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Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?

Now that everything is digitalized, one may wonder, do e-commerce sites like Amazon take payments through digital wallets like Apple Pay?  The e-commerce industry has been booming in recent times, and to ease payment methods, digital wallets have become popular.  But is it every digital wallet that Amazon accepts?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not take Apple Pay as a mode of payment on their platform.  The e-commerce site doesn’t accept payment for purchases from this digital wallet due to a non-existing direct agreement between the two companies.  This does not pose a problem for seamless service.  While Amazon may not accept Apple Pay, it takes other Apple payment methods like Apple Card. 

This article provides answers to whether or not Amazon accepts Apple Pay and, if not, shows you better payment methods. 

What is Amazon?

Amazon.Inc is an American multinational company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming.  It holds its place in the Big Five American information technology companies alongside Alphabet, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft.  

The e-commerce branch of the company, which is referred to as just Amazon, is a massive online retailer.  It provides an online platform where individuals can display and sell products online.  One of the most popular online retailers, it is available in many countries and open to as many people to use.  It has a storefront website in about a dozen countries and ships to every country globally.

Is Apple Pay Accepted by Amazon?

No, Amazon doesn’t take Apple Pay.  Apple Pay is a digital wallet service that allows for mobile payment in person, internet, or through iOS apps.  This service is exclusive to Apple products like the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac laptop.  It is popular as it allows for seamless transactions at contactless payment terminals.

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Amazon and Apple Pay don’t have an agreement on using this digital payment method to pay for items.  This is not a problem as Amazon allows the use of an Apple Card or Apple Wallet for payment.  Amazon allows payment through other methods that include debit cards, credit cards, EBT cards, and personal checking accounts.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at Amazon

Although Apple Pay cannot be used to purchase items online at Amazon, a close alternative would be Apple Card.  Apple card is a credit card created by Apple.  Inc.  It was designed primarily to be used with Apple Pay and supported by Apple devices. 

Amazon accepts Apple Cards just like any other credit or debit card.  Apple Card makes use of MasterCard processing, making it acceptable to Amazon.  Purchasing on the site is very easy once you’ve added the card to your Amazon profile. 

Here are the simple steps to get your Apple Card if you haven’t done so already:

1.  Open the Apple Wallet app on your phone.

2.  Click on the + sign and choose the Apple Card option.

3.  Go through the card details and proceed.

4.  Submit the necessary details, including name, contact address, date of birth, and contact number.

5.  Complete the process.  Your card should be mailed to you shortly after informing you of the card fees and spending limits.

To add your Apple Card to your Amazon account, log in to the site and add a new option for the method of payment.  Type in your information correctly: Apple Card number, security code, and expiry date.  Save the Apple Card as a new payment method on your Amazon account and enjoy seamless payment.

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Amazon Cashback and Rewards

Since Apple Pay cannot be used to make purchases on Amazon, there are no cashback or rewards.  However, when you use the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, there are a lot of rewards when shopping on Amazon.


While Apple Pay is very popular among people who prefer contactless payment methods, Amazon does not accept this form of payment.  The e-commerce site accepts payment from credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and Amazon store cards. 

The closest alternative to Apple Pay is the Apple Card.  It is supported by Apple devices like iPhone, Mac, and iPad.  Apple Card can be easily added to your Amazon account as a payment option.  Billing on Amazon is very fast and simple, so you shouldn’t experience any hassle with alternative payment methods.