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How Do Good Photos Impact Your Rental Property Advertising

Expert marketers tell you that the key to attracting a new customer. If that’s the answer, nothing tells a better story than a fantastic picture. As a property owner striving to pay your bills, build your portfolio, and save for retirement, minimizing vacancies should be your priority.

And while polishing your customer service and installing upgrades that make your kitchen pop can work wonders, you still need to draw people in with an unforgettable first impression. 

How do good photos impact your rental property advertising? Are you looking for professional photography tips to level up your brand image? Then, continue reading till the end to learn the importance of and how to create a picture-perfect rental ad. 

How Do Good Photos Impact Your Rental Property Advertising 

1. Your Rental Listing Looks More Appealing

Whether you intend to use traditional or social media photos, always give your rental a more appealing allure. Even if your property is in a highly sort after neighborhood, you’ll attract more potential tenants if they get a sample of what the property looks like.

Of course, the more attractive your photos are, the more leads you’ll get. You can hire a comprehensive property manager to prepare your rental before listing them online.

Remember, a picturesque image of a homely kitchen or a beautiful curb can sway visitors to send an application before they even see the place physically.

2. It Improves Your SEO

Another benefit of good photos is that they improve your SEO. Websites and social media posts often get peddled to more viewers when many people like them.

Whether or not people are searching for a home, a lovely picture will get a thumbs up, increasing the chances of potential renters seeing your ad.

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Since most house searchers start shopping online, you have a significant following and a high SEO rating you could put in front of your new renters. 

3. It Reduces Your Vacancy Rates

As we highlighted earlier, great photos appeal more to prospective renters. More views mean more viewers, which improves your chances of finding a quality tenant to start paying rent.

Thus, a great photo can help keep your vacancy rates low and your income flowing. Hence, a good picture can also save money lost on paying bills for empty units. 

4. You Can Reuse Good Photos

Another perk of investing in good photos is that they’re reusable. If you own multiple units on the same lot that look identical, you can use a single shot from one apartment to attract more visitors.

Also, if a tenant moves out before you make any significant changes, you can always use the pictures in your next rental property advertising. 

3 Real Estate Photography Tips

1. Leverage Great Lightning

One of the best real estate photography tips to have handy is leveraging natural lightning. Sure, you can brighten a photo while editing, but even professional photographers would instead use natural or artificial lighting during the shoot.

An adequately illuminated room makes your image pop and reduces the stress of editing it later. 

2. Take Shots From Corners

If you’re trying to get the perfect shot of your space, then make corners your friend. These spots are the best location to capture as much of the room in a single photo.

It also makes the room feel bigger and reduces the chances of distorting the image. Although, if you want the best angles and images, investing in an expert photographer might be worthwhile. 

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3. Put Everything In Order

Finally, before taking a photo of your property, look around the room. Regardless of how sharp your phone or professional camera is, it won’t fix a messy room. Thus, before you even start considering angles and lightning, consider the state of your space.

Are the floors clean? Are there dirty dishes in the sink? If you take the time to spruce up and arrange the rooms before your shoot, your final result will look much more put together. 


Pictures say a thousand words, and your rental ads should do too. Excellent copy has its place in advertising, but a great shot pulls your audience in to listen.

In addition, good photos increase the ROI of your marketing strategies by making your rental listing more appealing, attracting more potential tenants, and reducing your vacancies.

Besides, if you’re apprehensive about calling professional help, you can take solace in that good photos are reusable. 

It would help if you worked with as much natural light as possible for a great picture. Also, angles from corners are often better than head-on. Finally, remember to dress up your rental before you hit click. 

If you find this process overwhelming, you’re not alone. Many investors seek a professional property management company to help with these tasks and more to promote their rental business.