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Small Gestures With A Big Impact You Can Do For Your Retiring Boss

So, that person you’ve run to for years on end whenever you have a job-related issue is finally taking the bench and stepping aside from “active duty”. Perhaps they’ve been your mentor or just a role model.

Maybe he or she has made a huge positive impact on your career life, or you can’t forget the several times they’ve been on your neck for turning up to work late.

Whichever the case, the reasons to appreciate a retiring boss are more than can be counted. And more often than not, it is the small gestures of appreciation that go a long way in making them feel appreciated after years of hard toil!

Wondering how to appreciate your boss in an impactful way without spending a lot, or struggling so much as they go into retirement?

If so, these small gestures are worth reading!

Small Yet Impactful Gestures for Retiring Bosses 

1. A Framed Photo of Your Boss and Their Team

If your boss is retiring, you will barely go wrong with sending them a framed photo of their ‘team’ taken during an outing together, in the field, or even in the office. You can give them a copy for their desk or for hanging in the hallway.

Since bosses will always be that – bosses, they’ll probably love seeing their close-knit team close by in retirement. And for good time’s sake, why not send it along with a letter of farewell as a token of appreciation?

2. A Flower Bouquet or A Live Plant 

Want to surprise your retiring boss with a small token of appreciation that doesn’t break your budget? If that’s the case, you will probably get a ton loads of great suggestions and ideas online. 

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But for many reasons, plants and flowers are among the best and safest of all these retirement gift ideas, more so if the retiree is your partner or someone close to you.

3. Personalized Retirement Message Card

This is another easy, yet impactful gesture you can do for your boss. Call it the medium of pen and paper!

Personalize a retirement card, thanking your boss for all they have done for you and your career. But don’t forget to get personal!

Send the message that you have looked up to them and valued their guidance for as long as you have known them. Nonetheless, you will want to avoid making the message so formal that your boss will read it over and over again. Keep it simple, friendly, and to the point.

4. A Customized Mug or Glasses

Appreciating your retiring boss often means letting them know how important they have been to your daily work life. It could be as simple as providing mentorship, moral support, financial support; or just making your work life feel comfortable, especially during that morning cup of coffee.

And one perfect way to express such gratitude is through a personalized gift, such as a customized mug or wine glass. 

Besides glasses or coffee mugs, other things you can customize and send as gifts for a retiring boss include:

  • A tie
  • A personalized cookbook
  • A set of hand towels
  • A CD collection (retirees will likely love vintage gifts)
  • A custom trinket or locket

5. A Retirement Party

Whether you organize alone or do it as a group, hosting a retirement party for your boss can be the perfect way to say thank you to him. 

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During the party, you can arrange to talk about their years of contribution to the firm and how much you appreciate what he/she has done to the company and the impact they’ve had on you as an individual.

This also presents an opportunity for the boss to thank the employees. And for what it’s worth, you could consider asking staff members to stand up, share their stories, and be specific in their praise of the retiree.

The main idea is to show your boss how each one of you is happy for them, and the things he/she has achieved, as well as the input they have had on your career lives.

As you can see, there are so many ways to make a boss feel appreciated as they go into retirement. And in most of them, you don’t even have to spend much or spend a few bucks. Especially if he has been working with a freelance team and you’re one of them, the ones that require a little more effort usually require you to step out of your comfort zone and go the extra mile.