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How To Prevent Eye Damage From Phones

If eyes have started itching when staring at your phone, knowing how to prevent eye damage from phones cannot be overlooked. On average people look at the screen on their phones for just over 3 hours every day. Therefore, establishing measures to keep your eyes safe from cellphone damage is more critical than before.

So, how do you prevent mobile phone eye damage? First, make sure you blink often when using your phone and adjust the screen’s brightness, text, and contrast. Also, take breaks when using your phone and ensure that your screen isn’t dirty. And keep your screen at a safe distance, wear blue light glasses, and minimize your screen’s glare.

Effects of Phone on Your Eyes

Research shows that the cornea and the lens do not block the blue light produced by smartphones. As a result, the eyes become itchy, tired, and dry. Besides, you could experience headaches and distorted vision. This is dangerous to the eyes and retina, causing macular degeneration.   

The damage caused by staring at your smartphone for long hours is long-term. Therefore, it would be best to prevent it than to treat it.

9 Tips to Prevent Mobile Phone Eye Damage

You can easily forget to blink when you are using your smartphone. Mostly, you will blink three times less than usual when on your phone. As a result, you deny your eyes protective tears that keep them wet.

Therefore, it is crucial to blink often for more than a second when on your phone. Remembering to blink around 10 times every 20 minutes will help. Blinking maintains an optimal level of moisture and helps to prevent dry eyes and irritation. It also allows your eyes a chance to readjust their focus.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

When your screen’s brightness is too bright or dark, it stresses out your eyes and can lead to maintaining focus problems. Your screen’s brightness should be at the same level as that of the lighting in your environment.

Adjusting the brightness of your screen to save your eyes is quick and easy. Therefore, ensure that you make the necessary adjustments depending on your environment to keep your eyes healthy.

Take Breaks

Do you take a break from your phone’s screen, or do you stare at it throughout? If you use it to do tasks like reading web content that takes hours, it is essential to take breaks.

Apply the 20-20-20 rule to prevent mobile phone eye damage. In essence, you should cast your eyes away from your phone’s screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds as you look at an object 20 feet away. Besides, you can take a break from the phone and walk around or do an activity. It helps to relax your eyes and your body as a whole.

Keep your Phone’s Screen Clean

Keeping your smartphones clean protects your eyes from damage. When the screen has dust, grime, or fingerprints, you will strain your eyes to see, thus affecting them.

Therefore, wipe the screen routinely with a dry clean cloth. It removes the distractors such as smudges and dust. As a result, the screen will be clear for you to read without hassle.

Adjust the Text Size and Contrast

Almost everyone keeps everything on their phones, from calendar appointments to banking. Hence you will be looking on your phone almost 150 times a day. If you don’t take better care when using your phone, your eyes can develop issues such as soreness. Unless you take preventive measures such as adjusting the text size and contrast.

Ensure that the texts on your phone’s screen are easily legible without you having to strain your eyes. You only need to navigate your phone’s settings and get the appropriate text size and contrast. As a result, you can read your emails and web content easily.

Keep a Distance

Many will often have their screens right in front of their faces. But are you aware that you are causing harm to your eyes when using your phone this way?

Using your phone when it is 16 to 18 inches from your eyes is good. It helps protect your eyes when you spend a long time on your phone. Keeping it farther away can feel funny at first, but you will get used over time and prevent mobile phone eye damage.

Put on Blue Light Glasses

Smartphone screens produce blue light, which the cornea and eye lens cannot block. The light damages the eyes if it is not controlled.

You can buy blue light glasses to manage the effects of the blue light on your eyes. The special glasses are not expensive and are readily available.

Have the Adequate Lighting

Most people like to use their phones in complete darkness, which is dangerous to the eye. When you are in a dark environment, make sure to lower the screen’s brightness as much as possible.

You can have the appropriate lighting by using a bedside lamp. Finally, you can also switch your phone to Night Light or Dark Mode. It helps to have a safe brightness for your eyes.

Minimize the Screen Glare

If your smartphone does not have an anti-glare, you could be struggling with an irritating reflective glare that can damage your eyes. You can minimize the screen’s glare by purchasing an anti-glare or using a matte screen protector film.

These protective items are easy to find on online shopping platforms or mobile service providers. Besides, the anti-glare is affordable and easy to fix as you will only need to slap it on your phone’s screen. It also guards against distracting fingerprints.


Since you cannot keep away from your phone, understand how to prevent eye damage from phones. Mechanisms such as often blinking, taking breaks, and adjusting the screen’s brightness when using your phone keep your eyes out of damage. 

You can implement these simple tips every day as you scroll through your phone for hours. However, if your eyes have started to become itchy and sore after using your phone, kindly contact an eye specialist to prevent further damage.