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What Sauces Does Wendy’s Have?

What sauces does Wendy’s have? Forget your regular mayo, ketchup, or mustard. Put those condiments aside. They may make your food taste good, but Wendy’s sauces will make it taste even better.

The sauces Wendy’s can turn your meal from pleasant to outstanding. There are 7 sauces for you to pair with chicken nuggets, burgers, sandwiches, and fries. They have ghost pepper ranch, buttermilk ranch, creamy sriracha, BBQ, honey mustard, cheddar cheese, and S’Awesome sauces. It’s clear that when enjoying a Wendy’s meal, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to their sauces.

There Is a Sauce for Every Wendy’s Meal

The fun part about Wendy’s is finding the best food and sauce pairings. We’ve worked hard to ensure you can pair Wendy’s sauces with any meal on their menu. Honey mustard sauce brings a wealth of flavor to fries. And you can’t afford to miss out on the taste of BBQ sauce on Baconator fries. 

Do you like their crispy chicken nuggets better with sweet and sour sauce, or would you rather have creamy sriracha? Of course, if you are a spice lover, Sriracha sauce may appeal to you more. Wendy’s burgers taste even better with rich, creamy ranch sauce prepared with the freshest herbs and real buttermilk. 

And for the cheese lovers, dipping your savory fries in gooey cheddar cheese sauce will take them to the next level. If sandwiches are your go-to snack, try having them with their S’Awesome sauce on Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwiches.

Wendy’s Has Sauces for Different Taste Buds

The sauces Wendy’s has can cater to any taste bud. Do you like your sauces creamy, savory, hot, smoky, or sweet? Their 7 unique Wendy sauces will blow your taste buds with their wealth of flavor.

Wendy’s smoky honey mustard sauces will appeal to anyone who loves that smoky BBQ flavor. While anyone who loves cheese will enjoy the taste of their cheddar cheese sauce.  

And if you are wondering, what sauces Wendy’s has that are rich and creamy? Their buttermilk ranch dressing is the answer. 

Pairing Wendy’s Sauces

But why have only one type of sauce when there are 7 Wendy’s sauces to choose from? The next time you order a meal from Wendy’s, try combining one or two sauces to create your own unique flavor. 

What sauces does Wendy’s have that you can pair? A little bit of creamy sriracha in buttermilk ranch dressing will give you that spicy kick. Or you could make it smoky by adding some BBQ sauce. Alternatively, try their new ghost pepper ranch sauce.

Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce

Wendy’s six original sauces have been there since they opened their franchises. And they keep on creating more amazing sauces for you to enjoy. Their customers asked for scorching hot sauce, and Wendy’s rolled out the Ghost pepper ranch sauce

Made of one of the hottest peppers you can find, Wendy’s Ghost pepper ranch will set your tongue on fire. You can have it with sandwiches, chicken nuggets, burgers, and seasoned potatoes. And if you feel it’s too hot, tone it down with their rich buttermilk ranch dressing. 

What Makes Wendy’s Sauces So Good?

Our signature Wendy’s sauces are made of natural ingredients to give you that incredible flavor you cannot find anywhere else. Wendy’s unique blend of chili, garlic, onion powder, and paprika make them deliciously different. They are the perfect finishing touch to fries, sandwiches, burgers, wings, and any other meal on their menu. 

Whatever your favorite meal is, they have a sauce to enhance it. Do you want to know what sauces Wendy’s has to satisfy your taste buds? They have a sauce for every meal. Order a Wendy’s meal from their mobile app and enjoy some of the sauces Wendy’s has with it.