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Places That Take Apple Pay

As an Apple user, you may find it exciting that several places take Apple Pay. However, the hard part comes when trying to find these places around you. How can you locate the places that accept Apple Pay, especially when that’s your only available payment option?

You can use Apple Pay in numerous countries, including the US, China, Japan, UK, and Canada. Apple is still working on extending this service to places like France, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Spain, and more.

Use the Maps app to discover vendors equipped to take Apple Pay. Search for the location and check the “More Info” section for the Apple Pay logo.

This article will help you determine the places that take Apple Pay around you. It’s the ultimate guide for iOS users who have set up their Apple Pay and are ready to harness its features.

Where Can I Use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted by over 85% of US merchants. Its availability has begun to grow in other nations as well. 

In the UK, China, Japan, and Canada, there are plenty of stores that accept Apple Pay. You can easily make in-store payments at participating banks and credit unions. Apple aims to integrate its service more in parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia among other places.

Also, Apple Pay may be used to buy iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple Books, among other Apple products. App Store purchases made with Apple Pay are also supported. 

This contactless payment option can also be used in some systems and apps to pay for public transportation. Transportation systems in some major US cities, like New York and Chicago, are equipped to accept this type of payment. It’s also being rolled out in Europe, Asia, and Canada.

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Furthermore, it may be used to make donations to many different organizations. Apple Pay is accepted by the vast majority of stores, both online and off.

Discover Places That Take Apple Pay Near You

You can’t possibly list out all the stores that accept Apple Pay. Hence, let’s just focus on finding stores that accept it around you. There’s a way to do this with your smartphone, as outlined below:

1. Open Maps

Launch the application known as “Maps” on your device.

2. Use The Search Command

Enter the name of the place you’re searching for in the search box provided for you. Click on “Location” once that is done.

3. Check More Info

When the selected location loads, swipe up to allow the application to load additional information about your location.

4. Look Out For The Logo

Among the additional information, you’ll find the hours and Yelp reviews. Look below them under the sub-heading “Good to Know”. Find the Apple Pay logo or the words “accepts Apple Pay” here.

If there is, then the location supports Apple Pay. On the other hand, it either does not support it or has not yet been updated.

If you want to know if a local shop or restaurant accepts Apple Pay, this is a great way to do so. Know that there are also applications dedicated to finding locations that accept Apple Pay. However, many of them are inaccurate and inconsistent.


It’s good news that iOS users have this dedicated payment platform available. Enjoy Apple’s seamless and smooth transactions once you’ve identified the locations that accept Apple Pay.