You can also pay using your credit or debit cards, Walmart gift cards, or cash. However, if you have a direct or a third-party check, you’ll need to pay through a regular checkout lane. 

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay to Buy Gift Cards?

You won’t be able to buy Walmart gift cards using Apple Pay at their store or via their website. To do so, you’ll have to use a valid credit, debit, or EBT card. If you are in a physical store, you can also pay via cash or check. 

However, you can buy Walmart gift cards through a third party like CVS Pharmacy. This retailer accepts Apple Pay both in their store and through their website. CVS Pharmacy also accepts cash or checks and offers up to $35 cashback on your purchase.

Why Does Walmart Not Accept Apple Pay?

This multinational retail corporation has a few reasons for not accepting Apple Pay or other third-party wallets.

1. Personalized Marketing

Like many other retail corporations, Walmart sends you personalized recommendations and notifications based on your buying history. When you pay through their exclusive payment wallet, it allows them to capture all your customer data. This way, they can track your buying habits for personalized marketing purposes.

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2. Different Technologies

When it comes to contactless payments, multiple vendors use two different technologies. Apple Pay uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) payment method. While Walmart supports a QR-based technology to carry out a touch-free checkout. 

3. Transaction Fees

When any retail organization partners with a third-party payment wallet, they have to pay a percentage of transaction fees on every purchase. Walmart saves around 1.5% of the processing fee charged per transaction using Walmart Pay instead.

Paying With Walmart Pay at Walmart

Walmart offers an exclusive Walmart Pay application that you can download on either your iPhone or any android device. You can use this contactless payment method to pay at their website, register, or the self-checkout center. 

All you have to do is download the Walmart app on iPhone from the App store. You can link your credit, debit card, or Walmart gift card to the application and make instant, contactless purchases at this multinational retail corporation.

How Does Walmart Pay Work?

The Walmart Pay application was created by the retail corporation for a seamless checkout process for their customers every time they shop at the Walmart stores or via their website. The application accepts all types of cards and gift cards.

Unlike Apple Pay, Walmart Pay creates a unique QR code that you can scan through your phone camera and instantly make the payment. The application allows you to protect your card details using a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. 

How to Use Walmart Pay on Your iPhone?

Once you have downloaded their application from the AppStore, you need to set it up by adding your mobile number, unique pin, or a touch ID. You can now link your credit or debit card to the Walmart Pay app. And you can also add more than one card or the store gift card and choose your preferred payment method.

Once you’ve set up your Walmart Pay app, you can quickly pay using your iPhone via their website or any Walmart store. 

  1. Visit a physical Walmart store or log in to their official website. Add all the items you need to your cart and move to the checkout section.
  2. If you are visiting a physical store, you can either go to the register or pay through the self-checkout kiosks. 
  3. Once the bill is generated, you receive a QR code displayed on the machine or the cashier.
  4. Open the Walmart Pay app on your device and use the phone’s camera to scan the QR code displayed. After scanning, your payment is processed automatically via your preferred payment option. You will receive a notification on your phone once your payment has been successful.
  5. Walmart will send your receipts directly to your registered email or mobile number.
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Does Walmart Gas Station Accept Walmart Pay?

You can pay your gas bill at any Walmart Gas Station using Walmart pay on your iPhone or Android. Additionally, all the participating gas stations also offer a 5 cent cashback at every gallon your purchase. Here is how you can use Walmart pay to settle your gas bills.

  1. Using your Walmart’s fuel app, look for any participating fuel stations near you.
  2. Once you are at the gas station, open your Walmart Pay app, and scan the QR code displayed over the pump screen.
  3. Your payment gets deducted automatically from your preferred payment method. Once your transaction is successful, you will hear a chime sound.
  4. Select your grade of gas and start fueling up your vehicle at a discounted price. You get five cents cashback at every gallon you purchase using Walmart or Murphy gas stations and Sam’s club fuel centers.

Does Apple Watch Support Walmart Pay?

Your Apple Watch does not support Walmart Pay and cannot be used to settle your bills either at the store or on their website. However, Walmart is now testing a separate application that they built exclusively for smartwatches

This app, which is now in the beta testing stage, is an extension of its original app. And it is currently available through Apple’s AppStore and the Google Play Store. This makes it easier for their customers to pay directly using their Apple watches. This way, they don’t have to reach into their pockets to use their iPhones.

Will Walmart Ever Accept Apple Pay?

Walmart has not given any official statement regarding this matter. That said, the retail organization will likely never accept Apple Pay at their stores, websites, or gas stations. It seems Walmart prefers to promote their mobile wallet and avoid the higher transaction fees associated with Apple Pay payments.