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4 Proven Ways To Bag 100s Of LinkedIn Connections

4 Proven Ways to Bag 100s of LinkedIn Connections

Unlike every other social platform, LinkedIn is the professional kid on the block.

It gives you all the opportunities to drive your business and career by connecting you with people in your niche. These people are called connections.

The more connections you have, the more are the chances of people finding you in the search results.

Today, we’ll discuss 4 proven ways you can apply to bag 100s of LinkedIn connections.

Complete Your Profile


LinkedIn is a job market. It connects people with other people who may have a mutual business interest. Hence, you must complete your profile.

How does it help with connections?

Say I’m a digital marketer, and you’re an SEO expert. If I find your profile and scroll through it.

Do you think I would send an invitation if your profile is incomplete?

Incomplete profiles create poor impressions, and people might take you as someone inexperienced or even fraud.

Here are some tips for your profile:

  • Profile photo: Use a professional profile photo in which you’re smiling. This’s important because your profile photo reveals a significant amount of information about you. People checking your profile will definitely turn to your display picture.
  • Headline: Write an compelling headline. Most people just write their job title, but it’s not enough to hook viewers. You’ve to make it attention grabbing.
  • About: Nobody cares what you did in your middle school. Employers want people who can stand out from the crowd. Hence, try to tell a story and bring life to your “about summary”.
  • Keywords: LinkedIn suggests profiles based on several factors and keyword is one of them. Hence, sprinkle your target keywords throughout your profile but don’t use them if it’s not relevant to the context.
  • Skills: LinkedIn lets you choose your skills from a list. This’s a great opportunity to let people know what you’re good at.
  • Verified badge: You can take quizzes on LinkedIn to assess your skills. After you pass them, you’ll receive a verified badge displaying your level of knowledge.
  • Finally, choose relevant interests, add education, contact details and display all your certifications.
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Publish Content


People are going to judge your knowledge based on the type of content you share.

Posting content is also a great way to attract connections. If people relevant to your niche find your content valuable, they might end up sending you invitations.

Here’re some points to help you create engaging content:

  • Use lots of high-quality images in your posts.
  • Post videos because they are more engaging than text or image-based content.
  • Create long form content to show your expertise on a topic.
  • Watch out for trends in your niche and create content around them to let people know you’re equipped with the latest news.
  • Repurpose your hit content into infographics, ebooks, Pdfs, videos and share them with a fresh approach.

Find Connections


How can you find your connections?

  • Advanced search: LinkedIn lets you find relevant connections through its advanced search feature. You can search by job title, industry, specific niche or keywords.
  • LIONs: LinkedIn open networkers are accounts that accept connections from random people. You can find them by typing “LION or Open networkers” in the search box.
  • Sync your contacts: LinkedIn advices to use your contacts to grow your network. You can import email addresses to the platform and send them invitations.
  • People who viewed your profile: Did you know? LinkedIn shows you who viewed your profile. You can use this to your advantage by sending them requests because people who viewed your profile are probably interested in you.
  • LinkedIn’s suggestions: LinkedIn suggests you profiles that you should add to your connections. These suggestions are based on your contacts, industry, current connections, and more.
  • Use your connections: Look out for the connections of your connections. They might be interested in you because you’re connected by the same profiles.
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Promote URL


Finally, you can find more connections by promoting your profile. Here’re some ways to help you:

  • Take part in relevant Facebook groups and share your profile URL.
  • You can add a LinkedIn icon to your website or blog to let people know about your LinkedIn presence.
  • Leverage your social handles to share your profile URL.
  • Take advantage of presentations, ebooks and guest posts to showcase your account.


There you go, 4 proven ways to bag 100s of LinkedIn connections. The idea is to complete your profile, share quality content, find the relevant connections and your promote profile URL to spread awareness about your presence.