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I Bought Followers From SidesMedia – Here’s My Review.

I Bought Followers from SidesMedia – Here’s My Review.

Expanding your social media presence?

We can all agree that there are much easier tasks than that. In fact, if I were on my own, I’d probably give up. Social media nowadays is crammed with audience-hungry big-brand sharks and newbies are fighting for scraps.

That would be my story too, if it weren’t for SidesMedia. This is my review, and my story, instead.

Do you know how attempting to break above the popularity threshold on social media looks like? I learned it the hard way. Let’s take my TikTok presence progression for example. You sign up, then you create your profile. You’re filled with enthusiasm to be on this rad new platform.

You invite all your friends and associates to check it out. You make your first video. You make your second video. You keep creating content, but nobody else sees it. You’re stuck with what you started with. And that’s it.

There are numerous reasons why my presence wasn’t growing. The first is obvious: when the number of my followers was low and engagement practically nonexistent, people tended to pass on my content. Because people are people and herd mentality is our nature, I guess.

But there’s also the algorithm bias. Social media are hardcoded to promote rising stars and already popular names. In other words, if you’re being promoted, you’re either exponentially growing or have previously amassed a following.

Cue SidesMedia. It cleaned the slate, bridged all the disadvantages I had, and gave me a much-needed boost to get me started. 

What’s SidesMedia?


SidesMedia is a social marketing and promotion agency that specializes in kicking off the social media careers of small- to medium-sized brands. That would be me and that would (most likely; or why read this otherwise?) be you. 

And how do they accomplish this? By the means of precisely-aimed and tightly-packed bundles of likes, followers, subscribers, comments, and whatever else you might think of. All you need to do is place your order and they will launch their campaigns that will have your growth as their ultimate result. 

It sounds really simple, but behind this lie complex mechanics of circumventing the soft cap social media impose on early growth. SidesMedia takes this to the next level and even makes the algorithm work in your favor.

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By simulating organic exponential growth, from my TikTok they waved all the flags that caught the attention of the promotional software, which then further boosted my engagement rates and it just snowballed from there.

The chances are that the vast majority of top brands on every social media achieved their size with this tactic. I achieved my growth with this. Why wouldn’t you?


SidesMedia charts

It’s time this review started with some feature analysis. Let’s dive right in!

Wide Network


I’ve mentioned my TikTok growth as an example. SidesMedia doesn’t operate with TikTok only. Far from it. In fact, SidesMedia covers 8 major social media platforms: TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

By putting customer experience and satisfaction above the profit margins, SidesMedia has formed strong bonds with users all around the Internet.

Satisfied customers are easily converted to affiliates, and by expanding their reputation SidesMedia team have made a base that they can tap into whenever they need to. By going wide, they have grown to establish a foothold in all these social media outlets. 

So yeah, I’ve grown my TikTok. But knowing I can just as well expand my presence on any of these makes me respect SidesMedia even more.

Real People, Real Engagement 

SidesMedia Work

Now pay attention because this is crucial:

SidesMedia offers real growth with real people, real users, and real interaction. Zero bots and absolutely no fakes. 

This is where their web of affiliates shines the most. By having a base of satisfied real people, they don’t need to reach for shady tricks. Because yes, employing fake profiles on virtually any social media can get your account suspended.

Moreover, having real users with real interactions gives more reach, provides valuable feedback, and convinces others that you haven’t just inflated your metrics. Every TikTok follower I got was real, and if you opt for SidesMedia, you’ll see that too.

1000% More Growth

By the way, did you know that enjoying SidesMedia services grows you more than ten times faster than you would grow otherwise? This review wouldn’t be honest without stating this fact.

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Within 72 hours of your order, spaced out strategically to simulate organic growth, your order will arrive and you’ll notice how much less of a hassle the whole process was. I’ve saved months in time for dozens of dollars I’ve spent on my first order. Do the math yourself, that’s way above 1000% growth!

On TikTok, as with any social media really, speed is of the essence. Growing quickly means growing efficiently.

Safety, Security, Privacy


SidesMedia values safety above all else. No, wait, I really have to put emphasis on this. SidesMedia values safety above all else. This is paramount and comes even before efficiency.

What’s the use of scores of new fans if your profile gets deleted the day after? How profitable is your investment if your transaction leaks data? And how great is your brand if someone steals your private data?

By observing how strict they are with their security protocols, I rest assured. I’ve never felt afraid from my info or safety when dealing with SidesMedia, and that’s mostly why I choose to stick with them. 

Customer Support

And finally, nothing would make sense if SidesMedia undervalued customers and the loyalty that they show. Remember how they built their empire by relying on customer satisfaction? This has never changed and I’m one of the living proofs of this.

Why would I otherwise spend my time writing this review? It’s partly to return the favor I’ve been given by the excellent service, and partly because they do deserve all the positive reviews they’re getting.


What’s more to say? These people know what they’re doing. Having tons of experience and expertise in the field, they’ll make you big sooner than you ever hoped for. And that’s the whole point. To have a fighting chance, as a small social media name still waiting to reach its full potential.

SidesMedia gives exactly that. A chance to go big when you deserve it. Don’t let that chance slip away.