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6 TikTok Mistakes You Should Avoid

With over one billion users in TikTok, it’s not surprising that many small businesses are now using it as a platform to advertise themselves. 

In fact, the social media channel is slowly turning into one of the most effective marketing strategies, especially for those who are targeting millennials and Gen Zs. 

Whether you’re just starting your own channel or you already have one, it’s crucial to know the most common mistakes that can hurt your business. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you figure out what they are. We don’t want you wasting your time and money for nothing!

Below, we’re sharing six mistakes many small businesses usually make on TikTok, causing them to produce unsatisfactory results and missing out on a lot of opportunities. Being aware of these faults means you won’t be committing them yourself, improving your odds of dominating the TikTok world.

With that in mind, here are the most common TikTok practices to stay away from:

1. Repurposing Content from Other Platforms

While this strategy has been quite successful on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we can’t say the same for TikTok. These three platforms allow you to create one graphic, resize it, and drop in somewhere else for similar results.

But on TikTok? Not really. 

Unfortunately, the types of content that work on other platforms are no longer working on TikTok. You’ll have to approach your content creation differently from the start. 

Any repurposed content on TikTok, especially those coming from Instagram, is considered as low-quality footage. The cultures of both platforms vary to a great extent, which means that what works on Instagram may not work on TikTok.

2. Not Being Fun & Upbeat

TikTok is meant to be a platform for fun and entertainment, so what’s the point of promoting your business there if you’re not going along with it? 

Just because you may be a serious brand doesn’t mean that you should also stick to posting formal and wooden content. That’s often the downfall of many businesses on TikTok. 

Remember, people on TikTok are all about having fun and laughter. You wouldn’t want to be a total buzzkill there by posting professional ads, would you? Post comedic-style content and you’ll win the hearts of your target audience in no time!

3. Overselling Your Product

73% of the Gen Z population prefer experiences over products. So, if you’re on TikTok just to simply market your product without any intention of selling the experience, you won’t be seeing any positive results from your efforts. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience – if you encounter a brand on TikTok that constantly posts about their products, would you feel good about it? Or will it only turn you off? 

Our guess is the latter! Nothing’s more annoying than getting bombarded with advertisements that solely focus on the products. Trust us, we know!

Your goal here is to highlight the lifestyle benefits your products can offer. Show your prospects how your products will make their lives much more convenient, and of course, do it in a way that will get them really excited.  

4. Not Posting as Frequently as You Should

Perhaps the most common mistake businesses of all sizes make on TikTok is not posting content frequently enough. Considering that things are moving quickly and new trends are emerging every now and then, it’s more than critical to post often. 

Posting once or twice a week is definitely a no-no. Nobody can exactly predict which videos will go viral, which is why posting as many videos as possible is what you should be doing in order to boost your chances of getting more viewership rates. 

Other marketers would even go as far as posting three videos in a day! Now that’s real dedication right there!

5. Not Collaborating with Influencers

A lot of small businesses don’t leverage influencers. What they don’t realize is that teaming up with these people can actually give them a boost in TikTok followers, and ultimately, sales. 


The answer is pretty simple: Influencers already have access to a social community that completely trusts them. 

Brands usually have a difficult time humanizing themselves and forming a relationship with TikTok users, whereas influencers can easily use their following to help brands narrate their story authentically. 

Of course, it should be a mutual partnership. The role of the brands here is to nurture the careers of their partners. That way, these influencers can keep creating quality content for their ever-growing audience.  

6. Not Taking Part in Hashtag Challenges

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have been using hashtags to gain more exposure – and now, TikTok has finally hopped on the bandwagon.

So, if hashtags aren’t your thing on TikTok, it’s time to make them one! 

Find the best hashtags for your niche by doing thorough research. Learn what your followers are typically looking for, or better yet, study your competitors and use similar hashtags they’re using. 

Don’t Make Any of These Mistakes!

Avoiding these mistakes will make a huge difference in your TikTok strategy. Many small businesses had to learn this the hard way, so consider yourself lucky that you’re well-aware of what not to do on TikTok. Good luck!