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How To Get Your Stripping License

When considering becoming a stripper, you should know how to get a stripping license. There are no specific higher education requirements to become a stripper. However, while there are few to no requirements to become a stripper, you must get a stripping license. 

Getting a stripping license can be lengthy process. First, submit the necessary documents to show your eligibility. Then, fill in the application, pay the required fees, and deliver it to your state office. The eligibility, license requirements, regulations, and price vary by state. Note that you’ll need a separate stripper license for each venue.

The primary requirement for applying for a stripping license is that you be of legal age. This means that you must be 18 years old or older to apply for a stripping license in most states. 

Furthermore, a few states have different stripping laws with higher minimum ages. For example, you must be 21 in some states to get a stripping license.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of how to get a stripping license. To ensure you’re familiar with the requirements and the process.

What Are the Fees Involved 

You are required to pay for the stripping license upfront in full. However, the fee varies by state, so check with your state or local license authority.

First, you must pay $20 for a background check and fingerprinting. If you pass the background check, you must pay an additional $50 processing fee. When your application has been approved, you must pay $200 for the license. 

You can pay with cash, a check, a debit order or a credit card. So, in total, you’d have to pay the state $270. Some states impose a higher fee, while others do not.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Stripping License

Stripping can be profitable in a variety of ways. But this should be dictated by your individual preferences. You must first decide what type of stripper job you want before beginning the application process.

Because the requirements will also be determined by this. The most common stripping type is an erotic stripper in a strip club. 

Your job location will affect the application process and where you need to apply. It will determine license requirements and even the fees. Therefore, ensure that you know where you want to work.

How to Get a Stripping License Step By Step

Getting a stripping license can be tedious, and patience is vital. There are critical points to note. Proper documents can make or break your application. 

The application process can be complicated because it’s intended to be thorough, and it is slightly different in every state. So, find out from the agency or your local regulatory body to determine what the procedure is for the states in which you plan to work. Here is the typical process for a stripping license application.

What Documentation Is Required 

To qualify for approval for a stripping license, you’ll need to submit some documents. The requirements differ between the states. But we’ll cover what you’ll typically need to get a stripping license and have it approved.  

A notarized copy of the SAVE affidavit should be obtained. You’ll also need to complete a couple of forms, including the application and criminal history forms. 

You will also be required to show proof of identification (e.g., a certified copy of your ID, Birth certificate, or driver’s license). After the documents are submitted, the committee will review everything and determine your eligibility and approval.

Clearance Check 

The second step in the process is a background check. The background check ensures that you do not have any pending arrests or criminal charges against you.

Bear in mind that your application will be denied if you do not pass the background check. As a result, you cannot get a stripping license. You should also know that you qualify to receive a refund for any payments you’ve made.

Submit Application 

Before submitting your application, ensure that you’ve included all the required forms, information, and supporting documents. Once you have everything ready, send your application via email or submit via traditional mail.

All required documents must be submitted for a stripping license to be approved. You must also pass the background check. It will take approximately two days after you submit your application for your license to be issued.

Key Takeaways

Many people choose the profession to increase their income. To protect strippers and clients, most states require a stripping license.

Unforeseen issues can complicate the process of getting a stripping license. However, multiple resources are available to help you in making the process easier.

Most importantly, you should know that it can take longer depending on the state. Some states issue licenses valid for two years rather than just one.

With so much legal information to know, it’s a good idea to consult a lawyer before starting a box truck business. Conducting thorough research from the onset can prevent any potential difficulties later on.