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Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Marketing

People are more inclined towards visual media nowadays. They like to see rather than hear or read. Due to this customer preference, businesses worldwide are allocating more funds to marketing their products and services through visual mediums. One of the best platforms to market your products and services is YouTube, the largest platform dedicated only to videos. 

YouTube is known to have more than two billion active users; the number of active users says a lot about the kind of potential this platform has for marketing products and services. However, even though YouTube has proven to be an effective video marketing platform, not many are leveraging the advantages of this platform, especially small businesses. The most common reason for not using YouTube for marketing is not having enough knowledge and information about getting started with YouTube marketing.

In this article, we will try to assist business owners by providing all the basic and relevant information regarding YouTube marketing. 

Log In or Sign Up to the YouTube Channel

You have to go to YouTube and sign up or log in using the email id you want your business to be linked with on your YouTube channel. 

Set Up YouTube Identity

After creating the YouTube channel, you have to set up a YouTube identity. YouTube identity is created through the profile picture, banner, and the About Us section. 

  • The profile picture should ideally be the business logo as it will help increase brand awareness.
  • The YouTube banner will allow you to introduce yourself to the viewers. The banner is an excellent way to give information to the viewers regarding what the channel is all about and why the viewers should subscribe to it. 
  • The “About Us” section will give more details about the purpose of the YouTube channel. The description should be crisp and short, describing who you are, and should also include relevant information about the business you are running.

After setting up your YouTube channel by following the guidelines mentioned above, you can now start uploading the videos yourself or take the help of your YouTube video editor and show the viewers what you want to show. If you are unsure about what type of videos should be uploaded, you can come up with some video content ideas for your channel.

Introduction Video

As the name suggests, this video will give the viewers an introduction to your channel. Here, you can provide a complete overview of your business in a detailed manner. Watching this video will ensure that the viewers get a clear picture of the company and what your business will offer.

Tutorial Video

A tutorial video is an excellent way to show the viewers and your potential customers how to use the products and services that you are offering. A decent YouTube video editor can help develop creative and engaging tutorial videos for your channel since these videos will aid in connecting with the target audience in a better manner. Thereby, it is essential to make videos that are cut above the rest.


Everybody loves a good listicle video. It is a simple video idea wherein you can tell the viewers the five or six benefits of using your products and services and many more such topics.

Question and Answers (Q&As)

A Q&A video is a good way to increase your channel’s engagement. You can do basic Q&As addressing the FAQs about the business or the products and services. You can also encourage people to ask any questions in the comment section, and then choose the most interesting and relevant ones and make a video answering them. 

Unboxing Video

Unboxing videos are unconventional but are pretty popular amongst the viewers. With the assistance of your YouTube video editor, you can shoot the unboxing video using different lighting and angles to make it more enticing to the viewers. So, whenever you launch a new product, you have a no-brainer which is making an unboxing video of the same.

These are some popular video ideas that you can start with. As you gain more experience in YouTube marketing, you can use your creativity and make videos that will help you grow.

Optimizing the Videos

With the initial work done for your YouTube channel, you should concentrate on reaching more viewers and getting subscribers. It would be best to use keywords in the title and descriptions to get more views. Apart from implementing keywords, it would be useful to take time to create YouTube timestamps to help the viewers select what they are interested in watching.

Creating a creative and interesting thumbnail also helps optimize the videos, since, after the title, it is the thumbnail that attracts the viewers’ attention to your channel. Responding to the comments is also a popular way to optimize the video content on YouTube. The more one comments on the video, the more the popularity of the video is boosted.

Optimizing Your Channel

Along with optimizing the videos, it is important to optimize your YouTube channel as well. 

Visual branding is the first step. Ensure that the profile picture and description reflect the brand values. Apart from visual branding, you can group the videos that have been uploaded into a playlist as per the products or sub-products. This will help the viewers to get an organized view of all the offerings. Always ask the viewers to like, share, and subscribe, and encourage them to drop a comment and have a clear call-to-action to increase viewer engagement.

These are some of the basic guidelines which will get you started with YouTube marketing for your products and services. Once you make your foundation strong, you can use your imagination and understanding of what will work for your products and services and build on it.

It is crucial to understand that one size does not fit all, so you have to make an effort to understand your audience, their likes, and dislikes, and develop the YouTube content around that. This will help get more views and subscribers for the channel.