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Does Publix Take Apple Pay?

While doing your weekly groceries at Publix, you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering: Does Publix take Apple Pay?

Shopping has never been more convenient or easy than now, thanks to contactless payment systems like Apple Pay. And Publix is no exception. Publix is a well-known grocery store franchise found in the United States. It now has over 1200 outlets across the country. They sell all kinds of groceries, from fresh produce, vegetables, meat, beverages, and more. 

Plenty of contactless payment methods let you purchase groceries with a single tap. This eliminates the need to make a swipe or enter your credit card. And, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more stores have started integrating these contactless payment methods into their systems. 

Mobile payment services like Apple Pay have become popular as stores prioritize convenience and safety. In fact, Apple Pay is arguably the most prominent contactless payment option among grocery stores. And with Apple Pay, it takes a matter of seconds to pay for your groceries. 

This blog post will outline the ins and outs regarding how Publix takes Apple Pay. 

Does Publix Take Apple Pay In-store?

Contactless payments have become more of a need than a perk in today’s world. That is why Publix takes Apple Pay.

Therefore, you can use Apple Pay for all your in-store purchases at Publix. The checkout process can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Whereas completing a transaction using a credit card or debit card takes an average of 10 seconds.

Does Publix Take Apple Pay Online?

Yes. Publix takes Apple Pay when you purchase online. However, online purchases will go through a third-party vendor.

Publix uses Instacart for all online purchases. Instacart is a delivery app that provides fast and convenient delivery of groceries and other items. 

This makes it unique from other delivery apps because it can be used at 40,000 stores. And it supports a multitude of contactless payment methods. And since Instacart takes Apple Pay, you can pay for your groceries online at Publix.

Once you’ve downloaded Instacart to your mobile device, you’ll use it to order your groceries. This means you can do your grocery shopping from the coziness of your sofa without difficulty. Moreover, you can have your items delivered to you using Instacart’s delivery services. You can then pay for your deliveries using Apple Pay via the Instacart website or app.

But how do you use Apple Pay for purchases at Publix? Below is a step-by-step guide for three of the most popular Apple Pay payment methods.

How to Use Apple Pay at Publix?

The Apple Pay mobile wallet gives you access your cards and accounts from your iPhone. And because you can use Apple Pay from multiple devices, you can approach payment in many ways. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a guide on how to use Apple Pay at Publix. It covers everything from using it to which option is ideal for online or in-store purchases.

Using Touch ID

Setting up your Apple Pay is a breeze, provided you have all your credit or debit card information.

To get started, open your settings app on your Apple device. You can link your credit or debit card by selecting Wallet & Apple Pay. After that, Apple Pay is now ready to use when you go shopping.

If your iPhone or iPad has a Touch ID, simply place your finger on the central button to scan your fingerprint. The app will use your default card to make payment, but you can select a different card if you prefer. 

Next, place your phone close to the reader and wait for a notification indicating that the transaction was successful.

Publix takes Apple Pay via Touch ID in-store, allowing you to check out faster than ever before.

And, if you check your receipt, you’ll see that the last four numbers on your credit or debit card number are changed. This is one of the many advanced Apple Pay security features to protect your card information. 

In other words, Apple Pay safeguards your credit card information, so you don’t have to rely on the store for security.

Using your Apple Watch 

Once you’ve finished setting up Apple Pay on your phone and you’ve paired your watch to your phone, it’s simple. Double-click the right-hand side button on the side of your Apple to access Apple Pay. Then make sure you’ve selected the correct card for your Apple wallet to draw from.

When purchasing in-store, you simply unlock your Apple Watch and place it over the NFC reader to make a payment. You’ll just need to enter your pin code on your device to complete the payment.

Using your iPhone 

If you have an iPhone and want to take advantage of the fact that Publix takes Apple Pay, let the cashier know. Then place your iPhone on top of the NFC reader to pay. It will complete your transaction in a matter of seconds.

If your transaction is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation to verify your payment on your iPhone. When you use Apple Pay on your iPhone, you can pay with various accounts or cards. This is convenient if you want to earn rewards from your credit cards.

To use Apple Pay on your device, you’ll need at least the iOS 7 update and an iPhone 6 or better.


Other payment alternatives are available at Publix, but Apple Pay takes the cake for its advanced security features. It delivers convenience, and it’s a great digital contactless payment solution for having all of your cards and accounts in one location.

If you’re shopping at your local Publix and have an Apple device, remember that Public takes Apple Pay. Just make sure you have your Apple Pay set up ahead of time.