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Target’s Net Worth – How Much Are They Worth In 2023?

As one of the most prominent retailers in the United States, many are interested in determining Target’s net worth. Knowing its net worth gives investors some insight into whether Target’s stock is a profitable investment.

At the end of the third quarter in 2021, the company’s net worth stands at approximately $13,8 billion. However, it’s essential to note that the company’s net worth is affected by the current stock share price. And, as a result, the value fluctuates daily as conditions in the market change. But calculating the net worth at any given time is a straightforward process.

Studying the net worth of a business gives you an indication of the overall financial health of that company. With this figure, one can gauge the company’s level of stability and profitability. And these are all factors that influence an investor’s decision when they consider buying stock in the company.

The Growth of Target

Target is a giant in the retail space and a household name across the US and other parts of the world. Target Corporation, then known as Dayton’s Company, opened its first discount store in Minneapolis in 1962. And the retailer has since expanded to over 1,900 locations across America. 

In 2020, the company was ranked 37th on a list of the highest-earning Fortune 500 companies in the US. That’s no small feat. That year Target’s total annual revenue stood at just over $78 billion. And it’s reported that this number has increased by almost 20% in 2021. A strong indication that the company is stable and growing each year.

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Calculating Target’s Net Worth

As mentioned, it’s relatively easy to determine its net worth. But you must ensure that you have recent and accurate figures on hand to do so. When you have access to the correct information, you’re able to determine the net worth of any company.

When calculating the net worth of the average business, you would need the value of the company’s current assets and liabilities. The net worth would be determined by subtracting the liabilities from the assets. However, this does not apply to companies that trade publicly or have multiple shareholders.

As it is a publicly-traded company, its net worth would equal its current book value of shareholder equity. In other words, it is the total value of the company’s shares minus its liabilities. Naturally, the book value changes as the stock price fluctuates. Therefore, it is not constant.

Bear in mind that the company’s market cap is the total gross value of shares and does not take liabilities into consideration. Market cap is, therefore, not the same as net worth.


Target currently has a net worth of $13,8 billion, in which we can deduce that the company is in excellent financial health. And it seems that after nearly 60 years, the company continues to increase its revenue each year. As a result, purchasing shares in Target may be a sound investment.