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Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has become a convenient payment solution in most US stores, bringing us to the question: Does Sprouts take Apple Pay? Apple began developing Apple Pay in 2014 to help iPhone users make payments safely and faster. Currently, many US stores have embraced it, but some are still skeptical about it.

So, is Sprouts among the stores accepting Apple Pay? Yes, Sprouts takes Apple Pay. In 2021, the chain confirmed via a tweet on their official handle that they will enable Apple Pay. As a result, iPhone users can make quick purchases from any Sprouts location. All you should do is set up your Apple Wallet, add your card and start purchasing.

Sprouts is an American Supermarket chain selling natural and organic foods such as vegetables, meat, fresh produce, vitamins, and supplements. It has 340 locations in 23 different states and employs about 35,000 people.

How do You Pay with Apple Pay at Sprouts?

If you haven’t set up your Apple Wallet, follow this procedure;  

  1. Go to the settings section on your iPhone and click on Wallet & Apple Pay
  2. Select Add Card
  3. Click on Continue and choose the payment method you wish to use. Provide your credit or debit card details by holding your iPhone over your card until it successfully reads the card’s details or you fill them manually.
  4. Agree to terms and conditions from Apple and complete any verifications needed.
  5. Once your card is up on Apple Wallet App, you can use Apple pay to make payment.

If you have an Apple Watch, you will use your linked iPhone to set up your Apple Wallet App. Follow these steps;

  1. Go to Apple Watch App using your linked iPhone
  2. Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay
  3. Click on Add Card and follow the instructions given to add your card successfully.

When you get to any Sprouts store, you can make payment via Apple Pay. Here are the steps to use Apple Pay;

  1. Double click on your iPhone’s right button
  2. Use the Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to activate it
  3. Then, hold your iPhone over the contactless for scanning or tap on the POS machine. Hold your phone until you hear a ping, see a green checkmark on the payment reader, or a checkmark plus the word ‘Done’ on your iPhone’s screen appears. In some stores, you may be required to enter the PIN code depending on how the POS machine is updated.

Can You Earn Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Sprouts?

Since Sprouts takes Apple Pay in all its stores, you qualify for cashback once you successfully use this payment method. Besides, the cashback has no transactional limits, and you earn them each time you make a transaction. You can get up to 3% cashback per traction from Apple Pay Card.

You can check if you qualify for the cashback on Apple’s official website. Besides, you can find the exact terms and conditions for the cashback on the website. If you go shopping regularly, it is wise to use Apple Pay Card to earn cashback. It will give you huge savings over time.

What are the Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Sprouts?

Sprouts and Apple Pay has come together to offer a payment solution to its iPhone users. You will enjoy the following benefits for using Apple Pay at Sprouts stores;

  • Safe and secure payments since your payment information are not revealed to the merchant.
  • Convenient when your hands are full because it has quick checkouts and reduced dependence on cash
  • There is no burden of carrying many cards to the store
  • Discounts are available when you add your debit card to Apple Pay for savings with ease of use
  • A one-click payment solution

What Other Payments Does Sprouts Take?

Apart from Apple Pay, Sprouts accepts other payments to cover all its customers. These payment methods include;

  • Visa credit cards
  • Mastercard credit cards
  • American Express credit cards
  • Discover credit cards
  • Mastercard, Visa, ATM debit cards
  • Google Pay (Android Pay)
  • Samsung Pay
  • Prepaid cards
  • Sprouts gift cards
  • EBT cards, also known as SNAP benefits or food stamps
  • Local pre-printed checks with photo ID.
  • Cash

It is important to note that Sprouts doesn’t accept EBT cards if you use a curbside pickup. To enjoy the EBT benefits, you must shop inside Sprouts stores.

Also, if you are using a debit or credit card to pay, insert your chip card into the card reader instead of sliding the magnetic strip. Chips cards are safer than magnetic stripes because it is harder for fraudsters to copy your payment info.


Does Sprouts take Apple Pay? Yes, the food market has done a splendid job accepting payments via Apple Pay. As a result, customers can shop and make payments conveniently, safely, and quickly. 

All you need to do is set up your Apple Wallet App or Apple Watch App and add your card. Once you get to a Sprouts store, you only need to place your iPhone over the POS system, and the payment will be processed.