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How To Become An Esthetician In Texas

If you’re a Texan who’s passionate about skincare, then you may want to know how to become and esthetician in Texas. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

The first step to become an esthetician in Texas is to find a reputable esthetician school. You’ll need to complete a course of at least 750 hours training before you can take the Esthetician Specialty License exam. Once you’ve passed the practical and written license exams, you’ll receive your esthetician license. After that, you’ll need to renew your license every two years.

But there are a few more details to consider with this process. Such as how to find an accredited school and program. What your Esthetician Specialty License exam will entail. And the options available to you once you’ve obtained your license. 

Hold tight because we’re about to dive into this and so much more.

Crucial Steps to Become an Esthetician in Texas

Step 1: Find an Accredited Esthetician Program

It’s vital that you apply for a course that’s approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR). If not, you won’t qualify to take the final licensure exam even if you’ve completed the course.

One of the key elements associated with a reputable esthetician training program is that it comprises both theoretical and practical studies. And it must provide students with a minimum of 750 hours of training, as per the commission’s requirements. And this typically takes between six and nine months to complete.

The course’s curriculum should cover everything from physiology, chemistry, and management to health and safety, color psychology, nutrition, and more. The essential treatments and procedures taught should include application of makeup, hair removal, aromatherapy, and various facial treatments.

You’ll also learn first aid, proper sanitation, how to work with electrical equipment, and the state laws for estheticians. 

Step 2: Apply to Take the Esthetician Specialty License Exam

The next step is to send in your application to take the official esthetician license exam. To become an esthetician in Texan, you’ll be required to complete the Cosmetology License by Examination application form. 

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll need to submit it to the TDLR along with an application fee of $50. Applicants should note that to apply successfully, you cannot be younger than 17 years old. And you must have graduated from high school or have a similar qualification.

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If your esthetician license exam application is successful, you’ll receive an email from the TDLR in confirmation. They’ll also email you all the details you’ll need for the exam, including the date and location.

Note that you’ll essentially be taking two exams. The first will be your written exam and that will cost you $50 to take. If you’ve passed your written exam, you can make a booking to complete the practical exam which will cost an additional $72.

The duration of each exam is 115 minutes, and you must score 70% or more to pass the exam.

Step 3: Sit For the Esthetician Specialty License Exam

The Written Exam

Your written exam will be done on a computer at the PSI test center or remotely from your own PC. But it’s crucial to note that this is a closed book exam, so, there will be a moderator either way. Should you take your test remotely, you’ll be watched through your webcam but a proctor during the exam.

The Practical Exam

Not all the PSI centers in Texas have the facilities to run the practical exam. So, you’ll need to book at a site that has the infrastructure for the practical exam. These would be the Midland, Houston (Northwest), Amarillo, San Antonio, Austin, and McAllen PSI test centers.

Getting ready for your practical exam will take some preparation. And you should know that you’ll be responsible for bringing all your own supplies to carry out the various procedures. You’ll also need to label certain items clearly in English. 

The requirements are listed on the candidate information bulletin form on the PSI website.  

Step 4: Obtain a Specialization Certificate

While this is not a necessity, enhancing your qualifications is beneficial when looking to become an esthetician in Texas. This is because the Texas Commission makes a point of recognizing these and getting one will increase your job prospects.

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Specialty certifications exist for hair braiding and weaving, wigs, and eyelash extensions. And each requires a certain amount of additional training hours to be completed before you can obtain your certificate.

Step 5: Find Work as an Esthetician

The most common occupations involve working at a salon, spa, or medical spa and carrying out various treatments. These treatments include waxing, facials, chemical peels, eyebrow tints, laser hair removal, and makeup application to name a few. 

Estheticians also often work with medical practitioners as part of their support team. Here they may assist dermatologists and plastic surgeons. And they’re responsible for carrying out specialist treatments.

There are numerous job opportunities if you become an esthetician in Texas. In fact, it is believed that the industry will grow by at least 20% between 2022 and 2026. Which will result in more jobs for licensed estheticians.

As a practicing esthetician, you can expect to earn approximately $16,500 per year in an entry level position. And you could move up to earn about $22,000 per annum with some experience. More experienced estheticians earn an average of $54,000 or more per year.

Step 6: Renew Your Esthetician License

The training and licensing doesn’t end after you’ve become an esthetician in Texas. You’ll need to renew your esthetician license every two years from your date of examination to practice legally in Texas. 

Additional training at a minimum of one hour for sanitation and 3 hours of treatment practice is required for renewal. And the renewal fee will cost you $50.


Granted, becoming an esthetician in Texas is a process. But with a good school and optimal dedication, you could be licensed and practicing within a year. 

There are plenty of open positions in the esthetician field in Texas. However, doing a specialist course will be to your advantage. Specializing in a certain area will give you experience and make you an expert in that type of treatment. And this experience could be leveraged to source better job opportunities and high salaries in the future.