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Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay?

As the third-largest hamburger restaurant chain in America, many want to know whether Wendy’s takes Apple Pay. People the world over are adopting a cardless, contactless method of payment. And they’re eager to know whether their favorite brands provide them the option to do so.

Wendy’s does not take Apple Pay payments yet, unfortunately. But there is a chance that the restaurant chain may adopt this payment method in the future. That said, Wendy’s does accept payment via all valid debit and credit cards. And you can also pay for your burgers with the Wendy’s gift card. Wendy’s also has its own mobile app for ordering and payment.

While many other restaurant chains have shifted to mobile app payment options, Wendy’s has chosen not to. And many have questioned this decision, stating that they believe this prominent brand should offer convenient payment options.

Let’s take a closer look at why Wendy’s doesn’t take Apple Pay and what payment options they offer their customers.

What is Wendy’s

Americans know Wendy’s as one of the best burger takeout brands and the pioneer of the square hamburger patty. The company was founded by businessman Dave Thomas in 1969. And the very first restaurant was opened to the public that year in Columbus, Ohio.

Today, you’ll find Wendy’s in just over 6,700 locations across the world, including South America, Europe, and Asia. But 92% of these restaurants can be found on US soil. As mentioned, this burger chain is recognized as the third-largest in the US, preceded by McDonald’s and Burger King.

Why Doesn’t Wendy’s Take Apple Pay?

While Wendy’s does not take Apple Pay, its restaurants have the infrastructure for contactless, cardless payments installed. However, this is because Wendy’s has their own mobile app, which you can use to make payments.

The Wendy’s Mobile App allows customers to place orders for collection at their closest restaurant. And it offers customers rewards and freebies when they place orders. 

Customers also have the option of linking their credit or debit cards to the built-in payment system on the app. Therefore, when you’re at your local Wendy’s, you can use the mobile payment option through the app.

For this reason, Wendy’s doesn’t offer payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or the like. Allowing customers to pay through any digital wallet may deter customers from using the Wendy’s Mobile App. 

By restricting cardless, contactless payments to their app, they encourage customers to download and use it. And this gives Wendy’s access to a community of people who already love their brand.

How can You Pay for your Food at Wendy’s?

As mentioned, you can use the Wendy’s Mobile App to pay for your food. But Wendy’s also provides customers with a few other payment options. 

Wendy’s accepts all the usual credit and debit cards, including American Express and Discover. You can also choose to pay in cash for your Dave’s Triple and Classic Chocolate Frosty.

If you have a Wendy’s gift card, you can use that to pay for your meal either in-store, online, or via the app. 

How to Pay via the Wendy’s Mobile App

Paying for your food with the Wendy’s Mobile App is a sinch. Once you’ve downloaded the app and created your profile, you can follow these steps to order and pay:

  1. Set up your preferred payment method in the payments part of the app. You can do this by linking your debit or credit card to your Wendy’s mobile wallet. And if you have a Wendy’s gift card, you can link it here to redeem it.
  2. Choose your food, place your order, and head off to collect your meal.
  3. When you’re at the Wendy’s restaurant register, let the cashier know that you’ll be paying through the app.
  4. Your Wendy’s Mobile App will display a 6-digit payment code, which you can then show or read to the cashier.
  5. Payment will then be processed by the cashier, and the app with notify you to confirm when the payment is complete. 


Apple Pay is one of the most used digital wallets in the US. Therefore, it stands to reason that people want to know which establishments take Apple Pay. Many major outlets are now expanding to offer Apple Pay as a payment option. But not all restaurants and stores provide this option. 

Unfortunately, Wendy’s does not take Apple Pay, but they may do so in the future. However, they provide a mobile payment option through the Wendy’s Mobile App. So, if it’s a safe cardless, contactless payment method you’re looking for, the Wendy’s Mobile App is the way to go.