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How to Increase Your House Cleaning Sales without Lowering Prices

One way business owners try to win clients is by lowering prices below their competitors. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good move as, over time, the overheads shoot, and they cannot cater for them.

They also fail to turn a profit, not to mention working twice as hard to make the same amount of money they used to before lowering the prices.

If you have a house cleaning business such as house cleaning in Layton, ut, don’t go this route. 

Instead, try out other ways that will allow you to increase your sales without lowering your price. These ways include:

Show the Value of Your Service

Most customers can’t tell the difference between one cleaning company and the next, so they might think you are charging them too much when you mention your price.

Instead of lowering your prices, show your prospective customers how different your business is based on your service quality.

As you pitch your business, explain to the customers how you go about your cleaning, the process you follow, the equipment you use, and any other details that will put your business in good light.

To show how effective your cleaning is, have a couple of before and after photos. Also, remember to have these photos on your website.

If you are working with any reputable brand, don’t shy from mentioning them in your pitch, as this builds trust.

Offer Additional Cleaning Services

You don’t have to look for additional cleaning clients, as you can exploit the already available ones by providing additional services. 

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For example, besides providing house cleaning services, also offer carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor polishing, and any other specialized service.

The cool thing is that you don’t need to go out to find a new customer—you only need to mention the additional services you offer to the existing clients and bring on board those interested. 

Since the clients have already experienced your service and you have gained their trust, you will have an easy time converting them.

Set Up a Referral Program

If you look at most big brands, you will notice that they all have a referral program. And there is a good reason for this—it works!

The cool thing is that you don’t have to be a conglomerate to take advantage of the program—you can execute it in your small cleaning company.

Offer a discount or a free cleaning service to the homeowner that brings in a new customer. If you are providing excellent service, this will be easy.

Take Advantage of the Online Space

Almost everyone is online, and homeowners are there to entertain themselves and seek important services, including cleaning services.

To ensure that prospective customers find you, increase your online presence. This calls for you to be on every social media platform.

Most house cleaning companies create pages for their businesses, then leave them idle. Don’t do this.

To attract customers, you should be active. This calls for you to post images of your current projects. It’s also wise to give cleaning tips and tricks to your followers.

To popularize the pages, give offers now and then. For example, you can run contests on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram and offer free cleaning services, huge discounts on cleaning, or even gift hampers to the winners.

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Besides being on social media, also have a solid footing on the online review sites. 

Over 88% of customers rely on online reviews to make a buying decision. Create pages in these review sites (Yelp, Facebook, and Google) and collect as many positive reviews as possible.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, so you will be losing big if you aren’t here. Making high quality YouTube videos and come up with a schedule for when you will be posting the videos.

As a rule of thumb, don’t just talk about your company in the videos as this will put off people. To attract subscribers, give expert cleaning tips and hacks.

It also doesn’t hurt running contests and rewarding the winners with free or discounted cleaning services.

Grow Your Network

The usual cliché, your network is your net worth holds, even in the house cleaning business. To boost your sales, regularly be looking for new clients.

One of the excellent ways to achieve this is to grow your network regularly by attending your local networking meetings.

Besides targeting homeowners as your clients, also target other laterals, such as real estate agents and property developers who regularly need cleaning services before making the final sale and approval.