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6 Great Tips On How To Design Your Company’s Logo

Designing a company logo is a task that most entrepreneurs have to do at some point in their careers.  In order to entice customers, a logo needs to be memorable and represent the company’s mission. This is not an easy task. Most entrepreneurs require help from a good graphic designer or a professional who has experience with logos. 

Company logo is what the consumer automatically associates with your brand, whether it is for a web-based company or brick and mortar shop. There are six great tips that one can follow in order to design the perfect logo for their company.

You need a logo so that consumers have an image of your company in their heads when they are thinking about you.

For example, when thinking back to my university days, this reminds me of all the advertisements for certain clothes shops, because these ads had logos on them, and this is why those specific clothes shops were patronized its called visual branding.

By understanding why you need a logo you can design one that suits your company, and you will know not to design one that doesn’t suit your company.

Define Your Brand Identity

First and foremost, it is important to understand that a logo isn’t just a pretty design or some type of graphic that you can find online nowadays. A logo is an expression of your company’s identity and should portray the qualities and values of the company. 

However, before starting on the design of your logo, you need to define your company’s brand identity. Decide what it is that makes your business special or unique in relation to its competitors.

What is the one thing that makes your brand tick? To get a good idea of what branding is, you can check out the branding & logo design from Red Kite’s expert designers to help you decide what values and qualities you should portray in your logo.


For example, many companies use their name as a starting point for developing the branding elements because it represents them well, making it easy to create a visual representation of the brand along with it. 

In other scenarios, however, there are some businesses that may want to leave the name out of the logo as they might feel that it is already too well-known and recognized, making a separate logo better suited for their needs.

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The logo you choose should relate to your industry. For example, if you are in the medical field, find a graphic that relates to health or medicine instead of something cute and colorful.

Do not use too much color: Limit yourself to just two colors when using a logo design. Solid shapes are very powerful in logos because they can be used even in black and white printing. This is because the shapes will stand out in either color or black and white. 

Make sure your logo design can be easily seen. The logo you choose should be simple enough that everyone knows what it means even when just seeing it from a small size.

This usually means keeping colors to just two colors, but there are exceptions to that rule. Try not to get an overly complicated logo because then people won’t be able to recognize it and this defeats the purpose of having a logo. You can make your original logo design using logo creator online.

Pay Attention To Color

A common mistake in designing logos is that they are often overly complicated by too many colors. When you’re attempting to convey a message in simplicity, like the name of your business, for example, it’s usually best to stick with one or two color schemes max.

If you aren’t sure whether your logo survives on black and white, test it out. If the text is readable, then it’s good to go. If your company offers different services and must be represented in several ways, you could try using one color for each service. This way, when people see certain colors they will immediately start associating them with your business. 

For example: Blue – water or finance institution, Green – a veterinary clinic, Red – a firehouse Black and white – an event planning company. Avoid clashing or too many effects.

Pick The Right Typography

The first thing you will want to consider is the type of font you’ll be using. There are a number of things to take into consideration when deciding on a type of font for your company logo. 

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The list below should give some guidance as to what fonts may work well with your new logo: – Sans serif fonts that express simplicity and minimalism: 

– Serif fonts that express depth and sophistication while not taking away from the impact of your logo. 

– Script fonts can give a personal and professional feeling to your logo, however, they should only be used if you are sure about what type of script font it is because if it’s not done well, then it will take away from the impact of your logo 

– Decorative fonts are perfect for logos that want to express creativity, expression, and originality. But these fonts should only be used if you are well versed in graphic design because they can take away from the impact of your logo if done incorrectly.

Communicate With Your Designer

When you decide to hire a graphic designer, communicate with them. There are companies that have the time and money to give their designer free rein on any project they choose, but most of us will want some input.

If you’re looking for specific colors or ideas, say so before your project starts; if not, make sure they understand their job is to give you something that will represent your company, not just something pretty.

During the design process, your designer might ask you questions about what you’re hoping for in your final logo design. This is totally normal and should be considered part of their job.

The recent design of your company’s logo is the representation of your business in today’s market. A great way to stay ahead of the competition is to use a trustworthy and professional logo designer,  who knows how to create an image that will capture people’s attention and stand out from the rest.

Whether your business is large or small, the investment you put into your logo will be well worth it by having a positive impact on sales.