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How Much Money Does Walmart Make a Day?

How much money does Walmart make a day with its 10,566 stores located across 24 countries?

Walmart makes approximately $1.6 billion per day in revenue. The retail giant receives its income from three primary business divisions. These are Walmart US, Walmart International, and Sam’s Club US. Walmart US makes 67% of their total annual income, with Walmart International accounting for 22% of the revenue. Gross takings from Sam’s Club contribute 11% of their total revenue.

The retailer sells hundreds of products at affordable prices, such as toys, household essentials, and electronics. This business model has made them one of the biggest retailers in the world. And is the reason they make such a large sum in turnover per day.

This article will discuss Walmart’s main divisions and how they contribute to its daily revenue. Then, we’ll discuss how Walmart makes its money. Finally, we’ll detail exactly how much money Walmart makes a day.

Business Divisions Contributing to What Walmart Makes a Day

Walmart has three main business divisions: Walmart US, Walmart International, and Sam’s Club. The central Walmart branded divisions are Walmart US and Walmart International. Whereas Sam’s Club US is a national warehouse retailer. 

The company provides a breakdown of each division’s contribution to its revenue in its annual report. It also reports on specific services revenue, including streaming services and eCommerce, primarily related to its leading service directory. 

Walmart US 

Walmart’s US division is the largest, with over 50 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico. It concentrates on three major store categories: the Walmart Supercenter, Walmart Discount Store, and Walmart Neighborhood Market. 

The retailer also provides financial and auto care services such as online money transfer, auto buying, and more. Walmart US also sells branded items and offers subscription online services to customers in the United States.

Their US division comprises online retail and wholesale marketplaces and local delivery services. One area of rapid expansion has been their home delivery services. It recently launched Walmart GoLocal delivery services for businesses across America to create a more efficient delivery system. They also make money through the sale of a variety of streaming services. 

Walmart US accounts for 67% (approximately $934,246,575 a day) of how much Walmart makes a day. A significant part of this is due to new technologies acquisitions and advertising.

Walmart International

Walmart International division consists of stores located in 23 different countries. 

This division consists of Walmart retail, which caters to Walmart’s international customer base. Aside from Walmart Retail, Walmart international is also divided into two other categories, namely Walmart Wholesale and membership clubs.

It operates internationally in seven countries through 550,000 joint partnerships and subsidiary companies. To match supply and demand, Walmart International has over 5,100 retail stores worldwide.

The Walmart International division also includes an eCommerce section. Walmart can serve a more extensive global customer base with a host of eCommerce technological integrations. Aside from eCommerce sales, the other primary source of revenue for Walmart International includes subscriptions and streaming services. 

Overall, this division contributed 22% ($121 billion) of Walmart’s earnings in the 2021 financial year.

Sam’s Club 

The Sam’s Club division includes, 200 international clubs, and 600 US-based clubs in 44 states across America. Sam’s Club provides wholesale solutions to businesses and individuals. And its products and services are exclusive to Sam’s Club members only.

The club provides technological innovations and services for a variety of uses. These include faster shopping using mobile scan and go and in-home food delivery. Sam’s Club services exist as part of the company’s effort to benefit from the B2B market. This way, they help business owners save money on wholesale purchases. 

The division operates in different service categories, including auto care, pharmaceutical, and business support services. Sam’s Club accounts for only 11% ($63.9 billion) of how much Walmart made during the 2021 financial year. 

How Does Walmart Make Most of its Money?

Walmart generates most of its revenue from selling an assortment of products and services to customers in the US and internationally. The variety of products sold from Walmart US retail stores accounts for a large portion of Walmart’s revenue. Its online grocery shopping service is estimated to make up 30% of Walmart’s overall revenue.

About half of Walmart’s revenue comes from store sales, including products sold under the Walmart brand and other international companies. In addition, Walmart makes a sizable profit from international and domestic services. 

Walmart also makes money by offering financial services, including money orders and credit card memberships. A large chunk of its revenue comes from health and clinical services too. Finally, streaming subscriptions also contribute to how much money Walmart makes a day.

The remaining revenue comes from Walmart’s affiliates, sponsorships, memberships, and the other divisions. These include, Neighborhood Market, and more. 

How Much Money Does Walmart Make in a Day? 

According to Walmart’s Annual Report for 2021, the company made roughly $1.6 billion each day on average in 2021. In fact, it stipulates that Walmart’s total revenue for the 2021 financial year was $559.2 billion. 

Last year’s holiday sales boosted Walmart’s revenue growth. And Cyber Monday sales accounted for a large portion of the total revenue. Compared to revenue projections for 2020, it has steadily increased by 7%. 

Walmart’s US division was up 8.6% for the year. This was primarily driven by higher spending per customer visit, and it contributed $370 billion to the income. 

Walmart made roughly  $1,1 million every minute during the 2021 financial year. They expect to generate more revenue by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

Walmart’s high-profit margins and income can be attributed to its high-quality services and vast product offering. And the company has made a significant effort to boost its online sales by making critical acquisitions like and Bonobos. 

How Much Does Walmart Make in a Day (Net Income)? 

Net income is a more realistic representation of how much money Walmart makes in a day. The net income is the total revenue minus Walmart’s expenses.

Walmart earned $13,5 billion in net income for the fiscal year that concluded on January 31, 2021. Walmart’s net income per day is estimated to be $37 million over 365 days.  

How Much Money Does Walmart Make in a Day Per Store?

Walmart has over 11,400 stores around the world. This includes the Walmart International, Sam’s Club, and Walmart US divisions.

While net income and revenue vary per store, each store earns about $135,000 in revenue and $3,200 in net income per day.


Walmart is a multinational company that generated $559.2 billion for the 2021 financial year. Which amounts to a whopping $1.6 billion per day. The combination of services and product sales contributes to how much Walmart makes in the day. 

The retailer has enjoyed tremendous growth across a variety of divisions and subsidiaries. And all of these have contributed to its revenue. 

It has also invested a great deal in digital innovation initiatives to deliver the best shopping experience possible. This translates to increased sales and more money made. Self-checkout technology is one of Walmart’s latest innovations to make it easier for customers to check out.

With $1.6 billion made each day, Walmart has grown to be one of the top retailers in the United States.