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Best Apps to Get More Instagram Likes

11 Best Apps to Get More Instagram Likes

Likes play a crucial part in building presence on Instagram. The more likes you’ve on your posts, the more authoritative it becomes and attracts more followers.

Sometimes, people also judge a post based on the number of likes it has. Hence, if you’re serious about growing on Instagram, you must have a decent number of likes on your posts.

But it’s easier said than done. Attracting people to like your content is a tough ask because people are specific about their content choices and look for unique content.

Then again, creating unique content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There are many hurdles you’ve to get through before getting to people to like your posts.

This’s why there are online services that’ll get you the likes you’ve always wanted. Today, we’ll discuss 11 applications you can use to get likes for your Instagram content.

Let’s get started…



Growthoid is a social media management and marketing company dedicated to grow your Instagram with high-quality results.

How It Works?

There are four steps you need to go through with Growthoid:

  • The first step is to choose a plan from their website. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can select from two available packages.
  • Now, you wait for Growthoid to contact you. In this step you’ll be assigned an account manager within 24 hours after completing the purchase in the first step.
  • Next you’ll provide a list of all the accounts you want to target. Here, you can specify your requirements to the account manager.
  • The last step is where you enjoy the decision you made for choosing Growthoid as your Instagram manager. The account manager will start engaging with accounts in your target list to bring you followers and hence, likes for your Instagram content.

Main Features

High-Quality Followers

Most people have an incorrect perception that more followers mean more likes. While this’s not entirely wrong, but it’s not entirely true either.

Only if you’ve high-quality followers who engage with your content consistently your likes will soar. But if you have fake followers, they won’t interact with your content.

This’s where Growthoid shines. It uses proper techniques to target only the people who’re relevant to your content, which means your followers will not only engage with your content but also stick with you for long.

Dedicated Account Manager

With Growthoid, you’ll get an account manager.

This’s a huge positive because your account manager will see through to all the activities like setting up target campaigns and engagement you’ll need to attract real followers.

You Get a Guarantee

Growthoid prides itself for providing the best results in the market. Hence, you’ll get a 14-day money-back guarantee and the option to cancel your subscription anytime.

More Likes


If you want more likes, simply go for More Likes.

It’s a growth service that focuses on delivering real engagement to accounts on various social platforms, including Instagram.

How It Works?

You just have to purchase a plan, and More Likes will take care of the rest. Here, you need not provide any lists of target profiles, rather focus on creating high-quality content. Once you’ve uploaded your post, More Likes will detect it and start delivering engagement.

Main Features

More Likes

More Likes provides services based on the literal value of their name. In simple words, they occasionally deliver 5-10% more likes to your content.

Fast Detection

With a service like More Likes, fast detection of content is crucial to deliver likes that’ll look natural. More Likes nails this game by detecting your content within 30 seconds of upload.

Control Your Delivery Speed

Nobody wants people accusing them of using bots to receive likes on their posts. Also, using bots is against Instagram’s terms of service, and if you’re found to be involved in unfair practices to grow your engagement, Instagram might ban your account.

Don’t worry because More Likes has got you covered. You can control the speed at which you want to receive your likes. This way you can make sure your incoming likes look natural.



Grablikes is a service similar to More Likes that provides you with one of the best growth services out there.

How It Works?

With Grablikes, you only need to purchase one of their plans. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be all set to see your likes grow like crazy.

Main Features

Real Likes

Fake likes are the worst thing that could happen to you. You might think: does the quality of the likes matter as long as you’re crushing the quantity?

The answer: Yes.

This’s because fake likes degrade the value of your hard-worked content and put you at a risk of Instagram shadow-banning you for receiving engagement from fake profiles.

Genuine likes provide value to your content and attract potential followers. This’s where Grablikes shines by providing only real likes so that your growth is constant.

It Is Safe

Would you share your sensitive information with a stranger? Obviously not because your information could be misused or leaked to other people.

This becomes more critical with online services that ask you to provide your login details and other important data. Thankfully, Grablikes requires only your Instagram username to deliver you the likes.

Professional Customer Support

If you ever get stuck or face a problem with their service, they’ve a brilliant customer support to help you. Not only the customer team takes the time to understand your issues, but makes sure you’re satisfied with the solution.



Growthsilo is an online social media service that provides organic engagement to Instagram profiles.

How It Works

Growthsilo offers two plans called the “launch” and “accelerate” plans each with a unique set of features based on your requirements. The first step is to subscribe to one plan. Then, you’ll have to provide a detailed list of your target audience to the account manager that’ll set up your growth campaigns.

Now, the Growthsilo will take manual actions to bring you followers resulting in more likes.

Main Features

Account Manager

Most people get confused after purchasing an online service as to “How things work?” Or “Are they getting results?”. Growthsilo solves this problem with its account manager.

Your dedicated manager is your host that’ll guide you through the entire process of setting up campaigns and targeting strategy. This will also helps you save time, which you can utilize in improving the quality of your content.

Organic Results

Most online growth services fail in providing real results. With Growthsilo you don’t have to worry about this problem because the entire team is dedicated to delivering you only organic results.

This means your Instagram account won’t pose a risk of getting shadow-banned and your followers will engage with your content regularly.

No contracts

With Growthsilo, you’re not bound to contracts. When you purchase their service, you get an option to cancel anytime according to your wish. They also give you a 3-day money-back guarantee if you ever feel that their service didn’t provide as promised.


Stormlikes Instagram Likes

You might have already guessed what Stormlikes does. If you haven’t paid attention to the name, Stormlikes brings you a storm of likes for your content. It’s a third-party service where you can buy engagement like followers and likes.

How It Works?

It’s pretty simple to use Stormlikes. Just go to their website and click on the engagement you want. Finally, depending on your budget, purchase a package.

That’s it, now relax.

Main Features

Advanced Targeting

Stormlikes stands out from its competitors because of the advanced targeting options it offers. Targeting is important to attract the right audience that you want and build a loyal fan base.

With Stormlikes you get the option to choose the country from where you want the likes and receive likes from a specific gender.

Randomise Likes

This feature of Stormlikes lets to decide how many likes you want for a specific post. Instagram is always on the look-out for accounts receiving unusual engagement. Hence, by receiving a small chunk of likes on different posts each day, you can make your likes look natural.

FAQ page

You might ask why having an FAQ page is a major feature? Fair question, because most online services have their FAQ sections.

Stormlikes takes this approach to the next level by dividing the entire page into three sections: Onetime package questions, General questions and Subscription plan questions.

All the questions are organised, and you can expect to find yours among them. Instagram Likes is one of the best social media growth companies in the market. It’s your go-to service if you’re serious about growing your Instagram likes.

How It Works?

Take a tour of their website and visit the pricing section to find many budget-friendly plans offering likes, followers and views. Make your purchase and watch your numbers grow.

Main Features

Instant Growth is all about its speed of delivering results.

Need a thousand likes on your recent post? Let help you deliver instant likes. This feature is significant because people judge the quality of content based on the number of likes it has.

Real Followers

The best thing about is the commitment they make to provide you only real results.

They have a system to blend a healthy amount of organic and paid engagement for your content. also offers you the option to purchase auto-likes and views.

24/7 Live Support

Facing a problem with your bought service? Contact the customer support of who’ll definitely attend to you and solve the problem in no time. The 24/7 live support is there to help you anytime you want.


Task Ant

TaskAnt helps you promote your content and attract potential followers to your profile by finding the best hashtags for your content.

Think about it as a method to attract more likes.

How it works?

TaskAnt is a hashtag search engine and works like Google. When you search for a keyword in Google, it suggests all the relevant results around that keyword. Similarly, TaskAnt scrapes Instagram continuously to find you the most relevant hashtags for your content.

Main Features

One-Click Suggestions

Normally, you would research your competitors and look out for the best performing and trending hashtags in your niche. Let’s be honest, it’s a tedious task and even becomes impossible when running on a tight timeline. This’s where TaskAnt comes to your rescue.

Just type in a keyword in the search bar and TaskAnt will you suggest with 100s of hashtags relevant to your search.

Create Sets

TaskAnt lets you create hashtag sets for your brand. This’s a great feature because you can create sets of your best-performing hashtags if you ever need to reuse them. You can also schedule your hashtag strategy ahead of time.

Hashtag Analysis

By measuring performance of your hashtags you can identify which hashtags are working for you and which aren’t.

This’s helpful understand what hashtags resonate with your audience. TaskAnt makes this easy for you by providing hashtag analytics. With just a click of a button you can analyse your hashtag metrics.


SocialViral Instagram Likes

SocialViral is an online company that provides followers, likes and views for various social media platforms, including Instagram.

How It Works?

It’s easy to get started with SocialViral.

You need to purchase one of many Instagram engagement plans from their website, and they’ll deliver the likes, followers, and views to your profile.

Main Features

Super-Fast Deliveries

With SocialViral, you’ll enjoy super-fast deliveries. After your complete purchasing a package, the system will immediately start working on your order, and you’ll see the results within 12 hours.

It Is Safe

SocialViral uses high-level encryption and SSL to ensure secure transactions on their website.

 They never ask you to provide your login details. All they need is your Instagram username to deliver you likes.

Tons of Features

Apart from likes, SocialViral offers various packages for followers, views and auto-likes.

If you’re looking for a one simple solution for all your Instagram problems, SocialViral is one of the best you would find out there.

Media Mister

Media Mister Instagram Likes

Media Mister has been providing social engagement for a long time.

It’s one of the oldest growth companies in the market that prides in delivering high-quality results to its customers.

How It Works

Just like SocialViral, Media Mister offers Instagram engagement packages that you can purchase. It also works for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Main Features

Gradual Growth

Media Mister delivers results in a manner that’s natural to Instagram’s algorithm. This’s great because you won’t be risk getting banned by Instagram or people doubting your instant growth.

Genuine Engagement

Media Mister cares about its customers by providing genuine results that not only provide value to your content but also attract quality followers to your profile.

Live Chat

If you ever face a problem while using Media Misters service, you can use their live chat feature to talk to them. They also have a contact form listed on their website. You can also mail them.


FollowersUp Instagram Likes

Followersup helps you gain an edge over your competitors by providing real Instagram engagement for your content.

How It Works?

Followers up offers many packages for Instagram growth which are listed on their website.

First you’ve to purchase a package, then enter your information. Finally, complete the payment and relax while your engagement grows.

Main Features

Fast Service

Followers up prides itself in providing you one of the fastest services in the market. Once you complete your payment, you’ll be able to see the promised results within 60 minutes.

100% Guarantee

With Followers up, you get 100% money-back guarantee. Say, you invested your money on an Instagram likes plan but didn’t get the results as highlighted. In such a case, Followers up provides you a refund.

Contacting Is Easy

They’ve a Live chat feature to help with your queries. If you still face problems, you can email them, and they’ll get back to you.



Finally, we have Nitreo, which is a premium service of gaining more followers on Instagram. By gaining more followers, you can increase likes on your posts.

How It Works?

Visit their website and purchase the plan that works best for your desired results and budget. Then specify all the crucial details about your niche and account.

That’s it, now Nitreo will get your followers.

Main Features

Around the Clock Working

The best feature of Nitreo is that it works regardless of time-zones, which means if you ever need instant growth you can use Nitreo to get it.

This’s an immense advantage over other service providers in the market which work for a specific time during the day/night.

Meaningful engagement

With Nitreo you don’t have to worry about fake followers because Nitreo is dedicated to providing you only real followers that’ll add value to your profile.

Nitreo also claims that after availing their services customers save up to 9 hours of time per week. This’s great because you’ll have more time to focus on your content.

Growth Guarantee

Nitreo offers you a 14-day money-back guarantee if for any reason it fails to provide you the promised results. You can even cancel your subscription anytime by e-mailing them.


There you go, 11 applications you can use to get likes for your Instagram content. These are the best online services in the market that’ll help grow your engagement with high-quality results.