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How To Improve Your Job Hunt On Social Media

As of April 2023, there are nearly five billion social media users worldwide, meaning that 6 out of every 10 people in the world currently have an online presence.

With so many people easily accessible online, it’s no wonder many jobseekers now turn to social media in the hopes of landing their next employment opportunity.

Moreso, a survey from earlier this year discovered that 84% of companies utilize social media to scout for recruits.

All of these signify that online public sharing platforms are now one of the leading sources for talent acquisition and job hunting. 

However, given that much of social media blends public and personal spaces into one, it’s important to remember that there are still considerations to be made when job hunting online.

If you want to know how to improve your chances of getting hired, here are some tips to optimize your job hunt on social media.

Online Presence 

A recent survey discovered that 41% of recruiters judge by first impressions. On social media, this translates to what you share online.

This will serve as the first touchpoint between you and potential employers. You wouldn’t want a recruiter to see an empty profile that says nothing.

Instead, you should present a respectable image that fits the kind of employee they’re looking for.

You can start crafting your online presence by uploading an appropriate photo of yourself.

Along with this, you can indicate your current and previous employment roles, as well as achievements, to show your professional experience.

Of course, this doesn’t mean keeping your profile too bland. Instead, keep a well-rounded but decent presence.

By curating your profile, you can create a polished online presence that tells recruiters that you’re a good hire.

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Follow-up Email Etiquette 

Once you’ve been in touch with a company, your interaction shouldn’t stop with your initial application.

Following up shows consistency and dedication, which is why it should be done correctly.

Furthermore, writing an impressive cover letter might just be the push needed to get you hired.

You can look through email cover letter samples to find the right approach and all the details you should include to make a compelling email.

Remember that there is proper etiquette involved in making a convincing, concise, and professional follow-up email.

As a rule of thumb, your follow-ups should include all your pertinent career details and why you’re the best candidate.

This will help you stand out from the other candidates and get you one step closer to landing your dream role.


One of social media’s advantages is that it opens up a new world of professional connections.

You’ll be able to find profiles of other professionals within the industry and join other communities that can grant you visibility.

You’ll be able to boost your own profile when you connect and engage with people who are in the same field.

This increases your relevancy and improves your chances of being seen by recruiters and hiring companies.

However, keep in mind that expanding your network isn’t about having the most connections but finding the ones that matter in your chosen field.

Digital Portfolio 

According to a recruiter survey, 71% of respondents said portfolio quality influenced their hiring decisions.

This is mainly applicable to those with creative professions, but having an online portfolio will help your chances of getting hired.

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It is a curated space showcasing your best work, along with the accolades you may have received.

Today, you can easily accomplish this as several social media websites already have free portfolio templates that you can use conveniently.

Alternatively, you can easily link your portfolio on your social media page or in the follow-ups mentioned earlier.

This will be an excellent reference for recruiters to remember you by.

As shown, social media can be a great tool for job hunting. Follow the tips above so you can stand out and land your dream job soon.

Social Media Job Search Mistakes To Avoid

When embarking on a job search through social media, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes that can hinder your progress.

One major mistake is paying attention to your online presence. You need to update your profiles or pay attention to LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, to avoid missed opportunities to connect with employers and showcase your skills.

Another mistake is not curating your social media content carefully. Inappropriate or unprofessional posts can harm your reputation and deter potential employers.

It’s important to regularly review and adjust your privacy settings to control who can view your personal information.

Lastly, a mistake to avoid is neglecting to engage and network with others.

Actively participating in industry-related groups, sharing relevant content, and engaging with professionals in your field can expand your network and open doors to job opportunities.

By being mindful of these social media job search mistakes, you can enhance your online presence, build meaningful connections, and increase your chances of finding the right job.