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5 Good Reasons for a Busy Entrepreneur To Hire a Personal Assistant

Almost all entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t have a personal assistant helping them pull the strings, with many considering them a waste of time and money. But being an entrepreneur and running your own small business can be very demanding at times, weighing you down when you could have someone to pick you up. 

So, with that being said, here are 5 good reasons for a busy entrepreneur to hire a personal assistant.

1. Improve Time Management and Efficiency

Some small tasks may be simple work but they can eat up a lot of your valuable time, therefore an assistant can help you keep track of business meetings and make sure there aren’t any double bookings or other time-consuming activities taking up your time.

They keep you on schedule and manage your workload by completing and organising smaller tasks for you. This could include anything from printing out to organising meetings.

Whether you work from home or in serviced offices, a personal assistant could be of huge benefit to any entrepreneur, especially if you’re busy. The personal assistant is now responsible for smoothly running the technical and support staff.

Any hiccups are presented to the personal assistant as the business owner is the last option. Sometimes, the personal assistant will also approve vacancies and conduct interviews too.

2. Help With Communications

Communication is key for any business entrepreneur, and there are many communication channels you may have to take care of as a busy entrepreneur: answering the phone, responding to emails, and replying to texts.

Inboxes can seem constantly overflowing with invoices and responses from clients, and your phone may seem to never stop ringing. Having your assistant take care of calls and email responses while you’re doing other duties can save you a lot of time for productivity. 

The personal assistant guides you to where you want should be. They know your schedule by heart and can also arrange for prompt transportation services. A personal assistant ensures you never miss an important meeting. The best part is they can make excuses when you are late to special events. 

3. Increase Productivity Significantly

Though it seems rather obvious, by hiring a personal assistant to handle and manage your daily duties, you will allow yourself much more spare time to focus on other tasks or even more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Simply having an extra pair of hands will allow you to work more productively and get more done. This will allow you to put more focus on the things that need practising rather than wasting your time on smaller tasks that could be done by someone else.

A personal assistant is an agent to the company owner. You can trust them to answer critical emails. Since they understand how you do things, they will mimic your actions. Lastly, you do not need to write memos and search for important files. Focus on the business’s core operations to turn it into an economic success. 

4. Support the Growth of Your Business

Personal assistants are meant to help you expand and run your business by allowing you to use them as and when you need them for a range of different tasks and responsibilities.

Having an assistant help when you need them makes them an excellent resource for assisting the growth of your company. It could be beneficial to develop a long-term strategy for how you plan to use your personal assistant before hiring them to guarantee that they can help support your business growth to the very best. 

The training offered may factor in experience and qualification. However, practical experience must be a necessary requirement. The business owner can let the new assistant shadow the previous assistant to learn about the operations.

Over time, the personal assistant equips themselves with the relevant skills such as forwarding emails and managing the staff. 

5. Personal Life Balance

We’ve established that hiring a personal assistant can save you a lot of time to focus on other areas of your business while also allowing you more room for productivity, but it also gives you extra time to balance your personal life and have peace of mind outside of office hours, as an assistant can assure everything is taken good care of.

Building a business empire is not worth losing your family over. Therefore, a personal assistant acts as a de-facto family member. They can send a gift to your significant other and update you about the children. They will remember all the special dates, so you don’t have to!

Final Thoughts

Overall, having an assistant allows you to ensure that a variety of tasks in your business are carried out, and that your business is kept under control, without having to sacrifice your own valuable time to do so.