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How To Use TikTok To Market Your Online Store

TikTok has gained popularity since its inception in 2016. It came into existence when people were already using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, this hasn’t stopped it from gaining over 1 billion users. It’s famous because it primarily allows uploading and sharing of short videos, unlike others that deal mostly with images but also support videos.

So, using it as a marketing strategy for your online store gives you a competitive advantage over your rivals. In addition, TikTok enables you to reach a wide range of customers and talk to them at any time of the day. Also, with the launch of TikTok shopping and other marketing features, video continue to grow ranking for your brand. But note that getting to such masses requires time and effort.

With that in mind, here are seven ways to use TikTok to market your online store:

1. Use TikTok New Features

TikTok recently launched shopping features aimed at e-commerce sites. It has given entrepreneurs an easy way to reach customers quickly. You can use such to increase your sales.

You can also sell on TikTok without a third party because the platform enables you to do the marketing on your own.

Other helpful TikTok shopping features include:

  • Shopping links: You can have product links to your TikTok videos to lead viewers to your product page.

  • Collection ads: This adds product cards to your feed. It improves site traffic as well as promotes sales.

  • Dynamic showcase ads: This enables you to create different ads depending on the target market you’d like to reach.

  • Customized instant pages: You can make fast-loading landing pages to educate users more about your brand.

  • Lead generation ads: This assists you in collecting data of those into your goods via forms. Use the data to segment audiences and make targeted messaging for those you want to reach.
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There are many features Tik Tok has announced lately, all of which are advantageous to e-commerce users. So, consider looking into them and using them to reach many customers.

Also, you may want to use third-party TikTok tools to increase followers, schedule content, and analyze the performance of your campaigns, among other applications.

2. Create A TikTok Business Account

Before using TikTok as a business brand, you must create a business account first. You can do it in the following steps:

  • Get your mobile phone and download the TikTok app

  • After that, sign up for an account either using your email address or phone number

  • Create a username; either your name or a catchy and simple one for your online store

  • You can then upload a profile photo and start making videos about your product

  • You can follow those who are famous and convert them into followers

  • You can also link your account to your other social media platforms

3. Engage Your Audience

Statistics show that TikTok has a higher engagement rate with users than other social media platforms. Engagement includes views, likes, comments, shares, and follower counts.

With the availability of reliable TikTok downloaders, users can save interesting videos and watch them later, which means they can watch content about your product later on their mobile devices.

You can boost audience engagement through the following strategies:

  • Make your video content colorful by using emojis, which makes your users appreciate your fun side”
  • Make your content educational so your users can learn from you
  • Post content frequently
  • Use the Q&A feature to allow your followers to inquire about your product and brand
  • Reply to comments from your followers
  • Go live once in a while and engage your followers one-on-one

4. Create Converting Contents

Creating entertaining content has the power to drive many users to your online store. Even if they’re only scrolling through their feeds without an intention to visit your page, an exciting video may captivate their imagination and compel them to view your page and look at what you’re selling.

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So, don’t upload half-baked and dull content. Take time to create videos that can convert leads to customers. Use a high-end camera to produce exceptionally premium quality videos that resonate with current viewers’ standards.

Additionally, you can explain how using your product can solve the users’ problems in your video. In this sense, they’ll develop an emotional connection to your brand, which helps influence purchase decisions.

5. Follow Trends

The world wakes up to new trends every other day. Don’t be a spectator as events unfold. You’d also want to incorporate the latest song, dance trends, fashion, or viral challenges in your marketing videos. Your online audience will love you the more as you send a message that you’re up to date with what’s happening.

6. Leverage The Power Of Influencers

The use of influencer marketing is one of the most successful online marketing strategies. TikTok has many micro and macro influencers who you can request to mention your brand or products in their content. Indeed, many people are likely to trust the endorsements of the icons they follow on social media.


Using TikTok to market your online store enables you to reach a wide range of customers for your products. It’s all a matter of creating highly-engaging video content and using the available TikTok features to share content with your followers and convince them to be your customers.

If you don’t have the time to put all these into perspective, consider hiring an experienced social media marketer and see how your online store will skyrocket in sales and profits.