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When Does Walmart Restock?

Enjoying fully stocked shelves and the freshest produce comes down to one question: When does Walmart restock? The last thing you want is to stroll into your local Walmart and discover that all the shelves are empty. It’s inconvenient and disappointing.

Compared to other retailers, Walmart stores have random restocking schedules. The fresh food department receives stock every day and associates restock before the store opens. Other items are restocked during the day or at night once customers leave. Walmart’s online products don’t restock as regularly as in-store. Various tools are available to find out when exactly a product is in stock.

This article covers everything you need to know about when Walmart restocks. This includes the factors that affect restocking and item-specific restocking schedules.

Factors That Affect When Walmart Restocks

Like any other retailer, specific factors influence when Walmart restocks. The demand for a product and the size of a Walmart store are some of these factors. 

Supply and Demand

The supply and demand of a product are significant factors influencing when Walmart restocks. Understanding this may clear up any confusion about Walmart’s restocking schedules.

Walmart associates restock products in high demand and of top priority sooner than slow-moving items. If a product isn’t selling quickly enough, you may find it takes a few days before it’s back on the shelves.

As for the supply of products, suppliers might not deliver products on time, especially during crises. This can affect the availability of inventory in Walmart’s distribution center. It’ll therefore influence when Walmart restocks in-store and online.

Store Location and Size

Large stores generally receive more inventory because they move enormous volumes of inventory. This means they get inventory every day of the week, with more than one truck arriving per day.

The opposite is the case for smaller stores. The inventory doesn’t turn over as frequently as with large stores. Therefore, they may restock only a few times a week.

For instance, general merchandise like jewelry may not sell as fast in a smaller Walmart store. Therefore, the items may not be restocked as frequently.

Produce and other perishables are delivered every day to replenish the shelves. So you won’t have to worry about getting fruits and vegetables of low quality at smaller Walmart stores. 

The distance of a store from the distribution center also affects when Walmart restocks. The farther away a store is, the longer it takes new inventory to arrive.

When Does Walmart Restock?

Walmart doesn’t have a companywide restock day like other retailers. Restocking occurs daily when inventory shipments arrive and when shelves need restocking.

In general, shelves are restocked at night. However, Walmart associates also restock during the day. We’ve broken down when Walmart associates restock a specific item you’re looking for below.

Restocking of In-store Products

Considering Walmart houses a wide range of products, each store has different restocking schedules. Often, associates restock throughout the day, so empty shelves don’t inconvenience customers. For certain items, restocking occurs when there’s low foot traffic.

Produce and Deli

Walmart stores receive a produce and deli shipment every day at around 5 am. Sometimes, stores receive two trucks every morning.

Associates restock perishables every day in the fresh foods department. Given fruits and vegetables must be fresh, these items are the top priority for restocking. They are also items in high demand and face shortages faster than others.

General Merchandise

General merchandise includes clothing, toys, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, and hardware. These items aren’t limited to a particular category and are non-edible.

Depending on the store, one to three trucks containing general merchandise arrive every day. Associates restock items in the late morning hours between 7 am and 1 pm.

Electronics and Gaming Consoles

There isn’t a fixed schedule for restocking electronics, unlike produce and deli. Walmart stores may restock from a shipment received that day or existing back stock. This usually occurs when the electronics department isn’t busy between 12 am and 7 am.

Gaming consoles are often in such high demand that customers buy them as soon as they hit the shelves. These items are restocked randomly when the stock arrives.

Therefore, setting up alerts is the best way to know when they’re in stock. You will usually get an alert in the afternoon or evening.

How to Check Walmart’s In-store Product Availability

Walmart gives customers the option to check when an item they need is back in stock. If you’ve been waiting for something, save yourself a trip and check availability instead.

You can call the customer care line. However, you may be on hold for some time. If you choose this method, ensure you have all the necessary information on hand about the product. This includes the UPC number, if possible.

Walmart’s online store can also provide information to you about product availability, including where to find the item. Alternatively, use the Search My Store feature on the Walmart mobile app. You’ll get detailed information, such as where exactly to find a product in-store.

Restocking of Online Products

Shopping online is convenient. That’s why many people choose it. However, items can go out of stock, and it may take days before they return.

Walmart’s online store doesn’t have a fixed restocking schedule like the physical stores. High-demand products receive top priority for restocking. However, they may take some time to arrive in stock because of various factors, such as size and weight.

The time to restock online not only depends on the product’s demand but also on your nearest warehouse, distributor, or store. When they receive stock, the online count is typically updated.

The good news is you don’t have to spend hours refreshing the webpage until an item comes back in stock. You can set up notifications.

How to Enable Walmart’s Restock Alerts

If there’s a specific product you’re waiting for, the best thing to do is set up restock alerts. Walmart allows you to do this with certain products. When the item comes back in stock, you’ll receive a notification.

Ensure you the snag item up as soon as possible rather than wait. There may be other customers waiting for the product as well.

Bottom Line

Knowing when Walmart restocks can save you time, money, and the inconvenience of finding empty shelves. While each store and product has unique restocking schedules, it’s possible to predict when exactly to go shopping.

In general, the ideal time to find restocked items is in the morning. This is because Walmart associates restock in the afternoon and at night.

The best way to know when an item will be restocked at your local store is to ask an associate. They will know when precisely what you’re looking for will arrive. That way, you won’t have to run from one Walmart store to another searching for an item.

Remember that restocking schedules may change during high-volume times, like holidays. When products sell faster, stores increase the delivery days to keep up with demand.