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How Technology Has Made Communications Safer!

As technology advances, safety and security needs to match its pace to ensure that it’s able to protect data. There are many ways that technology has made communication safer for the workplace, with safe collaboration and enhanced firewalls being just a couple of examples.

One aspect that’s benefited the most is communication, and this crucial part of every workday has massively evolved over time. So, if you’re interest in how technology has made communication safer, keep reading… 

Protect Sensitive Data

If you think about how many times a day you process or deal with sensitive data, there are plenty of opportunities for hackers to try and steal it. It could be something as simple as trying to send a file to a colleague that contains sensitive information.

However, if the email address is incorrect just by one letter, it could result in a data breach at best, and someone’s details being stolen and sold at worst. Both of these scenarios need to be avoided, and that’s where technology comes in.

Keeping data fully protected through encryption and secure cloud platforms is one of the best ways you can prevent any data leaks or theft. Instead of having to send an email with a document attached, new technology allows you to share a secure file with someone, and they’ll only be able to open it if they have access to the network.

This will greatly reduce the chances of it falling into the wrong hands and keep the data where it should be. This also makes communication with your colleagues easier too, as they can simply view a shared file without having to search through emails or try and ensure they then save it somewhere secure.

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The cloud platform will do it all for you, so it’s one of the best tools technology has produced that’s made communication safer. 

Reduces Margin For Error

We’re all victims of human error and it’s impossible to avoid completely. However, you can greatly reduce the risk of it happening by means of automation and secure platforms.

Instead of having to manually type an email address, you can simply search your secure work network and select the right person. This will ensure that the email is definitely being sent to the right person and isn’t going to end up going somewhere else because you spelt it wrong.

It’s particularly useful if there are more than one colleagues with the same name. You could easily send it to the wrong one, and although you may think it’s fine because it’s stayed within the business, you might still be sending it to someone who shouldn’t have access to the data.

By using technology to automate parts of your workplace communication, you’re drastically cutting down the margin for error and ensuring everything is distributed safely. 

Stronger Security

You may find that things like passwords and access to files is something that you struggle to keep on top of when communicating with your colleagues. As you know, you should never share passwords to anything, so you might be wondering how you can communicate effectively about certain files without them.

But once again technology has found a solution! Making use of things like strong passwords, facial ID, and fingerprints allows you to only provide access to those who actually need it. Having preventative measures in place on files means that if you send a file to someone, then if it ends up with the wrong person, they won’t be able to access it anyway.

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Using things like secure platforms for your employees to communicate on will also help reduce any data breaches too. They’ll be able to speak openly about their work without having to worry that the information could be leaked somewhere it shouldn’t. 

Proof Of Identity

As well as passwords and stronger security, technology also allows you to ensure proof of identity within the workplace. This means that if you message a colleague on your secure platform, then you know that the message has been sent to that person, as they wouldn’t have an account set up if they weren’t employed at your place of work.

Being able to be certain that you’re talking to the correct person will also help you to speak freely to your colleagues without worrying that it’s an imposter. This will enhance your collaborations and enable you to discuss sensitive data while working together. 

Technology has made many great advancements in the workplace, with secure communications being one of the biggest improvements. If you find that you’re struggling to communicate openly with your colleague due to limitations of the older technology that you have, look into upgrading so that you can improve your communication.

Your business will thank you for it as you’ll be able to ensure all your data is kept safe and your risk of data breaches will drastically decrease. Improve your communication today with technology and you’ll soon see the difference.