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How Businesses Can Leverage VoIP In Their Sales & Customer Support Teams?

Nowadays, businesses place a lot of emphasis on hiring professionals for two teams: one for sales and one for customer support. These two teams are so crucial to a business that they have the power to make or break it.

Consumer support is an essential component of every business, whether it is well-established or still expanding, as it enables the staff to effectively address customer needs. On the other hand, the sales team plays an equally important role in bringing success to the business’s door. By offering products and services, they serve as a link between a business and a potential customer, assisting them in discovering suitable solutions for their problems. 

Other teams undoubtedly add value to the company, but the customer support and sales team give your company the extra oomph it needs to expand. However, it is crucial that both teams have access to performance-enhancing tools if they are to work effectively.

Communication is one area that must be top-notch for both the sales and customer support divisions. Given that, to ensure swift communication between the business and customers, VoIP is currently one of the most suitable and demanding technologies that businesses can adapt.

Let’s discuss what VoIP is and how it can help businesses, especially in customer support and sales operations.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a communication method that enables communication via the internet. The technology works in such a way that it breaks down the audio into small packets and, using the IP networks, sends these packets to their desired destination for reconfiguration into audio data.

What Does VoIP Bring To The Business?

Businesses are increasingly depending on VoIP to improve the efficiency and smoothness of their telephony operations. Not only that but because it enables communication from any location with internet access and offers multiple other benefits to businesses, the use of VoIP is anticipated to grow significantly in the next few years.

One of the benefits this technology provides is the use of virtual numbers. With VoIP, businesses can easily register for numbers in countries where they are not even physically operating. Also, these virtual numbers are flexible enough to be connected to devices. For example, you can easily connect the number either with a laptop, phone, or landline.

Many platforms out there that has VoIP telephony feature to provide audio and video solutions to the users.

How Can VoIP Improve Customer Support & Sales?

No matter the size of a business, the importance of the customer is paramount. However, customer satisfaction comes with better performance and service delivery. VoIP is the technology that helps companies provide efficient and convenient services.

Let’s look at how VoIP assists businesses in improving sales and customer support.

Improved Sales With VoIP

VoIP has a significant influence on improving sales. A few factors where it helps business increase sales are discussed below:

  1. Localize From Anyplace

People often prefer using businesses that are located in their locales. And, considering that, it significantly increases businesses’ chances to benefit from this.

VoIP allows businesses to register for virtual numbers, which means you can be in the USA and easily use VoIP to get a virtual UK number. This tactic enables you to explore the worldwide market while broadening your clientele and working with “local business”-friendly clients.

  1. Obtain Marketing Awareness

When it comes to gaining insights that can considerably enhance performance and marketing tactics, VoIP is a game-changing technology. These insights may include call recording, call tracking, and other beneficial call-related data.

Also, these indicators can be used to examine several variables, including call quality, client engagement and experience, and daily sales to-do lists. After analyzing, you can improve the areas with loose holes.

  1. Better Teamwork & Call Efficiency

The most calls you make, the higher your chances of closing the deal and converting sales increases. However, to ensure that the quality of call matters the most. 

VoIP enables you to boost each call. Additionally, this will increase call efficiency, directly and indirectly impacting the conversion rate.

Also, in a sales team, teamwork is very important. VoIP functions eliminate the need for manual settings and let you operate automatically, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

  1. Excellent Product Delivery

If you understand a customer’s mentality, you will know that one negative experience is all it takes to lose a consumer. Given this, VoIP makes it possible for customers and businesses to connect at any time and from any location.

Being away from the office is no longer an excuse because you may be available to customers to ensure a positive product experience, which increases sales. With VoIP, the ‘availability’ tag is forever with you.

Improved Customer Support With VoIP

With VoIP, being available for customer support is made simple. Here are some areas where it has an effect:

  1. Answering Every Call

VoIP eliminates the worry of missing a call, which means you can answer every call without encountering difficulties.

Additionally, VoIP lets you take numerous conversations at once, reducing client wait times and boosting customer loyalty.

  1. Cater Customer Needs Quickly

Every consumer who calls a business these days wants their call to be addressed quickly. Thanks to VoIP, you are now able to effectively handle client needs.

Additionally, VoIP gives you the choice of voicemail if, by chance, the call is not answered for whatever reason. Any caller receiving a busy signal can leave a voicemail, which can be returned as soon as possible.

  1. Economic Call System

VoIP is much more affordable and simple than a wired calling setup. Additionally, they require little upkeep. This enables you to find an economical solution while concentrating more on enhancing job output and meeting client expectations.

  1. Enhance Business Operations

VoIP provides you with additional tools that make it easy to operate certain operations. For instance, it offers a dashboard with the following data displayed:

  • Calls answered
  • Calls unanswered
  • Calls answered / average time
  • Duration time

With this information, it gets easy for you to handle your work tasks more effectively.

  1. Digital Audio Feedback

Every time you call an organization, you must have heard recorded responses. These responses are facilitated using VoIP technology.

Using VoIP, you can also turn on auto answers to help direct and accommodate client demands. You can also activate the question feature, which enables a limited number of consumer inquiries to be resolved immediately during the conversation.


For every business, sales and customer support teams are front fighters because they are put forward to deal with customers. However, since better outcomes are expected, it is more crucial than ever to arm your staff with technology that boosts productivity and ensures success.

VoIP is one technology that gives every sales and customer support staff the resources they need to meet client expectations. If you haven’t started using this technology, do it immediately to significantly expand your business.