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How Brands Can Use A Promotional Marquee To Their Full Advantage 

Promoting and marketing a brand can be a real challenge, especially when you have a pretty specific target audience. The goal is to attract new customers and turn them into repeat clients to keep the business going. One great way to do this is by creating a great first impression, which you can do by elevating your marketing ideas and strategies. 

Aside from online marketing techniques, you can also utilize a variety of promotional tactics that involve on-site and physical advertising for brand awareness. Participating in outdoor events is an effective way to do so, as long as you can do it right. Your brand can significantly benefit from business events that expose you to more connections, build your presence, and invite potential clients.

Why Use A Promotional Marquee? 

Using printed marquees as promotional material can help your brand in more ways than one. Since it’s a stable structure, you can count on the marquee to be a useful shelter for your marketing team while in an outdoor event. You won’t need to worry about getting wet when it rains or being sunburned because of too much exposure to the sun.  

Depending on the size you choose, your marquee can provide ample space for potential clients and colleagues to walk in. Compared to a booth, a marquee is spacious enough for people inside and for other marketing materials you need for the event or campaign. 

You can customize the structure according to your promotional needs and preferences. You can print your business logo and name in different sizes, fonts, and colors to make the customization visible and attractive enough. 

How To Maximize The Benefits Of A Promotional Marquee 

Promoting your brand can be more effective with the help of a branded marquee. People can easily see your signs, and if the design is unique enough, you can trust your marketing efforts to be as efficient as possible.  

To use a promotional marquee to your brand’s full advantage, here are some tips you can consider: 

Choose An Appropriate Location 

Although joining a corporate event or a promotional fair is typical, businesses can still choose to put up a pop-up shop or booth anywhere and anytime. In such instances, you can be more flexible with finding a suitable location that can significantly help you achieve your marketing objectives. 

A space with a good view is ideal if you want to encourage passersby to walk in and check your shop. The location should also be accessible so people won’t have difficulty getting there. You can post an announcement on your social media pages to inform your clients of your upcoming promotional event. 

Decorate With A Theme 

Making your marquee stand out is critical if you want to make the most out of this promotional tool. To do so, you need to be as creative as possible so that your booth attracts more attention and awareness. Decorating your marquee with a customized theme can help make this happen. 

You can start by considering what product or service you’re offering as a brand. For example, if you’re promoting skincare and beauty products, perhaps, a beauty counter theme will work. You can add plenty of mirrors in different sizes. Ensure there’s enough lighting in the space, especially near the mirrors, so that when customers try your products, they can quickly see the effect and transformation. 

Use All Sides Of Your Marquee For Advertising 

As mentioned, promotional marquees can be customized and printed on however you like. That means you can put any marketing message that you want to boost brand awareness and presence. The sides of your marquee can be utilized as a business billboard where you can print your company logo and slogan. 

Consider your marquee as a blank canvas that you can take advantage of to get your message across. Use fonts and colors that harmonize with your brand representation. Your marquee’s roof can also be used to print your business name or anything else you want your audience to remember. The goal is to make sure people remember what they see and read when passing by or walking into your booth. 


A promotional marquee is, indeed. a wise investment that’ll eventually pay for itself as you use it. Whether you’re participating in a trade fair, doing a product launch, or putting up a pop-up store for your business, you can take advantage of the opportunity to build brand awareness, attract more clients, and promote your products or services. 

The key is to know how you can maximize the benefits of this promotional tool. Start by choosing an appropriate location. You can customize a theme and use the marquee for advertising and marketing purposes. Keeping these tips in mind might be what you need to make sure you’re using the marquee to its full advantage.