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Online Marketplace for B2B: Definition and Best Options

Everyone starts a business with the aim of succeeding and growing. There are many ways a business person can accomplish this. One that has proven to be most effective and to produce impressive results is using an online marketplace for B2B. This can be used by businesses that sell products, especially wholesale, to other businesses.

An online marketplace for B2B is simply an online portal where buyers and sellers connect to trade. It is important to note that this trade is conducted between businesses and that no direct consumer is involved.

Businesses need to understand the best online marketplaces for B2B. It will help your business with great deals that will enable it to grow rapidly. Our article today compiles the best online marketplaces that any business can rely on.

Online Marketplace for B2B: Virto Commerce

If you are looking for the best online marketplace for B2B that you can use to accelerate your business growth, Virto Commerce is a perfect option. It has superior support choices that can help different businesses around the world to function in the best way possible.

With Virto Commerce, a business can become more efficient because customers can transact on the same platform. The business gets to read reviews and understand what the customers want and, in turn, provide the products. For additional info, visit this helpful website.

Amazon Business

In the year 2015, Amazon created the Amazon B2B online marketplace for all businesses regardless of size. When it comes to the market cap, this online marketplace for B2B is one of the largest. Usually, businesses involved in services such as healthcare, education, hospitality and the like are the ones who use this marketplace because they require wholesale goods.

As a member of the Amazon online marketplace for B2B, a company is given a purchasing solution no matter the size of their business. They can designate all authorized users to trade on Amazon on behalf of the business. Amazon’s online marketplace for B2B has a primary administrator who is in charge of managing payments, approving workflows and more.

Online Marketplace for B2B: Global Sources

This online marketplace for B2B is one of the earliest, and this makes it one of the pioneers in the industry. Global Sources has separated import and export services. Because of this, it has more than a million active users every month.

If a business wants to participate in trade events or use various specific media possibilities to make product shows, then they should probably join Global Sources. It has a very safe environment for all users to conduct their business. Do you want to find customers for your products without a hassle? Global sources are just the key.


This online marketplace for B2B was launched in 2006. It is a safe platform where all buyers and sellers can make B2B sales and purchases in a cost- and time-efficient manner. It serves a wide variety of users across the globe. If your business involves exporting or importing products, then TradeKey is the robust digital platform you require.


You might have heard of this online marketplace for B2B. It is well recognized around the globe because of the great services it offers to its members. It was founded in China, and it aims to bring all genuine traders around the world together. All kinds of businesses such as those that deal with beauty, clothing, chemicals, machinery and more can conduct their business through this platform.

eWorldTrade is known to be mobile-friendly. Because of this, it can serve as a conduit among traders. It is also very quick and convenient for all members.


With the traditional method of conducting business, products are only sold to a few buyers who are located near the business. If you want to make sales overseas, then it is best if you consider an online marketplace for B2B like ThomasNet. The only thing a business needs is to pay a reasonable fee to be included.


Alibaba’s online marketplace for B2B is one of the largest in the whole world. With its aggressive and intelligent approach, this platform has managed to continue growing since it was founded. It has over 900 million members. This means that it is ideal for any business that wants to make larger sales in a short time because the business customers are so numerous.

In Conclusion

In this COVID-19 era, many businesses have been forced to close down, and others have found it necessary to relocate to find the best places to conduct business. On the bright side, businesses that sell wholesale to other businesses can opt to use an online marketplace for B2B to continue enjoying large profits. The above marketplaces have proven to be some of the best, and joining one of them is a wise choice for your business.